Blizzard Jam-Packed; No Blizzcon in 2012

Blizzcon 2012Blizzard PR sent out an email early today announcing their 2012 World Championship. Strangely slipped into the second paragraph is the announcement that due to a “jam-packed” schedule, there will be no DiabloWikiBlizzcon in 2012. Shocking news but I had wondered how they were going to fit in three game releases, Blizzcon and anything else this year. The full email text is quoted below.

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce the 2012 World Championship, a major global eSports event featuring some of the best pro-gaming competition in the world. Slated to take place in Asia toward the end of 2012, the World Championship will host this year’s StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena World Championship tournaments. Blizzard gamers and eSports fans from around the world will be invited to attend and witness some of the most skilled pro players on the planet battle it out for cash and glory.

We’re excited to be showcasing Blizzard eSports on a truly global stage this year. We’re also heavily focused on getting Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria, and Heart of the Swarm into players’ hands as soon as possible. In light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.

More details about the 2012 World Championship and BlizzCon 2013, including specific dates and locations, will be coming in the months ahead.

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70 thoughts on “Blizzard Jam-Packed; No Blizzcon in 2012

  1. I am thinking this is not a good sign.    If d3 is done then why not have the D3 devs there talking about the game and same goes for HOTs which was my understand is also Nearly™ complete.

    • Couse you dont have to talk about something that was already released, I’ve watched the last 2 blizzcons and they didn’t say a word about the games that were out already. Only thing they could be talking about would be D3X but it’s 2 early to announce that.

      • I said nearly™ not close and it is supposedly out this year.    Last march Dustin Bowder said he expected development to take 1 year so that would be this march.   And I still expect it out before what would have been blizzcon.

  2. Yes, a very curious move indeed.  Honestly, they have a full plate but that shouldn’t really kill the devs to take a few weeks out of their schedule, especially since it’s 10 months away…

    Either way, what is done is done and if don’t get DIII soon, I don’t know what to think..

    • It’s not just showing up to the event, but preparing a playable demo. That in itself is easily 2-3 months of work for at least 2-3 people, and likely many more who would need to chip in as well.

  3. I like it. Focus on development. Conventions are nice, but not really necessary in the grand scheme of things.

  4. Clever Blizzard, they know that if they dont get D3 out before Blizzcon, people would only attent to burn everything down!!! People are angry Blizz, you know it! We feel it!!!

    • Gawd, I could not even imagine writing a news item pondering if one of the big reveals at this year’s Blizzcon will be the release date.

      But in case no one else says it, and it has to be said….

      sign of release.

  5. Wow, did not expect. I suppose it’s a wise move though. All these events are major overhead costs. It would make Blizzard a more top heavy company if they would recruit to be able to sustain the effort.

  6. Had a blast last time and was really looking forward to going again this year.  Wasn’t expecting any big announcements or anything but it was going to be an excuse for a really big meet up for my guild.

  7. “Jam-packed” I’m sure, aren’t they always? Is there a time when they aren’t busy?

    It’s because they won’t have shit to say at a BlizzCon this year.

    • You hit the nail on the head nothing to say or announce then why hold a convention.   Unless you directly want to see the disappointment on the faces of your fans.

      • Yeah. It’s a good move, imo. If they aren’t announcing Titan (which is still probably 10 years from completion, knowing Glacial Entertainment) then it’s good to just…not have a convention. BlizzCon has a use, but it isn’t necessary every year.

  8. I feel more like they don’t have anything new or exciting to announce this year. They’re probably going to save the Titan MMO for a Blizzcon 2013 announcement. 🙂

    • yes sir,you are exactly right.they will release all 3 games before Blizzcon and they won’t have anything huge to reveal except Titan.But i doubt it will be this year. So,if anyone hopes to see more news about Titan will have to wait until 2013

  9. First off, I will eat my hat if they are able to get all 3 games out this year.
    Secondly, No blizzcon = Titan is still more then 2 years away.

    • LOL even if they announce it, knowing blizzard, it is likely still 5 years away from launch…

    • The mantra has been “If D3 is pushed to 2012, we’ll release 2 games in 2012.”
      D3 and Mists of Pandaria seem for sure, with HotS being the only possible title to not make a 2012 release.

