Blizzard Hiring Hackers

DiabloWiki@Diablo‘s been dead for a couple of weeks, aside from retweeting a couple of Blizzard Jobs notices. Those weren’t worth a news post here, but there is a more interesting job opening at Blizzard, these days, which Glass pointed us to via the Diablo 3 forum:

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented and enthusiastic engineer to join our hacks team in Irvine, California. As a member of the hacks team, you will bring your reversing and debugging skills to the table to help ensure the integrity of Blizzard Entertainment’s games. You will be contributing to the development of the Warden anti-cheat system, as well as other security and game integrity related projects.


  • An intense desire to make life tough for the bad guys
  • Strong C++ and fundamental computer science programming skills
  • Strong reverse engineering skills
  • Familiar with disassembly tools, such as OllyDbg
  • Low level API knowledge for Windows / Mac
  • Strong knowledge of malware design and mitigation
  • Networking experience in TCP and UDP protocols
  • Knowledge of network and server security issues
  • Experience with network analysis using tcpdump / wireshark
  • Security considerations (encryption, denial of service) experience
  • Expertise with exploitation or prevention of software vulnerabilities
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent


  • Experience as a L337 hacker

I don’t have much to add to this that wasn’t already said in the forum thread. Obviously Blizzard needs to protect against hackers, to safeguard our private info, our game characters, and their corporate profits. And since hackers are the people who know how to hack, they’re the best ones to patch security holes. White hats vs. Black hats, battling for the highest stakes!  It’s so dramatic. Someone should make a video game about it.

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    well im none of them – and iam really curious to see who is into this kind of “humor”

    all kinds of comments appreciated …
    aside from that how comes you have such a blatant talent for misunderstanding Bashiok Bluepost – i mean if you regard them in context with there question they are pretty clear to me …

    i digged up an older post … to exactly that topic

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