Now that Legendaries are dropping like rain from the sky, perhaps you’ve been missing them when they drop and that’s why some players are just not getting enough Legendary love. Blizzard is aware that a Legendary drop can be pretty hard to spot and they’ll be looking at some way to sort that. Perhaps a massive rainbow should shoot from the ground?

    We’re definitely aware that Legendary item drops can be difficult to see against certain textures, and that this can sometimes cause players to miss those drops completely.

    While we’d like to avoid changing the actual color of the drops, we’ve been discussing a number of ways to make Legendary items on the ground more visible to the player. We’ve considered adding a new special sound, for example, having the location of the drop ping on the player’s mini-map, and creating a unique FX effect that would appear underneath the item before it’s picked up.

    We haven’t settled on any one solution yet, but the issue is certainly something we want to address and improve on. I’ll make sure the additional options you listed get passed on to our design team so they can be considered as well. 🙂

    Please don’t just make it a sound improvement. I’m sure I’m not the only one who plays with sound volume extremely low or off completely.

    Valid point. Noted for posterity!

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