Blizzard Hits With First Official Ban Wave

As we reported yesterday Blizzard was on their way to hit cheaters with the banhammer. And now they have struck, we are yet to see how many players got hit. There will be people complaining in the official forums, that they got banned and swear they did not do anything wrong but it’ll be hard to judge from that the extent of the bannings.

From some reports it looks they did not hit with a massive hammer, as some programmess used by some farmers were not affected with this ban. If it is their security programme DiabloWikiWarden that can not detect them or they are waiting we do not know yet but we will keep you updated with more information as it surfaces.

We recently issued a round of account suspensions and bans to several thousand Diablo® III players who were in violation of the® Terms of Use for cheating and/or using botting or hacking programs while playing. In addition to undermining the spirit of fair play that’s essential to everyone’s enjoyment of the game, botting, hacking, and other such exploitive behavior can contribute to stability and performance issues with the service. As always, maintaining a stable, safe, and fun online-gaming experience for legitimate players is a top priority for us, and we’ll be continuing to keep watch on and take action as needed.
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    34 thoughts on “Blizzard Hits With First Official Ban Wave

    1. Forget ban “waves”. They should hire a few Irvine-area college interns that quickly ban players under a very specific set of circumstances, i.e., whatever the identifying pattern is for bots.

      A bot shouldn’t be able to run for 14 days and then finally get booted. Perhaps they were just getting their ducks in a row for the first official banning.

      • I concur.

        This falls along the line of a comment I put in another thread: Every time I see something Blizzard is doing that is awesome, another monumental /facepalm moment follows.

        I’m really glad they are they are doing something, I just really hope that this continues, rather than going in month or longer increments. If they only ban once a month or so, it really defeats the purpose.

      • They do it in waves because the longer a bot is out, the more people use it, and the easier it is to identify accurately and automatically. You seem to be suggesting that “a few” people actually manually sort through the information and ban on a case-by-case basis… and not only that, but do it every few days rather than every few weeks. I don’t believe this is feasible.

        • I believe they should ban people for the smallest offense at the first sight of it. I don’t find it ‘feasable’ to only ban people who are third time, or 11th time offenders or maybe even notorious at it. There are people who payed money to play this game you know.

      • Yeah, ban every few days so it’s easier for the botmakers to find out how to work around the system. Great idea. You can go back to your bot now..

    2. Very good keep it up, now hire volunteers to moderate the chat channels and i’m happy.

    3. If they only banned several thousand, it sounds like Botters – Warden score is currently 1-0

      • So Blizzard bans botters but still loses? Seems like a no win situation from the fan base. If I were Blizzard I think I would flip you the bird right about now. Yeah that’s exactly what I would do.

      • It gives me hope that these bans have occurred, hope that warden if functional.

        But several issues keep me weary: The spammers that were/are allowed to continue as they are. Also the entire realm rollback that just occurred.

        That sounds like Warden 1-2 to me.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that the ban hammer has indeed fallen. But at this point I’m operating under a fooled me once attitude.

        Blizzard needs to prove they can control the issue by continuing to do so, rather than once in a while issuing a few bans.

        • Fooled you once? Blizzard needs to prove itself? I understand what you are saying but really what are you comparing Blizzard’s Diablo 3 handling with? Every single game that I have ever played has issues with 1. Hacks 2. Botters 3. Service issues (ESPECIALLY in the first few months of its release). Surely you aren’t comparing it to “oh so grand golden age diablo 3 can never equal it” Diablo 2. That game was so rampant with hacks, bots and downtime that they just left the entire game on it’s own til years into an established hack, dupe, bot community and decided to “rust storm” all the bs gear away. Counterstrike, Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 2, League of Legends, any Westwood game, WoW, EVE, Warhammer Age of Reckoning, Any of the Halos, POKEMON!, Guild Wars, Day of Defeat, Navyfield, Continuum, Might and Magic 6, Magic Online, World of Tanks, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…. All of these games have suffered from ALL of these problems before to the extent or more so than Diablo 3. I don’t understand this attitude of expecting perfection. Sure it would be nice but it is simply unattainable and furthermore I don’t know about you but my experience and those of everyone that I play with has not been affected by these hacks or bots. It’s like a witch hunt for something that has, is and will continue to happen as long as games have communities online.

          • Yes compare D3 to Counter strike with dedicated servers, LAN and open client. I bet those poor CS players have to endure weekly maintenance. It applies to CS and half the games on your “list”. Stop talking out of ass please.

