The past 48 hours has been hairy to say the least for anyone who creates videogame related videos and places them on Youtube. Now in full effect, Youtube has instigated a new policy which is threatening channels and copyright claims and third party content matches on videos are now flooding in.

    Youtube’s copyright policy has been sketchy at best and it desperately needed overhauling, but not in the way and to the extent we are seeing now. ¬†You can read more on that in Peter’s story on IncGamers today.

    This evening Blizzard sent out a message to any Youtube video creators that may be using their games in videos.

    If you’re a YouTuber and are receiving content matches with the new changes, please be sure to contest them so we can quickly approve them.

    We are working on a long term solution, but that is the quickest way to solve issues immediately.

    This is at least good news for anyone creating content with Blizzard games. Other publishers are also on the case but not all will be as helpful. The next few days will be interesting as some Youtubers depend on videogame content for their livelihood.

    Thanks IncGamers.

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