Blizzard job posting hints at Diablo 2 remaster

Blizzard job posting hints at Diablo 2 remaster

A new Blizard job posting indicates there could be movement at Blizzard on a Diablo 2 remaster. Now wouldn’t that be great?

The latest job posting focusing on classic Blizzard games is looking for a senior software engineer and it appears to be Diablo related. In the requirements section of the post it states, “Implement, maintain, and own infrastructure for the Diablo franchise”.

This is quite a strong indication that Blizzard could now be moving on to a Diablo 2 remaster following their recent StarCraft Remaster.

Back in April David Brevik told us in an interview that remastering Diablo 2 would be “no small feat”. Now it looks like Blizzard could be ready to bring back the classic.

Thanks Mrpinsky for the tip.

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    36 thoughts on “Blizzard job posting hints at Diablo 2 remaster

    1. “infrastructure for Diablo” sounds more generic than a particular product to me, almost like side i.e. the Diablo part of it.

    2. Well, they seem to be doing a pretty good job with the Starcraft remaster, so this sounds exciting.

    3. I guess it could still be read as a job for maintaining the current Diablo2/ infrastructure. But the reference to their old games StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II followed by the phrase “We’re restoring them to glory” does sound like all three of them will get a remaster.

    4. Theories of MMO and now a Remaster. Neither are of any interest. ARPG with gothic gore is what I enjoyed. As of now, I will no longer follow any Diablo news anymore: I am old and tired. I had all the other games on the day they came, even first Diablo on both PC and Playstation One. But since Diablo III got hit so hard over and over again. I feel like an MMO or an Remaster is in the wrong direction towards my personal interests. If any of the two, or just one of them are made, I really hope that it’s a side-project by its own team so we can get back on right track with Diablo again thereafter. Diablo-series is just a very few games I enjoyed in life, and it tears me apart inside to feel abondoned like this. If the MMO theory are true, why not stick to WoW or make a WoW II instead. Oh the sadness.

      • The remaster they’re talking about is just an update. Improved graphics, higher resolution, more visible area, maybe even some quality of life improvements like auto pick up gold. It’s not a “remake” more so an updated version for the modern pc. Just like the Starcraft they just announced.

      • Personally, I feel carefully optimistic about a purely ‘cosmetic’ upgrade. Let’s hope present-day Blizzard uses these remasters to ananlyze how things were done back then and maybe for image purposes – NOT for raising acceptance for their always-online customer account agenda.

        As for a ‘more of the same’ D4, I’d be less optimistic. With D3, they have proven over a 5-year period now that they can’t emulate the core concept of fun behind the franchise. If there’s going to be a D4, it’s not going to be called D4. It’s going to be a reboot of the entire series in a more or less different direction, so that it can’t be directly compared to the previous games (not only because D1 and D2 set high bars to reach, but also because D3 left a rather bitter taste).

      • Note: (HD) Remaster NOT = (3D) Remake. A Remaster just means up-to-date gfx resolution and sprites, I/O, and an adaption to the current 2 infrastructure.

    5. Yeah I saw that job posting a few days ago and I also thought “Guess D2 remaster looks more and more realistic”. This is great news as long as they dont change the “feel” of how D2 plays. If they somehow just upgrade the Textures, remaster the sound and add a bigger shared stash with tabs then that would be awesome already. no more muling necessary and it doesnt affect the game side too much. They could also tinker around with the back-end and produce a more stable and efficient networking side so the ping doesnt fluctuate as much and this would also benefit game play dramatically.

      I think they could do that and make D2 free and the remastered version a paid model just like StarCraft Remastered. Both versions could play together but the newer version would just look prettier and more detailed. This could be a good thing but we shall see how it works out.

      I personally had a blast playing this current Ladder Reset on US-East-Softcore-Ladder and my reset team killed Baal on hell after little more than 3 hours which is a great result. We were level 75++ and baaling away shorty after. I sold a shitload of random and GG items on D2jsp for forum gold in the first 96 hours and I had a blast doing so. I now got a lvl 78 Sorc (my starting char) and a lvl 93 Hammerdin but I retired a few days ago and I am looking forward to the next ladder reset! 🙂 – what a blast!

