Blizzard Honoured at VGAs – No Most Anticipated Gong for Diablo 3

Blizzard were honoured at the VGAs tonight as Game Gods with the founders hopping up on stage to accept their well deserved award prior to introducing the cinematic. Well done Frank, Mike and Allan! Unfortuinately neither of them got tea-bagged by the soldier, now that I would have loved to have seen 😉

In case you didn’t know, Diablo 3 was actually up for an award, the Most Anticipated Game of 2012. Sadly it didn’t win and Mass Effect 3 picked up the honour this year. You can find the full list of winners on the main site along with other cool trailers from the event.

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    30 thoughts on “Blizzard Honoured at VGAs – No Most Anticipated Gong for Diablo 3

    1. alot of those seemed like they weren’t voted on by a population, just picked by a small group or even one guy.
      don’t get me wrong, batman arkham city is an awesome game, but did it really beat legend of zelda for best action/adventure game?

      and seriously mass effect 3 is more anticipated than diablo 3? we’ve been anticipating diablo 3 for like 3-4 years now.

      and was crysis 2 even considered for best graphics? I haven’t played uncharted 3, but crysis 2 had amazing detail, and when it came out it was branded “the best looking game on console”

      also I’m quite surprised MW3 didn’t get best multiplayer, not that it deserved it, but with its massive fan base.

      • “we’ve been anticipating diablo 3 for like 3-4 years now”

        key word = we 

        how many people today have played Mass Effect 1 and 2?
        now how many people today have played Diablo 1 and 2?

        Diablo 3 does not have the wide appeal that people here think it does

        • james you’re wrong, diablo 1 and diablo 2 are among the most popular computer games of all time. hell I’ve even seen a diablo 2 box on display in a fuckin mueseum!

          diablo 1 and two have had millions upon millions of more players over the years than mass effect
          mass effect also hasn’t been around as long and has NO multiplayer

          defeated. wanna try again?

          • “wanna try again?”


            which game won most anticipated of the year ?

            there, that was easy 

            “I’ve even seen a diablo 2 box on display in a ****in mueseum”
            that’s kinda the whole point 
            diablo 1 and 2 are over 10 years old 

            Archie Bunker’s chair is also in a museum and All in the Family is regarded as one of the funniest and most ground breaking tv comedies of all time

            does that mean people are highly anticipating a sequel of All in the Family ?

            nobody is anticipating a sequel to a 10 year old game

            “diablo 1 and two have had millions upon millions of more players over the years than mass effect”

            which means absolutely nothing today 

            “mass effect also hasn’t been around as long”

            which again is the whole point

            you’re trying to convince me that a sequel to 10 year old game is as popular as a sequel to a 4 year old game that won the following awards.

            Mass Effect’s showing at E3 2006 was well received and resulted in the game winning several awards during the expo, including the Game Critics Awards’ Best Role-Playing Game.

            One of the most recent and arguably more significant awards the game has been awarded the #1 spot on IGN’s list of “The Top 25 Xbox 360 games.

            Following its release, Mass Effect received numerous awards. During the Spike TV Awards, the game won “Best RPG.”
            GameTrailers awarded the game “Best RPG” and “Best New Game Franchise.”

            During its Reader’s Choice Awards, TeamXbox gave the game awards for “Best RPG” and “Best Story,” as well as its “Game of the Year” award.


            It really is no contest.
            D3 does NOT have the wide spread appeal you think it does.

      • Some source (maybe Bashiok twitter) said the show was prerecorded… so… in the show they were saying you could go vote on winners for some awards later in the show. If it was prerecorded, then you’re right, who knows who voted for what.
        I think the whole thing is just a big charade for publicity, although award recipients no doubt feel honored to receive their awards.

        • I half-watched, and it certainly seemed more concerned with comedy bits, musical performances, and game trailers than game awards. There was a package where they showed 5 second clips of various games that had won awards. Awards that seemed important enough to actually present on the show.
          Then again, Minecraft was the only game nominated for anything that I’ve played, so I’m not the target demo.

        • No… it was live… However the voting on different categories on the website was pointless for everything but the ones they let you vote on during the show (ie the NFL Blitz cover person, the best character, and most anticipated)… All the other ones were decided by Spikes own little group of judges just like many other awards shows… Who knows why they even bothered letting people vote on the different categories when it didn’t matter… They should’ve done a players’ choice award or something… 

      • Batman should have won GOTY even. Story, graphics, cast, combat system etc. 
        Skyrim is an awesome game but you end up wandering and ambling about the world. Batman has the complete package. We’ll see at the BAFTA’s. VGA’s is nothing more then a popularity contenst. See MW3.

