Blizzard Intern Art Teases a Diablo 3 Druid

It’s always great when new art appears and David Ko, who was a Blizzard intern, posted some of his creations which are interesting in that he was busy creating images for a Diablo 3 Druid class this year.

These images are of course not official in any way but his visions of a somewhat more beefy looking Druid compared to the Diablo 2 Druid are excellent.

David also created images for the Crusader and Barbarian so he was creating art for classes that have already appeared in the game.

There are also a couple of building picture for a Forge which are also great looking.

You can check out all David’s Diablo 3 art on his blog, and remember, these are not official. Still, a Druid in Diablo 3 would be an interesting idea.

Thanks Fmulder


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  1. I desperately wanted the Druid to be the new class in RoS. This tease is cruel.

  2. I said it on the original forum thread, but I will say it again. I would love the druid to return. Especially this nicely done version of it. A shapeshifter would be quite awesome.

    Still at the same time, not going to let my hopes get up. Yet I will retain that kernel of hope inside. 🙂

  3. Second that. Intelligence based melee class seems the obvious choice for the next expansion. Shapeshifting Druid has the best resumé for the role. And, as you write, would be awesome!

  4. Not entirely unexpected, if true. We haven't really had any forest/jungle environment yet, so… Druid and Skovos isles in D3X2?

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