Blizzard on Kanai’s Skorn March Event

Blizzard on Kanai’s Skorn March Event

Many of you may have forgotten about this but March brings Kanai’s Skorn for transmog fans. Blizzard has posted to clarify what this event entails.

So, since this event was available for only a short period of time on PTR, there are definitely some subtleties to it that may not have been captured by the community during that window. Let’s clear things up. 🙂

Chief Elder Kanai will rise during the month of March and invite you to join him on a quick run through his Stomping Grounds. During the final week of March (March 24-31), completion of this event has a guaranteed chance to spawn a chest containing the Kanai’s Skorn transmog.

Why the final week of March? Kevin Kanai Griffith, the artist to whom this event is dedicated to, celebrated his birthday in the last week of the month. If you’d like to know more about Kevin and the story behind Kanai’s Cube, I’d recommend checking out the blog we released last year.

The chest only spawns during the final week of the event.

Also, check this video from While Locks which explains where Kanai’s Skorn is.

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    6 thoughts on “Blizzard on Kanai’s Skorn March Event

    1. Interesting I’d never heard of this. Ran through it and found that ‘bovine level’ 🙂
      Guess we wait till end of March for the chest and the Skorn transmog

      • Looking forward to it. I didn’t realize that Kanai’s Skorn had a different transmog than the traditional Skorn. Hopefully seasons will be available for consoles, XX crossed for offline! Also I need to find the Groot pet.

    2. Really dont understand this has run through 10 times a day in March and NO chest ?????? The transmog is only in the last week of March but the chest ????? Another bogus or a way to keep a little heat in the game ??

    3. Skorn event in March finally I found the chest, but what a disappointment, the loot was worthless maybe the biggest disappointment ever a few blue and yellow items 9.447 in gold far away from the video about skorn event Mates skip that event its useless and waste of time

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