Blizzard Looking at Legendary Drop Visibility

Now that Legendaries are dropping like rain from the sky, perhaps you’ve been missing them when they drop and that’s why some players are just not getting enough Legendary love. Blizzard is aware that a Legendary drop can be pretty hard to spot and they’ll be looking at some way to sort that. Perhaps a massive rainbow should shoot from the ground?

We’re definitely aware that Legendary item drops can be difficult to see against certain textures, and that this can sometimes cause players to miss those drops completely.

While we’d like to avoid changing the actual color of the drops, we’ve been discussing a number of ways to make Legendary items on the ground more visible to the player. We’ve considered adding a new special sound, for example, having the location of the drop ping on the player’s mini-map, and creating a unique FX effect that would appear underneath the item before it’s picked up.

We haven’t settled on any one solution yet, but the issue is certainly something we want to address and improve on. I’ll make sure the additional options you listed get passed on to our design team so they can be considered as well. πŸ™‚

Please don’t just make it a sound improvement. I’m sure I’m not the only one who plays with sound volume extremely low or off completely.

Valid point. Noted for posterity!

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70 thoughts on “Blizzard Looking at Legendary Drop Visibility

  1. Legendaries dropping like rain? That’s quite an overstatement. I have played for hundreds of hours and I’ve only found 2, yes 2. A shame! Don’t think I’m colour-blind, ha.

    • They are dropping like rain. I get one or two legendary items for every act 3 clear, full clear. Also, check the AH and you’ll see that none of the legendary items even fit into 46 pages. πŸ™‚

        • I seen 2 Ledgendary items on the same game on 1.04 release, after that day i’ve played about 60hrs at least on 3 different characters and have not received any legendary items. Are there even set items in the game? I’ve still gone this entire time without ever seeing a set item. I see that OTHERS show them off and I see in the AH but I’ve never had one drop for me.

          I’m at Paragon 6 on my main character which i’ve spent about 30 hours on mainly Act 1 and Act 2 I have nothing good but a 2HD weapon to show as a upgrade πŸ™ Oh well TL2 is coming out soon, maybe that’ll force Blizzard to up the ante on item quality and quantity.

      • Dropping like rain? 1-2 legendarys per act 3 clear? What am I doing wrong?

        I found 1 on patch day. That’s all in 14 paragon levels. I have about 100MF without NV stacks on my dps gear, but I do MF gear swap for every champion pack/boss kill (~330MF with NV buff and MF gear).

        Every night when I play I think “tonight I have to be due for a legendary item” but every night it’s the same garbage drops. I usually do 2-3 Azmodian clears a night before I log out in frustration from getting nothing but vendor trash.

        Still having fun though. I think. Sort of.

        • Don’t believe this guy, he’s obviously trying to piss us off. Yeah sure, 1-2 legendary items for every Act3 full clear…

          • The question is how much MF he got and how much you have. I guess the ~2 per run has fairly high MF compared to you.

    • Nah, their current color is the a compromise brown/gold (D2 uniques’ traditional color) and orange (more visible).

      It’s probably one of those cases where nostalgia and community reactions were more important to Blizzard than good design.

  2. Ive found 4 myself since the patch and I can’t really miss them when they drop that maroon brown, though having them look more orange would be even easier to see imo.

    • The visibility of the brown text (or lack thereof) varies a great deal. Legendaries are hard to miss when you get them off an item rack or an elite pack, because your attention is focused on the moment of the drop.

      The problem is when they drop in the middle of a big battle, because a) you’re not expecting them to drop, b) as many monsters are brown, legendaries easily get lost among their remains, c) many environments are brownish, which further complicates things. Invidually, these things may not hurt visibility that much, but together they sure do.

      I’ve taken screenshots of all legendary drops I’ve seen so far and some of them stand out as being particularly bad, this one being perhaps the worst (if it hadn’t been for the item’s bluish texture I might’ve missed it):

  3. dropping like rain? PLEASE rethink your article statement…That’s just flat out untrue…Try Paragon 12 with 292% MF farming act 2 and 3 and not one since patch…actually not one since 1.01…

  4. This is a really nice issue to catch in beta testing.

    I’m sorry, I usually avoid the “paid beta” whining but this is an example of something SO obvious, it’s incredible it’s taken this long.

