Blizzard Launches Facebook Live Streaming Service

Back in June Blizzard announced the Facebook live streaming service and today it’s gone live.

The new system allows gamers to stream any Blizzard game directly to Facebook and a new option is available in the Battle.Net client. If you really want to do this for some weird reason, then you need to setup the your Facebook account in the Battle.Net client and then you can click the “stream” button.

The streaming service is available in the  Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Other regions will follow “soon”.

With most streamers using Twitch or Youtube, it’s an odd partnership but it is free advertising for Blizzard on Facebook. Facebook will also no doubt be capturing as much data as possible on user streaming habits to see what they can do in the future with a streaming service.

Remember folks, there will be a reason this is a thing. Now here’s a video if you really want to do this.

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  1. So now I’m really waiting on the announcement that Blizz has gone in cahoots with Oculus, too …

  2. they’ve crashed facebook

  3. So remember that old “your grandmother should be able to learn how to play” thing? Well, now your grandma should be able to STREAM.

  4. just what we needed … NOT
    Fucking stupid feat just like the selfie and twitter shit in wow
    come on blizzard , you can do beter then this shit — make some great games / gamecontent !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we don’t need this shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hell no :/ never facebook ugh….

  6. It’s a good way to advertise and with not costs associated with it.

    I don’t watch streamers or youtubers because they’re awful but many many people do and I don’t see a problem with the Facebook hookup.

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