      • Um no… You quoted that wrong. The mantra was if D3 was pushed to 2012, they would be releasing 3 games in 2012… My guess is that it will be D3 then HotS then MoP judging by how long it took between WotLK and Cata…

  10. I was going make a few predictions around this announcement.. but everything I have guesses about Blizzard in the last three years has been wrong so, I’ll just be quiet.

    I really have a feeling though that Diablo III won’t hit before Holiday 2012.  Any bets?  🙂

  11. This makes me curious about whether they are trying to shift the schedule on when BlizzCon occurs. Skipping a year gives them more flexibility to set it at any time during the 2013 calendar. Perhaps this is a combination of there being little to announce and them wanting to shift the BlizzCon recurrence to a different part of the calendar without having two BlizzCons less than a year apart. May not be the case, but it certainly gives them the opportunity.

    • Y’know I was always curious why they picked it at the time they did. What reasons, exactly.
      Because it’s usually at a time during the year that’s pretty inconvenient for students.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. The “jam packed schedule” excuse doesn’t make a lot of sense, because the effort and planning for conventions all falls on the marketing folks, and BC is a definitely a full-time job for a team of them. Yeah, some technical people take time to put together presentations and clean up a demo, but it’s not going to be much of a burden on them. I worked for a tech company that puts on its own convention every year, so I can speak at least reasonably knowledgeably about this.
      Maybe this eSport thing is going to be much bigger than it sounds and contain Blizzcon-like elements, and the BC crew has been reassigned to that. Otherwise, I just can’t imagine Blizzard lightly giving up its privileged status as the only gaming company with a fanbase that can support its own massive convention, and consequently monopolize the attention of the entire gaming community for a weekend. You can’t put a price on that from a marketing perspective, and Blizzcon is about much more than the big reveals in the opening ceremony.
      On the other hand, it’s clear that if their plans come to pass and content for all three franchises comes out this year, they won’t have much to show off in the demos at least. Since they’re now announcing titles about four years from release and WoW is showing that it’s reaching the end of its life cycle, you’d think they’d be pretty close to a Titan reveal. So maybe it’s less about the timing of the event than simply trying to plan it around the readiness of the new content.

      • WoW is far from the end of it’s life cycle. I would more say it just started its downward half of its life cycle.  When the game gets to below 1million subscribers then you can say it’s close to the end.

        • Yeah, that’s more what I meant – if it was truly *at* the end, they planned devastatingly poorly without a transition plan to get users on another game. But it’s clear that the subscriber drain is going to continue as both the developers and players seem creatively exhausted with the IP. Therefore, its the right time to announce and start ramping up interest in the next MMO.

  12. Release jokes aside. A company like bliz skipping on a major PR event?
    Of course one can argue that the WC is the new big thing but sounds a lot more like a consolation prize rather than anything else. Besides who cares about Asia? <ducks>

    Esport nonsense is great and all but in my opinion this is a clear sign on a major crunch season at bliz.
    Which could be a great thing for diablo.

    Last thought. Bobby pushing bliz to get the money makers out the door? Rushed endgame content sounds like fun. No?

      • That seems to be correct. If bobby had his fingers in D3’s development, we would all already be playing an unpolished version of the game by now. Instead we get new stats and town portal is now 1 klick less away.

  13. They say busy developing D3, but none kinda realise is that they are probably already work on it’s content/item/etc.. patches and the expension.
    Also there are plenty of other Game-Events where Blizzard shows up or will attend to this year (E3/PAX/Gamescom/etc…) it’s not like they reveal any big things at their Blizzcon, yeah you get a good newsflash of their development update/status and some inside info but beside that Blizzcon isn’t really that impressive.

    • You are pretty much clueless if you think they are working on D3 expansions (or future content patches for that matter) at this point.

        • Not really what I had in mind because it was in the game and removed because it needed more work.

          What I meant is they aren’t working on the next class, act, or whatever will go in an expansion, at this stage of the development in my (logical) opinion. For the exact same reason they said a couple of months ago that the console guys are helping them out with the release. There’s nothing more important right now for the team other than getting this thing out there.

          Everyone who can help, do.

      • You are pretty much more clueless not thinking they aren’t already working on expension/content for that matter… you really believe the entire D3 development team is still working on getting the game release? I highly doubt that they need every single person to get the game shipped.

        @Cacophony the Talisman is also an expension feature.