  5. What about a message in the chat box telling you when a legendary item has dropped? Give it orange text and it will stand out like tits on a bull.

    • Maybe they can add a tool tip that pops up on the screen saying “pick up this item, you idiot.”

    • “tits on a bull”, think I’ll use that one. Thanks for adding to my witty one-liners πŸ™‚

    • I like this idea. It would also prevent legendaries from being lost because of monsters dying off screen.

      • Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I shudder to think that there may have been legendaries dropping just off-screen that I have never found.

  6. This is good news. I didn’t get any legendaries in 1.0.3 (that I know of) but since 1.0.4 they’ve been dropping but the first two I nearly missed them. Both times it was only when I backed up that I happened upon them.

    The screen message like CaptinSupreem suggested is the best idea. Simple and does the job.

  7. I also noticed the colouring wproblem with the health globe in some areas (I think spire level 2 in A4). A few times I thought I had no life, haha

  8. When a legendary drops, there should be fireballs and lightning all over the screen that deal 1000000% damage to your hero, and when you die, acid-green message pops up: “YOU’VE JUST GOT A LEGENDARY DROP, CONGRATULATIONS!” :mrgreen:

  9. Clearly most people are having a hard time seeing legendaries in d3 have never played diablo 2

    • You are right, I have never seen a legendary item drop in D2… a bunch of uniques, sets, magic and rare, but never a legendary.

  10. “hey guys, we know you say you arent seeing enough legendaries drop… but the fact is that we think you’re all kinda dumb and have bad eyesight, cause they are dropping, you must just be missing them.”

    no, they arent dropping. 10 levels of paragon and only 2 legendaries, 2 BAD ones. i thought the new legendaries were supposed to be game changers, not a lvl 62 item that is barely worth 200k gold on the AH for novelty purposes cause it blows.

    • Honestly, with how variable legendaries can be in terms of actual usefulness, they should drop far more often. I’ve found only 1 legendary (an abysmal 500 damage roll on pus spitter with +intel as an affix) in 10 levels of paragon.

      There’s such a far range for item stats on legendaries that you can end up with an awful version of an item that can be great. I’m fine with that. However, if this is the case, they should just drop more often. 250+ hours and still not a single 60+ legendary (or one that is useful) and not a single set item. Not one.

      • Same here – have played since may and found 3 legendaries in total. All of them crap.

        Either make them amazing EVERY TIME with the current drop rate – or keep the randomeness but buff the drop rate.

    • That feeling when a legendary drops and it turns out to be a level 56 shield with 23 allres and witch doctor mana bonus… =(

  11. You know how they have the Hardcore Graveyard?

    It would be awesome if Blizz had a webpage of Legendaries that dropped, and were never picked up.

  12. Like rain? LMAO. I about to quit D3 and load up D2, where if I put in 500 hours of time I’ll see 5000 uniques/set-items drop for my effort, as opposed to a grand total of 6 (useless pieces of junk).

  13. Why don’t they just drop often enough so that it isn’t even a major concern if you miss them because you don’t spot them like in D2?

  14. Maybe if they did drop like rain we wouldn’t have trouble recognizing their color. I’ve only seen 1 legendary drop my entire time playing (250+ hours), but it was so long ago I couldn’t tell you what it looked like. I’ve also never had a set piece drop, so I can’t even say what that looks like at all.

    I thought that random affixes on Legendaries was going to keep the item hunt going longer than D2 with drop rates similar to the set and unique items in D2. That assumption is why I thought random affixes on a Legendary item was a good thing. Instead, it’s just a cruel tease. Spend 300 hours to find one and then it rolls crappy stats (or was never going to have good stats pre 1.04). Fun times.

