Blizzard has revealed the winners of their first annual World of Warcraft Blizzard Holiday Card Contest. The cards are presented with jpg samples and .pdf full versions, so you can download them suitable for printing and using in your real life. Though given the date, you’d better be planning to hand deliver them, at this point.

    Cool contest concept and format aside, the winners are fairly meh, even aside from the “I hope you like elves” aspect of every single winner and honorable mention being Warcraft themed. Our gallery hosts dozens of pieces of Diablo fan art that would have done as well, or better, than the stuff on these cards, and since I don’t think Blizzard has some evil scheme to only promote WoW via their contests, I can only assume that no one submitted anything good with a Diablo or Starcraft design. I know I didn’t, so blame to go around, but let’s see if we can’t do better next year?

    A few of the winners are thumbed below. Visit the contest page to see these and many others in downloadable format.


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