  14. The thing that sucks is that this doesn’t make the DIII release schedule any more clear…

  15. No three releases. Two releases. Diablo III and Mists of Pandaria. SC2 expansion won’t be released till some time in 2013.

    • HotS has been in development a good deal longer than MoP. If anything it will come out between D3 and MoP considering they seem to like to let the final content patches of their WoW expansions sit around for a long-ass time…

  16. Maybe this will give them time to hold it in Vegas like a civilized convention. I grew up in Los Angeles, and Irvine is some of the worst Orange County stereotypes personified.

  17. Who cares! I only was interested in Blizzcon for the Diablo 3 coverage. If Diablo 3 is coming this year no need watch a nerd convention….errrrrr… I mean a loyal fan pass event called Blizzcon

  18. This really sucks, I love BlizzCon.  Probably for the best though, Blizzard’s development cycle is so slow that an annual BlizzCon isn’t really warranted.

  19. Worst case scenario: Diablo 3 isn’t released this year and with no Blizzcon, Blizzard doesn’t have to make excuses about the game delayed again. They can just go in “silent/don’t care about fans” mode during this entire year. :mrgreen:

  20. Honestly people…some of you REALLY think that D3 will be released in late 2012, or even Holiday 2012!?!
    Do you truly believe Blizzard is going to have a 1-year beta test? When have they EVER done that, or most developers in general?

  21. How am I going to waste the 2nd Saturday in May furiously hitting my send key and not getting tickets this year? Way to ruin my pre-summer rituals, Blizzard. 😀

    • No… it = you being a moron who doesn’t listen when Blizz repeatedly says that they have no intention of ever encouraging Diablo 3 arenas to become an esport…

  22. 2013 Blizzcon – possibly announce D3 xpac, final SC2 xpac, and Titan? If so, that’d be a ginormous event!

  23. Blizzard delaying something for a year?  NO WAY!
    Don’t worry, they’re trying to release the best Blizzcon they can!  Designers are looking at the booth system and other balancing issues.  Internal testing will begin soon.  BTW, the 2013 date isn’t set in stone.  It’ll be released when it’s perfect…

  24. Somewhat disappointed, but ultimately I’m not bothered by it. Once I have D3 in hand, I’m good. I wont really care about BlizzCon until they have the first news for D3’s first expansion, which by 2013 I suspect we will hear something about it. I’m just happy they are entirely focused on the game releases. That is what is most important.

  25. Keep in mind there was no blizzcon in 2006 either, so they’re not breaking any precedent by taking another year off; it’s never been a strictly annual event.

    A while back someone (maybe Pardo) said that they wouldn’t be ready to announce Titan until *at least* 2012. I guess they aren’t ready this year after all.

  26. Does this mean no panda-murloc pet?

    Yeah it’s interesting how it seems that they skip years that end in multiples of 6 so maybe we will not have one in 2018 either…

    I’m wondering if they decided not to do one this year because all of their 2012 releases would have happened by the usual time (the end of October). I guess this means they will be announcing something for every franchise at Blizzcon 2013… Should be at least the first D3 expansion, LotV, whatever WoW expac comes after MoP, and probably Titan as well…

  27. Anyone mention that this is a major bummer for anyone planning to be in the Blizzcon costume contest in 2012??  I realize that this is enough notice for most of those interested in creating a costume for the event not to be inconvenienced, but I remember that guy who made the badass Diablo costume already and I feel for him a little today…

  28. Thats what I think happened:
    Mike Morhaime (Co-Founder of Blizzard Entertainment) asking the Senior Designer: “So… what’s up with it?”
    Senior Designer: “Well, you know how it works… it’s done……. when it’s…”
    Mike: “F… off !!!”
    Senior Designer: “Fair enough… the completion is nearing!”
    Mike: “When is the future not nearing, except in a time machine?”
    Senior Designer: “Thats a good point! Point taken… I’m sure that we will go gold in maybe 1 or maybe… 2 years maximum! If it’s done of course!”
    Mike: “WHAT THE… FRAKHURRRMAAJHARMAAA??? You didn’t mind to tell me that, BEFORE we actually announced it for first quarter 2012, didn’t you?”
    Senior Designer: “Well, it was almost done…I mean it was near complet…”
    Mike: “NOOO! THIS IS DIABLO THREE, and you are DONE!”

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