The Fansite Summit, which runs the day before Blizzcon, is in full swing and Flux and MedievalDragon are in attendance this year.  Flux sent along a picture of his reserved lunch table in the canteeen at Blizzard HQ, hopefully by 12:00 it was looking considerably more appetising than that.

    Going on last year it’s usually a buffet affair where convivial members of the dev team join the ‘delegates’ to mingle and munch.  It’s usually the only chance you get to talk to them without ripping your throat to shreds trying to be heard over thundering cinematics, yelling tourney comperes and thousands of gamers declaring in unison ‘awesome!’  I’m sure he’ll send back more photos once he’s finished mixing with the glitterati and they will be added to the Blizzcon 2009 Photo Gallery.

    Update: Actually, a few more pictures have come in now so check that gallery link above.

    Update #2: Flux posted a fair number of tweets to our twitter feed from the event. Click through to see them all, and some potentially bad news for new character info from Blizzcon.

    # Toured D3 offices @ bliz HQ. they hid the cool stuff as we moved through. 🙁 saw the monster wall! Lots of unrevealed stuff.

    # We were asked not to take any notes or reveal any of the secret stuffs. Saw lots of enviro concept art not yet released.

    # Saw 2O min D3 demo. Tons of new coolness. Eager for show to open tomorrow!

    # Having lunch with a bliz guy who read diabloii.net in high school. his goal was always to work @ bliz. Great success!

    # If i had to bet right now, i’d say no 4th char announcement this year. Hope i’m wrong. 🙁

    # Getting a twitter overview @ bliz. I had to tweet about it, of course

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