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    Blizzard have just informed the fans of their franchises that their first global writing contest is opened. Fans of any of their three franchises with some sort of writing skill are invited to Frostmourne sword a piece of fan fiction of 3000 to 10.000 words set in their favourite franchise, and the winner will get a trip to Blizzard’s headquarters in Irvine, California where he or she will be meeting the writers and staff behind the lore.

    Blizzard stated: “Whether you conjure stories in your free time or write for a living, you?re encouraged to participate. This contest is open to entrants from around the world, and will be judged by Blizzard Entertainment?s own writers and masters of lore.”

    The winner will not only get a trip and meal with the Blizzard lore staff, but will also take home a Frostmourne sword. Seven runners-up will receive prize packages consisting of signed copies of the Blizzard novels: Diablo Archive, Warcraft Archive, StarCraft Archive, and the Warcraft War of the Ancients Archive.

    Since the two other contests recently started by Blizzard, drawing Frostmourne sword and designing a Blizzard comics, were criticized by fans as they were only available for North American fans this contest is extra interesting for non-American fans as long as they can write in English. According to the rules, a few states in the United States, Canada and Australia are excluded from the contest, however. This is the third contest in a short time period, but the first to NOT include StarCraft 2 Beta keys as a prize.

    You can submit your entry here.

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