Blizzard looking for Diablo 3 v2.6.1 Feedback

Blizzard is looking for some “focused feedback” from players, specifically for four-man groups in 2.6.1 which has been in testing on the Diablo 3 PTR.

This Focused Feedback thread is dedicated to 4-Man Group Play in Patch 2.6.1. For more information on the class sets, items, and skills that have changed, please see our 2.6.1 PTR patch notes here.

Here are a few baseline questions that should help guide your feedback:

  • What class do you play?
  • What build are you using?
    • Please provide a link to your build using a site like D3Planner if possible
  • What other classes were you playing with?
  • Can you describe the other builds they were playing?
  • What level Nephalem/Greater Rift did you complete?
  • Did you experience any odd interactions, bugs, or glitches during play?
    • If a monster or area was key to such an issue, please describe the enemy or tileset you were in!
  • Do you have any additional comments?

With that said, thank you to all our PTR participants. Your feedback is appreciated and continues to be integral to our design and iteration process. Happy testing!

To add your thoughts, head to this thread.

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  1. During the season, a group I was in opened the Vault and the first gold pile that always has a goblin had one of those Sire goblins and we unleashed on it but it never spawned any of the tiny ones. It was weird, but never reported the bug.

    • That’s a very old, known bug. If you kill the intermediate gobs too quickly sometimes the tiny loot bearing ones don’t spawn. It’s best to stop attacking for a second once the original goblin dies.

  2. Double the time skeletal mages stay active. It’s still way, way too constrained and a hassle to keep them up much less 10 of them.

    • It seems like it could be over powered if they made it too easy to keep 10 mages. I was able to solo GR75 just because of the mages. If I got into a good rhythm 70+ was a breeze, if I couldn’t time a solid 6 of them things became a bit rough staying alive long enough before things died.

      They should almost have a collective timer, if you have 10 up they last for 12 seconds, or 1 for 120 seconds or any combination in between. Every time you caste it rests the timer to your current total. The timing would need to be fined tuned cause having 30 seconds to caste the 5-6th mage seems like a long time. But I’m sure they could find a balanced scale to make 10 mages feel right for the amount of power they have, verses how useless 1 is.

  3. With D3, Blizzard’s reputation of “continuously supporting their games” is literally beating a dead horse.

    Maybe D4 will be much more like D2, and thus will win back all of the Diablo community, which it lost with D3.

    Who knows… Maybe with D4 they choose to betray and abandon their Multi-Million-Number Diablo fan community all over again for the sake of catering to noobs and casuals, just like they did with D3.

  4. Why does Blizzard even ask for feedback still? All they do is wipe their asses with it.

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