Most fans are excited about the Paragon 2.0 system coming soon™ to Diablo 3 and soon™ after that to the Diablo 3 Expansion. There are some Paragon 2.0 complaints though, centered on the way our current character experience will be folded into the new, account-wide Sharagon system. Two of them voiced on the Battle.net forums today are worth comment

    The new Paragon 2.0 will add the total paragon levels of all your characters. Well that’s great and all and I love this idea. But if you have 5 characters with an average of 50 paragon levels on each that will make your account paragon level 250. On the other hand, a player with 1 character with paragon level 100 will have an account paragon level of 100.

    Is that fair? If I enjoy playing 1 or 2 characters I’ll suffer and be not ready for the expansion vs. someone who has 5 characters and end up being higher paragon account than me who played more and went through a lot to get to paragon 100. You call this justice?

    Something has to be done that will make sure both type of players are rewarded equally. One idea I had was upon installing the expansion, we get a message saying “you have been given xxx paragon levels” if you only had 1 character with level 100 with tons of hours. These levels need to match the same player that had 5 characters at paragon level 50 each. This way when both players are ON and start playing the expansion, both are level 250 and even.
    Grimiku: When the time comes we will be converting your total Paragon experience into the Paragon 2.0 system, as opposed to a direct level to level transfer. However, there are a lot of details about the transition that still need to be finalized before we’re ready to talk about them all. We definitely plan on talking more about it in the future, so keep an eye out for those updates.

    The real irony is that the OP was half-correct, entirely by accident. Look at the mega table on the Paragon page in the wiki: P50 requires 2.1 billion experience. P100 requires 10.4 billion experience. Thus five Paragon 50s are actually quite close in total exp to one Paragon 100, though obviously very far from the Paragon 250 the OP suggests. (Not that there’s any reason to expect the Paragon 2.0 Sharagon exp amounts to equal the current Paragon level exp requirements.)

    The actual halfway point from P1 to P100 comes around P78.5, with 5.2 billion experience in the bag. It’s fun to figure other approximations, too: it takes ten 10 Paragon 33s to equal the exp of one P100, and the exp to go from 90-100 is roughly equal to the exp required to go from P1 to P60. That last is something I’ve been thinking about lately, since my Monk just hit P90 and I’m kind of bored of grinding the same build and am thinking about playing some other classes for variety. Especially when I consider that I could build another char to P60, or 5 chars to P33, for the same exp it would take to get the Monk from P90 to P100!

    The next petitioner knows how the system works, but he’s unhappy that any killing done by a P100 character won’t count towards the Sharagon total. Click through for his complaint, a cut-n-paste Blue reply, offer your opinion as to whether it’s a legit complaint, given how easily it can be worked around.

    Assuming Lylirra’s post is true that means people like myself (and Moldran) get screwed for not blindly leveling characters to 60 (plus paragon). To be honest i have no interest in leveling other characters I’m not interested. I think we should just start at whatever paragon level is our highest, rather than combined across characters.

    That or we can base it off how many monsters and elites we’ve killed on our account rather than actual experience ( at least at first ). IDK. I really don’t wanna re-roll new chars.

    Grimiku: We plan on sharing more information in the coming weeks about Paragon 2.0, but not everything about it has been finalized. We’ll make sure that everyone’s concerns are brought up, though, and we’ll let you know more about how experience will transfer from the current system as soon as we’re able to.

    So what about this issue? I’d imagine it’s a technical issue; the code was written so that P100 characters simply don’t gain exp, so it would require some kind of hotfix to keep count past P100, purely to accommodate the few players who keep playing their P100s. I imagine the programmers are busy on larger projects for D3X, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also, there’s quite an easy work around; just reroll the same class and pass all your P100’s gear down to the new char at level 60. They’ll lose some stats and MF/GF, but with the gear of a P100 they can surely level up quite quickly, and keep your exp rolling.

    Is that a perfect solution? No, but it’s not exactly torture upon the tiny % of players so afflicted.

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