Every year Blizzard basically goes dark from mid-December into early January, as the devs and most of the support staff (including Community Managers) take a couple/few weeks off. This is usually pretty obvious from Blue Trackers, and fans deal with the vacay issue in various ways. Sometimes with discontent:

    Where are the Blizz posts, or already on holidays? For days there was no Blue post, neither on US or EU forum. Are they preparing something big or they already started going to holidays and there will be no more changes on the PTR? So what is now PTR will be 2.1.2?

    Well, tomorrow is, “Play it your way coming”, so somebody still works.
    Vaneras: The holiday season is upon us sure, but even though we may not be posting much right now, we are still around reading the forums and looking for feedback 🙂

    As the OP said and we newsed yesterday, the Play it Your Way livestream is coming up tomorrow, with John Yang available to provide good answers to juicy questions. And if they’re not asked, I shall smite Neinball most vigorously when next he joins the Diablo Podcast.

    What do you guys think? Should the Blizzard devs and CMs be permitted some vacation time each year? Or should they be required to work 24/7/365 and provide us with amusement and diversion every day of the year, just like those poor damned souls who toil on fansites? *cough*

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