I meant to post this last week, but there was a problem with the images, so it got delayed and forgotten. But since baking is timeless, and the news is slow, here’s the post at last!

    Blizzard has posted the winners of their annual bake-off, and if you wanted to see Murlocs and Deathwings and stuff in cake form, you’re in luck. They’ve included a short quote from each of the winners about their culinary creations, and I can well imagine the time these things took to create.

    I don’t see anything Diablo-themed in the winners or honorable mentions, but perhaps we should take that as a point of pride? Sanctuary is not a sweet place. One does not just frost into Mordor the Burning Hells!

    Pics of the five winners below, all of which will be a lot more interesting (I assume) if you play WoW. They’re all in a new folder in the Contests gallery, which has various other stuffs you might find of interest.


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