    6. Well, this is interesting. I’m not about to get excited though. All those years I dreamed of how cool Diablo 3 would be…I mean they took years to develop it so it HAS to be amazing, right? Yeah. Well we all know how that turd steamed in the sun. Please Blizzard, do something that will redeem yourself in the eyes of all your devoted Diablo2 fans because you’ve just about burned that bridge with me. Diablo 2 will ALWAYS be my favorite game…just because it was such an exciting time. PvP, endless cow runs, SOJ economy and that feeling of hitting your first level 99…those were all great memories for me and I was expecting more of the same with D3…and I’m STILL pissed about that crapshow. Here’s your chance, Blizz…

    7. Kind of frustrating that customers have clearly and poignantly demanded either a D2 ‘remake’ or similar experience to D2 for so many years while Blizzard seemingly makes zero effort(s). I guess I should be happy but there’s a generational gap at this point widening further. D3 was in development for far too long and from a business strategy perspective the Necromancer seems awkward at best.

      • And when did you get your training/education in business management? Or are you just a gamer in your mom’s house somewhere typing this shit out?

        • Not going to defend my credentials. I could be wrong, perhaps they can grab the market that left feeling buyer’s remorse. In fact I hope they can, I’m an avid (to put mildly) Diablo fan.

    8. Isn’t D2 better because we were all 10 years younger and enjoyed things much more? I think that’s the case for me, on paper Diablo 3 is nearly better in every aspect.

      • Except there are actually no “builds.” It’s just using set items and applying the best passives and skills to complement it. Legendaries are lackluster and there is far, far too much RNG with them. Rifting is tedious and boring. You don’t have to make new toons to play another spec, you just have to throw on another set. You can’t just pick a few skills and try and design a build that makes it work best. Item crafting is TERRIBLE in D3. Runewords were amazing and gave you a reason to farm… to make your own builds viable. I’m not sure what Diablo 2 you played, but the one I played was better than D3 in almost every way.

      • I agree, but martymart has a few good points. Baal/Pindle/Meph/whoever you can fit into a run were awesome. Runewords/runes were those ultimate item finds with a few other unique rare items like the lightning diadem. Rifts just seem boring as a slow progression. Diablo 3 did deliver though one the items and gameplay. I actually think there’s as many builds, if not more, than D2. The only builds people care about are the top grift pushing, but some other builds that can’t handle high grifts are fun for T10-13 runs for mats and goblins. My lovely melee wizard rocks craft and goblin farming.

    9. Well D2 was an awsome game in the beginning no doubt about that a new remastered D2 I guess many will start play D2 again but Im sure all the mates here will find it boring again after endless Mephisto, pindleskin baal-diablo runs just as they find endless Gr boring.What I really like was the runewords and create a decent item. Maybe mates have forgot how hard it was to find a good item like windforce, Arcaines, harlequin crest, Grandfater Maras. SoJ ect ect. Imo D3 is more easy for players who not have endless time to farm and farm over again as in d2, and not to forget all the cheating and hacks in D2 and then plz remember its only a game

        • strange comment if I dont share your point of view, Im not allowed to make a comment and it seems if we dont share your point of view you make some childish comment, like its only your statement there are right and everybody else are wrong bad and unpolite attitude mate and dont answer this message ok

          • Nobody told you you weren’t allowed to comment, so you can scrap that point fella. You aren’t, however, allowed to speak FOR other people and what they want and need and feel and think. You have no damn idea unless you are a psychic telepath with 100% accuracy. Are you? No.

          • “We” ? I think D2 is tremendously better at its core than D3. If they combine D2’s mechanics, itemization, atmosphere, Progression, character development with D3s clean UI, polish and fluidity then we get a real winner with D4.

            I play D2 every new ladder and its soooo much better at its core. Its because it rejects noobs and casuals, and teaches them that they need to learn and apply what they learn to be successful. In D3, its aimed at noobs and casuals, while ignoring real gamers entirely. There are no exclusive items for real gamers, every noob gets everything without effort.

        • I agree!!! *pitchfork tightly held in hand* Those Meph runs were awesome! All you need to do is one more for the night before bed…. just one more.

