Blizzard Holiday Fun Images

Blizzard has released two new pieces of art to celebrate the holiday season. The first is by Samwise and it features characters from all of Blizzard’s franchises in a rock concert scene with Diablo on drums. The other picture is by DiabloWikiTrent Kaniuga and it’s a great homage to the classic sled scene from How The Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon, featuring the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor and a DiabloWikiMongrel in the starring roles.

Who though, will they be stealing Christmas from? Tristram already seems pretty short on Holiday Cheer.

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  1. Did you guys see this yet:
    Flux needs to confirm this with someone that was at Blizz at the time…

    • This is so easy to dismiss, since he has no pic of himself with the statue. In fact, I could print a letter, have a kid hold it, and say it was me, then post some pics of other Blizzard office goodies. I’M DECKARD TOO!
      Seriously though, I see the image posted just 10 hours ago has 77k+ views. A confirmation wouldn’t hurt!
      Oh, maybe I’m going a little too tinfoil-hattish here, but… its interesting this “info” (true or not) is hitting the internet so close to the (hopeful) beta invite ramp-up, and soon™ release.

  2. How badass would that Protoss bass be in REAL LIFE? They should commission some pro luthier to make one.
    Man that would be killer!

  3. I didn’t even notice that they made a second card lol

    The WD one is very nice.

  4. flux, dont you know, theyre called zombie dogs now. we wouldnt want to confuse anybody now would we.

  5. They’re still mongrels to me. It baffles me they’d change the name… I guess Mongrel is just too much word for children and grandmas (I know, WTF?).

  6. @Flux: You sound like Phineas from phineas and ferb. :mrgreen:
    Delivery Guy: “Hey aren’t you a bit young to order all that?”
    Phineas: “Yes….Yes I am.”

  7. By the way, the Samwise one is up on as are the original full versions of the Diablo 3 box art and the Blizzcon 2011 Diablo piece.

  8. Why is there not a link to Blizz for these pics? This always puzzles me. Even if the images would work on the gallery, the gallery here is not the most user friendly and images are often low-res. That said, why aren’t more items properly linked to Blizz, like blue posts? Is it done inconvenient on purpose or are you simply searching for a good way to design it?

    • Not sure if trolling or serious.

      At any rate, Blizzard’s galleries are horrible, and often it’s impossible to link to individual images. Plus they change their script around every 6 months which breaks all the old links. And we’ve got this odd desire to boost the popularity and use of our own site.

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