    • Have you even looked at the end result of the 1.0.4 Lengendary stat changes? I have. The changes amounted to one of the following:

      – nothing at all
      – making the item worse
      – increasing an items iLvl and adding a gimmick “chance to do something” without any other changes
      – adding +primary stat to a class specific item
      – modifying a +stat range so that the 1.0.3 max value is the 1.0.4 min value, with maybe an extra +10 added to the min value

      Very, very few items were improved in any meaningful way. In other words, for most of the items that were actually changed, while you cannot argue that they were not buffed, they are still completely worthless compared to the far easier to find Rares.

      Blizzard is all hype / no delivery these days.

  15. As someone who only noticed the two legendaries on the ground when backtracking, I greatly applaud this impending change. Honestly? I want the Unreal announcer to yell “LEGENNNNDARY!!!!!”

    • sure, its a good change… but you know whats a better change? them actually dropping more than once every 50-200 hours.

      • any time i play ANY game that involves and uppercut in any form, i always think of the tooastyyyy!

  16. Just have azmodan pop up via hologram, announcing the legendary item you just found is a useless tool and his armies will consume you anyway.

  17. What legendary drops? My last legendary drop was the 2nd week of the game!

    I should just buy powerball tickets instead! ❗

    • pretty much…. its shocking all these band-aids blizzard keeps trying to apply when they arent even fixing the most important aspect of ARPGs… itemization and the item hunt.

  18. Since patch 1.04 I’ve found Scrimshaw, Arreat’s Law, Fire Walkers, Echoing Fury, Dark Mage’s Shadow, and Won Khim Lau. That’s with no MF other than base MF% from <plvl 12 and a 5 stack of NV. Guess I've been lucky meanwhile my friends have either missed a legendary drop on the ground or haven't had one drop at all even when they have more MF% than I do. I swear it has to be random.

  19. Hmmm… after patch 1.04 I found just as much Legendarys as in the whole time before together. (Malkoth’s Focus, Hellrack, Angel Hair’s Braid, 2 Pus Spitter, 2 Ivory Tower, Izzuccob, Balefire Caster, The Gidbin, Ageless Might and Tzo Krin’s Gaze.) Nothing dropped with good stats, though. But as I’ve rather dropped the focus on magic find – just 72% from items and 3% from the Enchantress – I begin asking myself, what is going right now that has gone wrong before (, with around 140% mf from items and 32% from the Enchantress)…

  20. My problem is in multiplayer when my partner drops an item offscreen. I’ve played D2 and this was never a problem with shared loot.

    Makes me wonder how many times I missed one when I didn’t backtrace.

  21. I was in Act III Inferno, clearing the ballistas on a normal run. We circled around, past where we had already been to cross the birdge… I happen to hit “alt” and low and behold I see a faint brown “Crossbow” on the ground. It was a Manticore. Had I gone the other way to the bridge, I would’vecompletely missed that maticore.

    Later a Tal’s ammy dropped, but those are bright green and are fine imo.

  22. I wonder if they’ll change the colors of gem plans while they’re at it? I don’t pick up magic items and I’ve noticed that since I stopped picking them up I haven’t found any gem plans. It isn’t that I haven’t been farming; I’ve found ~7 legendaries and probably a total of 200m gold of items since then.

  23. I think the color is ok, the main problem for me is that in many cases the legendary item can be dropped off screen, it happen to me few times and if i wasn’t going back i was going not to see the drop at all… So i their nk the best idea is just pin pointing the location of the drop on the map, ia simple yet great solution… Also NPH yelling Legen… wait for it… DARY when a legendary item drop

    Sorry for the typos, i’m writing this on my phone

  24. Are ppl really finding them that hard to see? Use your alt key to see them drop after everything is dead. When I see them, I never miss them as I dive on them like Donald Duck.

  25. lol i have played around 150 hours i have found 1 legendary after new patch, before only 2 and 1 set so lol dropping like rain is not true.. and a friend of mine is aroudn 300 hours total and he has not found a single legendary or set.. really insane πŸ™

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