Blizzard Makes Greater Rift Changes

Soon, Urshi won't be so hard to find.

Soon, Urshi won’t be so hard to find.

Blizzard has responded to player requests and complaints about DiabloWikiGreater Rifts and here’s the quote as Blizzard Makes Greater Rift Changes.

There has been a ton of great feedback coming our way about Greater Rifts and your experiences with them. So let me take a moment to just say thank you! It’s been super helpful to us and confirmed a lot of suspicions our development team has had regarding their current reward structure. Plenty of changes are coming in the next PTR patch that reflect these concerns.

  • Urshi will no longer only spawn when a Greater Rift is failed; instead, she will spawn at the end of every Greater Rift level. You’ll be able to choose whether you wish to upgrade your gem or, assuming that you completed that Rift within the time limit, move on to the next level.
  • The Rift Guardian will spawn at the 15 minute mark regardless of whether your bar has reached full progress. This should eliminate “the slog” at higher Greater Rifts where you fail, but have the rest of the level to go before you get your rewards.
  • The pacing for upgrading your Legendary Gems is being significantly revised.
    • Legendary gem upgrades are now more likely to receive multiple ranks per upgrade attempt at higher Greater Rift tiers, to a maximum of 4 ranks at a time.
      • This is in addition to the higher chance to upgrade gained at each additional Greater Rift tier.
    • To compensate for this change, individual ranks are less powerful. The rate of power accrual will roughly be the same, you’ll just experience it more frequently!

These are some pretty significant changes to the Greater Rift reward scheme and they should vastly improve your experience when completing and conquering higher Greater Rift tiers. Be sure to let us know what you think once these changes are on our PTR!

These sound like improvements to me and all of them come in direct response to common player complaints. What’s left to fix?

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  1. Holding breath, but the monk upcoming PTR changes might be worthwhile finally.

    [blue]"This next PTR patch is going to have a BUNCH of Monk changes headed your way. There's a lot to talk about here, so bear with me. This is gonna be a long one.

    While we touched on Spirit Regeneration a little bit in the last patch, that was the tip of the iceberg. We're going over all the Monk Spirit Generators and making some significant changes.

    Monks are quick strikers, and we wanted to increase the Spirit generation and damage of each Primary skill without just upping the numbers. We're addressing this by increasing the Attack Speed scalar of most Monk generators. This means that each will operate more quickly and scale better with Attack Speed. This is a change you won't see reflected in the tooltip or PTR data mining, but should experience in practice, especially if you already have a substantial amount of Attack Speed. This change addresses both concerns while further embracing that Monk fantasy of being fast and nimble.

    We're also addressing some of the remaining Dodge mechanics that Monks have left in their kit. We're leaving a few options for players who really want to embrace the Dodge mechanic and focus on it, but others we're retooling to provide more consistent and reliable benefits. Mantra of Evasion is being replaced with Mantra of Salvation, and the base skill will now provide you and your allies within 60 yards a 20% bonus to All Resistance. We've moved the Dodge bonus to a new rune, Agility, and you'll find some other useful utility among the other new runes.

    There are plenty of other changes coming as well, but I don't want to get too patch-notey here. Expect some quality of life and DPS boosts to spenders like Lashing Tail Kick and Wave of Light to make them more competitive and offer you additional options. The new Alabaster Gloves have been removed and replaced with a new Monk Seasonal Legendary Fist Weapon that increases the maximum stack count of Sweeping Winds by 5-7. Overall, there will be new toys to play with, and we're looking forward to seeing your feedback on these changes as we move into our next PTR patch."

  2. Has anyone found out yet, if it's possible to upgrade to gem ranks beyond a rank of 50? And if this indeed is possible, if there's still an upgrade in any sported affixes power obtainable this way?

    Wildly brainstorming, I'm imagining a variant of the current gems available in the future, sporting three or even more different, though still theme oriented affixes on them, where gaining ranks doesn't just add to the power of just the first one, until the powerful, final bonus is being activated. Instead I'm having the picture of different, overlapping rank ranges for each individual affix available in mind, where gained ranks would also result with the associated affixes power.

    On the first affix, for example, while upgrading the gem from rank 2 up to rank 36, while the second affix would be activate on reaching rank 30 and benefit from upgrades up to rank 56. The third affix would then activate at rank 50, as it is with the current gems, though still gaining in power while upgrading it up to an assumed (and admittedly historically tainted) maximum gem rank of 99, while proceeding to add to it's effectivity in smaller steps compared to the gain of the previous, two affixes, with each individual gain in rank. Also there could even be room there, to hide an additional mastery type of upgrade in the mix, providing further and and quite powerful boosts in power to one or both of the two lower level affixes.

    For sheer fun of experimentation and to leave room for failing in hitting the sweet spot, these "mastery upgrades" should be placed randomly on a specfic level when generating the gem, though always in the same, predetermined range of higher gem ranks. And only hitting the exact rank on upgrading the gem would actually result in activating its effects and add its description to the gem. Overstepping in gem ranks through upgrade of multiple ranks at the same time, would on the other hand have the gem never sporting this particular boost as one of his effects, though.

    Just my freely associated 2 cents on additional, future variants of the basic design concept behind gems. Just ignore, if sounding weird to your own, inner ear 😉


    Alexis of Silverfang

  3. Common sense kicked in

  4. I was just reading a post on the ptr forums that was confirming the gems go beyond rank 50. No supporting evidence like a screenshot however.

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