          In all honesty, they were fun. Run a sorcs in nightmare meph runs and get some decent gear, upgrade to baal runs (solo). Eventually, you’ll change your one build into something Hell efficient to run meph. I’m so totally craving D2 now…. but I’ll wait for this new edition, if it is indeed that.

          • This ladder season I was rocking a Blizzard Sorc and after 4 hours we killed baal on hell. I then made a spirit sword and found some res items and was doing Hell Mephisto with the moat trick. Not easy, but after 10 runs i was better geared and then it was easy. By the time we killed Hell Baal, we did some pit runs and baal runs and were level 80 in like 30 min.

      • Games like Diablo cannot be aimed at noobs and casuals, or they need to be marketed as noob-fests from the start.

        The rarity of items in D2 was so good because items only accounted for around 50% of your damage and defenses. You could level up and not find any godly uniques and still do just fine. Rare and even magical items could be easily good enough to get you going until you found the godly uniques. Hell… in some cases rare items even were better than godly uniques.

        D2 had the formula down PERFECTLY, D3 has it horribly wrong.

        Botting and duping in D2 made runes and GG uniques accessible to noobs and casuals, so you should be happy. Were runes too rare? sure, a little bit, but not by much. Games like Diablo NEED to keep Godly items ULTRA rare as they are the best carrot-on-a-stick for long term gaming. Also trading is a fundamental corner stone of D2’s replayability and is one of the most important reasons why people do MF runs after being fully geared themselves.

        • I agree trading is a fundamental corner stone in D2 but say that D2 are not for noobs or beginners is out of line, some of us has a life and work and cant spend 4-6 hours in D2 and therefor you more or less say that we are not allowed to play it, a rather arrogant comment mate and to be honest mate its a game not matter of life and death. Its free world imo and you are allowed to have have another opinion tajn so called experts like you

          • Diablo is meant to be time-consuming and time-investment and effort = profit. This is a corner stone of games like Diablo. Everyone is free to play it as they please, but only when you invest time and effort you will be rewarded.

            Its a free world, you either can invest time into a hobby (aka games) or you dont. There are alternatives for people without the time necessary to play games. There are games that dont need time-investment. But Diablo games should always require time-investments and effort and game-knowledge.

            Dumbing games like Dibablo down and making them for casuals and noobs is ruining not only the franchise but also the genre like a spreading cancer in the past decade.

        • casuals and noobs don’t use bots !!
          pimple headed irl nobody’s do , bcoz they suck in real life and want to be someone on the internet
          so they use bots and exploits to get items fast so they can be a hero on the internet
          casuals and noobs plays games for fun , not for greed , grieving or fucking up the gameplay for others

          Also , the boss runs in D2 are the rifts we know in D3 , not really a difference here
          I agree that you can do a bit more in D2 but D3 is not bad / dead like most of you spoiled brats say !

    10. I may give it a shot and play that remaster as long as they keep their lousy online-only DRM scheme out of the game and as long as i can still play mods on it. And of course, keep the core gameplay and atmosphere intact.

      Everything else is not that important for me.

      The thing is… I already own 4 copies of D2. I would be hard pressed to upgrade all of them so maybe i’ll just upgrade if they actually ADD new things to the game… If they give me a good reason to upg besides just a re-skin (new hd graphics).

    11. I’ll probably give it a try. I am pretty much a casual gamer but D-II is one of the very few games that got me seriously hooked.

      « algopeal
      Isn’t D2 better because we were all 10 years younger and enjoyed things much more? I think that’s the case for me.»

      This is certainly the case for me. I don’t think it’s possible to recapture this era of intense gaming and game discovery but it will be fun for a time. For me, DII had the right mix of what I like and that’s certainly why I kept on playing for so many years. It wasn’t perfect but I could live with what I had to offer. In my opinion, what hurt the game badly and completely changed it, is all the cheating and duping. This completely messed up the balance of the game on so many levels. Rune words was pretty good idea but they were never meant to be readily accessible to the mass, at least not the high end ones. The same could be said for godly charms and jewels. A character loaded with all the godliest will be presented with no challenges but and the other hand, playing this game in single player can present quite an adventure if you want to beat the game in all three difficulties.

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