It’s always great when new art appears and David Ko, who was a Blizzard intern, posted some of his creations which are interesting in that he was busy creating images for a Diablo 3 Druid class this year.

    These images are of course not official in any way but his visions of a somewhat more beefy looking Druid compared to the Diablo 2 Druid are excellent.

    David also created images for the Crusader and Barbarian so he was creating art for classes that have already appeared in the game.

    There are also a couple of building picture for a Forge which are also great looking.

    You can check out all David’s Diablo 3 art on his blog, and remember, these are not official. Still, a Druid in Diablo 3 would be an interesting idea.

    Thanks Fmulder

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