    2. Eww mass effect 3.. But then again, what games are there in 2012 apart from D3 and ME3.. I can’t name any without looking

      • You should get mass effect 1 and 2 from steam and try them out. I can promise you, that after you played them, you want more. However, I don´t know why D3 didn´t win that award, since people have waited much longer for D3 than ME3.

        • again

          see my post above 

          WE’VE waited for D3
          no one else has

          the vast majority of gamers today are much more familiar with ME 1 and 2 than with D1 and 2

          it’s like the Twilight movies,
          they are the most anticipated movies, just not for us

            • no, I’m still correct

              if you’re 15 years old today then you were 5 years old when Diablo 2 came out.
              but if you’re 15 years old today you were 11 years old when Mass Effect came out. 

              so if you’re 15 years old today you’ve probably never played Diablo 1 or Diablo 2, but Mass Effect 1 was probably one of the first games you ever played.
              Yo sat there as a little kid for hours in front of your tv playing the game on your xbox.
              When Mass Effect 2 was announced you couldn’t wait to play it.
              And now that Mass Effect 3 is nearing release you’re excited for it.

              15 year olds today did not grow up on pc games or Diablo.

              Mass Effect was released on the xbox and the pc.
              The original and a sequel were released within the last 5 years.

              Why you would think a 10 year old pc only game is as popular as an award winning xbox, pc game released 5 years ago is beyond me.

    3. I know nothing of Mass Effect, but I looked on Wikipedia and Mass Effect 2 came out in January 2010. That was 3 months after Blizzard debuted the Monk.

      In other words, they made the entire Mass Effect 3 game in less time than it took Blizzard to make the Demon Hunter.

      • nah, they could have started much earlier… diablo 3 was also under contruction sinve 2004 (?), therefore I guess they didnt start it after me2 but more likely in 2009 or so … dunno ^^

        • Unlikely.  Flux has the right sentiment here.  The allowances made for the length of D3’s development cycle are unprecedented.  Much better (and more expensive to produce) games than Diablo are being made in a mere fraction of the time it’s taking Blizzard.  It’s their game, so they can take as long as they want to develop it.  Just don’t try to sell us a bill of goods about how you’re working hard at making tweaks and perfecting mechanics, etc.  At this point, there’s no way that is the reason for the leisurely schedule.  It’s more like the complacency, procrastination, and laziness bred from growing fat off WoW all these years that’s taking the developers so long.

          • I tend to agree. Blizzard is definitely guilty of some amount of dawdling. But there is something to be said for a production process that routinely churns out products that almost live up to their creators’ own hype. Bethesda is the perfect counterpoint. Each new Bethesda game is, more or less by definition, engaging, creative, and buggier than the buggiest thing ever. ahem-fallout-ahem…

    4. Stupid award show. Has very little to do with gaming – or companies deserving of an award. It’s just the same magazine idiots giving the same perfect scores to buggy releases just cause they’re on the payroll. Also: teabagging != funny.

    5. I bet Mass Effect 3 won’t have as many players as diablo 3 … but its only a jury that judges the games… and even they can fail 😛

    6. The voting was ip based. That means if some1 actually cared about that VGA shit he could make a bot that votes and changes ips through proxy. I voted a few times because i got dynamic ip. If i wanted i could have voted much more.

    7. I think it didn’t win because it is getting to be such a long wait that people are saying “sigh… who cares? Will it ever even come out..”

      At least that is how I feel. When I think about ME3, it will be a great game, and when it was announced I knew it wouldn’t be too terribly long before I would get my hands on it. It was still a long enough wait to get the anticipation up though… just not so long as to incite my “Ok… I’m tired of waiting” gene 😛

      PS-I want my book of Cain delivered on Dec 15th Bli$$ard 🙁

    8. I want to dissect that Gamer God intro trailer, the one that seemed to have a lot of random clips from Heart of the Swarm and Diablo 3. I could’ve sworn they spoiled the D3 act I boss in that trailer…

      • How is that? By playing a clip of a voice from a previous game?

        I was kind of annoyed at the games they listed in the Gamer God trailer… they showed Diablo 1, 2, and 3 yes but then they jumped from Starcraft 1 to HotS and didn’t even acknowledge the first 3 Warcrafts… just WoW and all of it’s expansions… 😕

    9. A point was made elsewhere and I can’t disagree with it: If D3 were a cross-platform title (well, at time of release anyways), then it would have had a much better chance to win most anticipated game.
      With pretty much zero likelihood of getting votes from gamers who are strictly-console, it was S.O.L. from the get-go.

    10. It’s a shame D3 didn’t get the award, but they probably tend to give it to games which are likely to be, you know, released.

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