Lots of Blue posts and tweets shedding light on the changes coming to Item Sets. First up, a series of big Blue posts about which slots the new set pieces will occupy, and how the current sets are changing were added to the original Focused Feedback thread. Blizzard on the Item Set Changes Debate:

    There’s a few changes coming down the pipeline for the next PTR patch that we thought you should know in case you would like to take it into account when providing your feedback:

    The following sets will be gaining a 7th piece of the set to make acquiring the 6-piece bonuses comparable to newer sets that don’t include weapons or jewelry slots. This is in addition to the pieces that have already been added in 2.2.0.

  • Immortal King’s Call – Legs
  • Inna’s Mantray – Hands
  • Natalya’s Vengeance – Hands
  • Tal Rasha’s Elements – Hands
  • Zunimassa’s Haunt – Legs
  • There’s a number of other changes coming to various sets and legendaries that are meant as complimentary to sets, but I want to avoid this post getting too patch-note-esque. We’ll be thoroughly updating the PTR Patch Notes when the next patch comes around, so please check them out once they’re available!

    Those changes are on top of the sixth pieces most of those sets had added in the last PTR patch, so all of those sets now have 7 items, of which you must wear 2, 4, or 6 (in most cases) to get the special bonuses. (Or one less if you’ve got a RoRG.)

    Additional Blue posts explained why shoulders were not the new slot, and why they want gearing complexity and trade offs. Click through for those, plus a number of additional explanation Tweets from the dev team. And some heated Demon Hunter debate, since I think their current direction with the Unhallowed Essence set is making it irrelevant and a big waste of potential.

    Nevalistis: We decided against adding shoulders as one of the new pieces while expanding the older sets to 7 pieces. One of the reasons is because many builds do not currently have a game-changing legendary in their shoulder slot. Of course, this is exactly why people want the new set to be a shoulder item – it would make for a very easy choice. However, we want there to be some contention between your gear choices, which is why we’re looking more at slots like gloves, rings, and bracers. We are deliberately trying to create more difficult item choices while leaving some flexibility during the gear-up process.

    New Natalya's set pants.

    New Natalya’s set pants.

    In the future, we’d like to provide more shoulder options that are strong and compelling for all classes, much like Vile Ward for Barbarian as many of you have mentioned. In a similar way Patch 2.2.0 has seen a heavy focus on powerful rings, we’d like to get some powerful shoulder pieces out there in the future.

    Secondly, as many of you have noticed, some of these new set pieces compete with new items we added in 2.2.0. Items that have this conflict have been shifted around, including the Immortal King’s pants becoming bracers, the Zunimassa’s pants becoming a belt, and the Natalya’s moving from gloves to belt.

    All that said, let’s keep this thread focused on your set feedback rather than upcoming changes. 🙂

    So Zuni gets pants that directly conflict with the new Zuni pants that are not actually part of the set. Can’t win for losing -_-
    Before we get off track – try not to take the above change in a vacuum. As mentioned, there’s a lot of other changes coming, I just don’t have the ability to list them all right here, right now (I’d essentially be writing the patch notes, which is already being worked on by one of my colleagues).

    Rather than focusing on just this change, treat it as additional information when considering your feedback.

    Thanks, but how does changing the “Zuni pants” aka Cloth of Transcendence help at all when the piece that was added to Zuni were gloves?
    Zunimassa’s has both gloves (currently available) and new pants (coming next PTR patch).

    Is the cloth of transendence (pants) moving to belt, or is the new set piece going to be the belt?
    My apologies, it often gets me all confused too because of the way we refer to things internally. I’ll try to say this as directly as possible, using Zunimassa’s as an example:

    Compared to how it currently exists in Patch 2.1.2 on live, Zunimassa’s Haunt is gaining two new pieces to the set that occupy the Gloves and Legs slots. In addition, the complimentary legendary pants we added in the first 2.2.0 PTR patch are being changed to be a belt instead. Similar changes are happening for both Natalya’s and Immortal King’s.

    I hope that’s clearer!

    So… Does this mean we can mix and match better in the future or that we’re going to be required to wear more pieces of the set to get bonuses?
    The amount of items needed to activate set bonuses is not changing. Providing more options to mix and match is the intent. 🙂

    John Yang’s been adding explanations 140 characters at a time, and here’s a compilation of those from the past day:

    Jade Harvester will get new 2pc/4pc bonuses and a new complementary item to make up for the Immunity changes that affect Spirit Walk. —JohnYang

    Solution isn’t to prevent Kridershot from working with Unhallowed Set, it’s

    out of curiosity whats the reason behind the focus around multishot for the set? –conark

    Re: Unhallowed Set+Kridershot+Multishot. Yes, we want MS used. No, I don’t want to do that by removing Kridershot from working w/ set. —JohnYang

    New DH Set

    Unhallowed Essence Item Set

    The issue with Unhallowed Essences is the huge buff to damage only applies to Generators and Multishot… unless you’ve got a Kridershot or Spines of Seething Hatred, since those items change Elemental Arrow and Chakram into generators, and thus make them eligible for the huge damage boost from the six piece Unhallowed Essence buff. (This makes an Ancient Kridershot BiSable, since all your Lightning Balls or Frost Arrows enjoy a huge +500% or more damage from the six-piece, while you are building Discipline, and also keeping full your Hatred which can be spent in an orgy of Multishot.)

    Months ago when this Unhallowed Essence set was first being developed, a Demon Hunter build that made Multishot powerful (as a direct attack, not just something for Sentries to fire) was really needed, since that was the initial version of Marauder’s Set, when the Sentries did all the damage and the Demon Hunter stood around the corner, doing nothing but avoiding Mortars and Arcane beam while recasting Sentry every ~8 seconds.

    That’s no longer the case, since the Patch 2.1.0 rebuild of Marauder’s made it much more fun and much more active. The most powerful builds with that set use Cluster Arrow, cold or fire, but Multishot Fire works very well with it as well. As a result the Unhallowed Essence set doesn’t really offer anything new in gameplay. I tested the set with multiple skills and builds on the PTR, and MS with Unhallowed feels very similar to MS with Marauder’s. The only real diff is that one buffs the DH’s damage with active Sentries while the other buffs it with high Discipline.

    As it stands, Unhallowed isn’t big enough damage at the high end to replace Marauder’s, and with equivalent gear I could do several GRs higher with Marauder’s than with Unhallowed. In fact, the best use I found for Unhallowed on the PTR was to make a very fast and fun T6 farming build. It’s better than Marauder’s for that since there’s no damage wind up time on a new level, and since the infinite Discipline allows almost infinite Vaulting even without Danetta’s Xbows.

    I think Unhallowed is kind of a wasted set now, with all the emphasis on a Multishot skill that’s no longer useless, and that at a minimum, Rapid Fire and Strafe (and maybe Impale?) should be added to the skills that reap the big damage buff from the six piece bonus. Those wouldn’t make it better than Marauder’s, but at least they’d open up some new builds, and make those ignored skills more than capable of efficient farming on T6.

    Whether we can get Blizzard to agree to that is another issue, but I do expect to see some changes to Unhallowed while the PTR continues, since it’s not doing a whole lot that’s special at this point.

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