Blizzard on Legendary Gem Bugs

Fittingly, as this week’s podcast talks about all of the DiabloWikiLegendary Gems, Blizzard has Blue’d about a couple of LGem issues. (Though not the DiabloWikiBane of the Trapped Monk bugs, which we talked about on Podcast part one, posted this morning.)

DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful doesn’t seem to trigger after killing an elite pack of Corpse Raisers. (The Act V mob which explodes into a group of bats upon death).
Grimiku: We’ve found a bug with Bane of the Powerful that prevent’s it from activating when killing elite Corpse Raisers. We’re planning on implementing a fix for this bug in the future, but we don’t have any information to share about when that will be.

DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder

Does the amount of gold dropped scale with the % chance to cause the explosion?
Grimiku: Leveling up the Boon of the Hoarder will cause more frequent explosions of gold, but does not influence the actual amount of gold per explosion. Having a higher gold find percentage will yield more gold per proc, though.

That last point, about the gold per “explosion” when using Boon of the Hoarder, was a point of some debate on the podcast. Katniss and me have used that gem a lot (oh, have we….) and he hadn’t noticed it, but I found it with a still pretty weak character, and thus I was using it while I played on Master, then up to T1, and T2, and T3. And while the gold stacks from the explosion did increase, it seemed to me that they were rising by less than they should have, as much as Gold Find increases with difficulty level.

I did a test clearing the Weeping Hollow with Boon of the Hoarder, with the following results:

  • Torment 1, 1,194% Gold Find = 1.64m gold
  • Torment 2, 1,391% Gold Find = 1.81m gold
  • Your gold problems have come to an end!

    Your gold problems have come to an end!

    If you’ve never used Boon of the Hoarder, yes that’s how much gold you can pick up in a five-minute, casual, risk-free, low-Torment jaunt through the Weeping Hollow, with Boon of the Hoarder causing every third monster to pop a dramatic explosion of gold. But my point is that it seems like T2 should be worth more than ~200k gold over T1, given how much the Gold Find increases with the difficulty level up. My thought while playing was that perhaps the gold from the BotH explosion wasn’t scaling fully with the difficulty level, unlike gold dropped by monsters/chests/etc.

    Obviously one trial is far from a robust and scientific collection of data, and variance in the total monster spawn, luck of the RNG on the % explosion from the gem, etc, could easily outweigh it. But I’d still be curious if anyone has done more empirical testing on just how properly GF% applies to Boon of the Hoarder gold.

    A side issue to BotH, and I warn you, but this is *really* FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

    As both Katniss and I spoke of on the podcast… if you play with the (superior) symbols for item drops (rather the old style than words/numbers), BotH can actually create visual hazards. You get so much gold during big fights that if you’re a melee char, standing still in the same place for a while and killing things right on top of you, that it can get really hard to see. I often have to pause an instant during combat and take a couple of steps, so I’ll move/pick up gold, and my Pickup Radius will carve out a clear space so I can again see something other than the hundreds of little gold symbols. You see some examples I took from my own games below. And note the total gold pickup number on the shots showing wave events; it’s 500k+ every Red Shrine, even on just T1.

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    1. What irony that Blizzard finally added gold labels just in time for gold 'splosions like this.

      We still need the option to turn off gold labels (but keep item labels on).

      • Agreed. In the meantime (until there is a separate option for item labels and gold labels) I have disabled the auto-show option and use a hotkey to flash the names for 10 seconds manually – not ideal but it saves a lot of screen clutter during the heat of combat. Toggle is good too

      • Indeed. Using Boon of the Hoarder is quite risky in HC as it is.

    2. No, the little icons are not superior, b/c goblins and Guardians drop all of their icons in one single stack, meaning you have to pick up stacks of worthless Reusable Parts just to pick up the few gems underneath. If the icons spread out like the writing does when a goblin explodes, it'd be preferable, but that's not true.

      • That's strictly a multiplayer bug though. The icons work perfectly if you play alone, at least that has been my experience. That's not to say the issue shouldn't be fixed.

    3. Everybody seems to have BotH, I've still to find a portal…

      • Run Act3 Tower levels over and over, finally you'll get it. I spend few days on farming gobbies but it was worth it!

        • Excellent suggestion.

          What me and my friends did was split farm bounties in Act 1 and watch out for goblins. This way we eventually got our RoRGs as well. At the end of every game we also run through the A3 Tower and Crater levels, again each of us doing different levels, only killing Elites and Goblins. With a good party the whole run (bounties and all) should take 15-20 mins and this way you'll have your RoRG and Vault portal in no time. If you only care about the Vault the A3 part of the run should take less than 10 minutes.

    4. The T2 figure does seem a bit low, if you strip out the effect of the increased GF, the T1 "base" gold is ~137k & the T2 "base" gold is ~130k, but that could very easily just be RNG affecting the gem procs as much as the usual drops.

    5. I prefer the word labels.

    6. Another Lgem bug is that BotH isn't triggered by mobs killed by Haunt from using Sebor's Nightmare.

    7. I've been using "Boon of the Horder" with "Gold Wrap" belt and "Custerian Wristguards" bracers along with gold find on almost every item and the 50% Gold find available in the Paragon Tab – just to boost my armor and exp … the side effect, of course, is tons and tons of gold.
      I love this set up. My EXP and Paragon level is soaring! I'm playing seasons and I'm almost as high a paragon level as my regular non seasonal account. Not to mention I've nearly got a billion gold. I can't tell you how many times I've just not been able to do upgrades do to gold costs.

      Now, it seems my only problem is gems. I never have enough of certain gems … wish they dropped with more frequency.

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