            Most of these games while having “hacks” “bots” enabled you to have LAN, modding, client console which gave you full power to use engine to customize. etc. so it was more or less fair trade.

            D3 offers you nothing it restricts you to online only while not giving anything in return, and happens to have bots, hacks “etc etc etc etc”
            Seems like Blizzard already giving us a subpar product, online only is only equal/superior to open client when it provides something that open client cannot, so far it does not. Spammers rampage on chat, bots farm, same as D2 which was not based on Online Only architecture, which begs a question why only 1 side of deal is met while the second is still “in work”.

            Customer standards took a dive i see, such procedure would be never acceptable few years ago.

    4. Ideally every one of these accounts that have been banned will have their IP address range flagged at this point, if anything remotely suspicious occurs further action can be taken immediately.

    5. You can ban the accounts but not the botters themselves lol.

      Good PR maybe, but the underlying problems remain. Botters will continue to use compromised/new accounts and new botting techniques. They will adapt.

      Broken economy is broken and will get worse with release of RMAHgeddon (massive inflation incoming).

      • perhaps with Blizzard’s massive-money-machine known as the rmah, there will be enough funds to combat bots, fix the economy, and give us all fun miniature American flags at the end of the day.

        It’s going to be tough for them to pull off, but they have taken a huge risk with even moving forward with the rmah, so screwing up for them is (hopefully) not an option.

      • Like i predicted 2 days ago: bans incoming and the RMAH cash out will be used to stop the gold sellers cold.

        So silly if people think they can out smart a full server controlled game.

        Those who escaped will not be able to cash out massive amounts of gold due to the severe cash out controls that will take … 3 days before Blizzard approves the transaction to PayPal.

        And even then Paypal can block the money for another 21 days…

        It must be a real pain in the ass to sit on multi millions of botting gold and then be unable to cash out because Blizzard stopped the cash out procedure after consulting the SQL server transaction tables….

        ‘) blizzard will always win this one. THEY control the cash out keys … 🙂

    6. I was just reading a thread on a different site (has the word ‘core’ in the name) – a botter that got banned yesterday made a comment that I found amusing. He said something to the effect of thank goodness he had already emptied most of the gold out of the account. There was a tiny amount still left (wait for it…), only about 30 million.

      He also claimed he was only using some AutoIt scripts for the AH, no actual botting software.

      • yeah, botters skim their gold out of the botting accounts into “clean” accounts

        just because accounts were banned =/= gold already farmed removed from economy

        there is a HUGE amount gold waiting to hit the RMAHgeddon once it launches

        • NCSoft games (Lineage 2 and Aion) often ban accounts based on tracking flagged gold. If you get one account blocked, you easily lose all other accounts that you passed the gold into. I had a friend get accidentally banned in Aion for having some flagged gold pass through his account by pure chance (he was acquitted later). There’s still botting in those games but it usually happens in bursts because you lose everything remotely associated down to your twink’s cousin twice removed. I wonder if Blizzard does any similar tracking.

          • but did that game have an AH that basically allows you to “launder” the botted gold?

            “clean” account A lists garbage item for 1,000,000
            “bot” account B buys it for 1,000,000

            rinse and repeat

            • Yep, AH exists in those games too, along with all sorts of laundering schemes. If you make a game these days without sophisticated tracking of gold and items you’re doing it wrong. I’m not 100% sure Blizzard took it seriously enough, seeing how 1. they tried to simplify everything and 2. the development was rushed to get the game out. This could be something they have on their someday wishlist.

    7. fine with me! less nonsense, less congestion and Blizz gets extra money from ppl re-buying the game so they can continue working on it =)

    8. Surprised blizzard doesn’t have gold tracing tools. So if someone is flagged as a botter then they can trace the botted gold from that account to others and remove the gold.

    9. Just an fyi, I’m looking at one of the more well known hacking sites and it’s looking like the botting platform that was reported on during the beta has likely not resulted in bans.

    10. I’m guessing that tons of botters and hackers that get banned obviously won’t admit to it. I imagine it’s far more likely that any posted response from such individuals would be to spread false propoganda, claiming that the bans either didn’t hit them and therefore weren’t effective and thus attempt to diminish Blizzard’s credibility by implying they have impotent security measures, OR they’ll post as fake accounts claiming they got banned when they didn’t do anything wrong and attempt to reduce Blizzard’s credibility by portraying their security measures as irresponsible. Either way, I doubt anyone will be able to get a truly accurate picture of the situation from what folks post online.

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