Bashiok has sent along word that Blizzard will soon be launching their own Twitter accounts for all 3 of their ongoing game worlds. None of them are active yet, but we’re promised a cornucopia of cool stuffs starting at Blizzcon.

    In the next few days we will be officially launching the @Warcraft, @StarCraft, and @Diablo Twitter feeds where we plan to share news, run contests and events, and much more.  We’ll be starting things off with a bang by holding contests leading up to and through BlizzCon as well as will be twittering all through the show.

    We’re looking forward to the opportunities that will come with these new Twitter accounts and the increased interaction between Blizzard Entertainment and the community.

    If you’re not up on the Twitter craze, here’s a quick run down. It’s a micro-blogging service, allowing messages up to 140 characters, that can be posted from your computer or cell phone. Anyone can view a Twitter page, though you need a twitter account to officially “follow” anyone’s Twitter feed. Once you’ve registered you can enable tweets by the people you follow to beam directly to your cell phone as text messages.

    Twitter has grown phenomenally over the past couple of years, and while the most popular users are all celebrities (Ashton Kutcher is #1) or international news services, millions of websites and regular people use it as well. We’ve got a Twitter feed running from this site, and if you subscribe you can get instantaneous notification of news updates.

    While Twitter is increasingly becoming a valuable business and media tool, the trivial nature of most tweets has become something of a running joke, with comic strips such as Doonsebury regularly lampooning it. Penny Arcade scatologically weighed in as well.

    These new Blizzard twitters will presumably fall more on the “gaming information” vs “poop jokes” side of the fence, and they will presumably be updated by various Community Managers. Twitter usage tends to spike during technology conferences, and with tens of thousands of wired gaming fans soon to gather in Anaheim, Blizzard obviously wants to get out ahead of the curve.

    What do you guys think of this? Are you using Twitter to tweet or to follow? Will Blizzard PR allow their employees to post anything interesting, or will it all be straight corporate boilerplate promotion? Hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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