Blizzard on Greater Rift Difficulty and Rewards

Blizzard on Greater Rift Difficulty and Rewards

Some useful info from Blizzard on Greater Rift Difficulty and Rewards. The first comes from Wyatt Cheng, following up his Monk Exploding Palm GR100 reply:

I was wandering, what are the rewards of doing harder tier rifts?, better xp? gold? more leg chance? better leg gems?. Let say I reach level ~30, I think it would be possible with my pet doc, what should I expect in terms of reward then?. Legendary rain?.

Wyatt Cheng: The reward scheme for Greater Rifts is still under heavy iteration at this time. We are primarily concerned with the gameplay mechanics: acquiring a key, progressing through the rifts, difficulty tuning, multiplayer dyanmics, etc.

The reward needs to be proportional to the effort and time invested. With the mechanics of Rifts changing this is a moving target. In the next PTR patch you’ll see more of the Legendary Gem reward mechanics implemented. The PTR patch after that we’ll start dialing in the reward structure.

Please feel free to give feedback on what you see, but please know we are aware that the reward is off right now. Our goal is for Greater Rifts to be absolutely worth doing, and you should always be trying to clearly quickly towards the highest tiered rift you are capable of – but we’re not there yet.

Typical Greater Rift Guardian drop.
Typical Greater Rift Guardian drop.
Currently the reward doesn’t seem to increase at all on higher level Rifts. My experience playing them and watching vids of others is that usually the DiabloWikiGRG pops 1 or 2 legs and an assorted mess of other stuff on all difficulties. Thus making high level rifts much less rewarding (in terms of items) than doing normal rifts on a higher Torment level. GRs deal much higher exp, though.

Incidentally, though the GR difficulty isn’t tied to your game when you enter the GR, all GRs can drop Torment-only gear. As I pointed out in a GR general info forum thread, I got Akkhan’s gloves from the GRG on my first level 1 rift, which is equivalent to Normal (or less) difficulty.

Speaking of Greater Rift difficulty: 6 is equivalent to what level in G.rift? I know lvl 28 is harder than T6, but I am not sure the exact level where it hit the same difficulty as T6.

Nevalistis: There isn’t a direct correlation between Greater Rift difficulty and the usual difficulty modes. They are independent from one another, though you can make rough comparisons through your own experimentation.

However, we do plan on tweaking the difficulty scaling in the next PTR patch, so you may find those lines different from what you’re experiencing now and perhaps a bit easier to draw. We really appreciate the feedback we’ve received on Greater Rifts so far, and we look forward to seeing your thoughts in the next PTR patch!

Our DiabloWikiGreater Rifts article is massive and info-dense, and while Nevalistis is correct in that difficulties can not be directly equated, we’ve approximated a fairly precise scale based on player testing. (Until the next PTR patch changes it all, of course.)

  • Greater Rift Level 1 = Normal
  • Greater Rift Level 3 = Hard
  • Greater Rift Level 4 = Expert
  • Greater Rift Level 6 = Master
  • Greater Rift Level 8 = Torment 1
  • Greater Rift Level 11 = Torment 2
  • Greater Rift Level 15 = Torment 3
  • Greater Rift Level 18 = Torment 4
  • Greater Rift Level 21 = Torment 5
  • Greater Rift Level 25 = Torment 6
  • Those are just estimates, of course, since things differ so much from GR to GR. There’s at least a level or two of +/- of variance. You might well get a level 20 that feels easier than 19 or 18 did, depending on the spawn. I’ve seen video of players barely scraping through a level 23, and then finishing 24 with 6 minutes to spare when they got easier enemies with higher density. Expect variety, which is no doubt Blizzard’s goal. RNG in all things.

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    7 thoughts on “Blizzard on Greater Rift Difficulty and Rewards

      • I'm excited if it brings variety to the gameplay, rewards are increased and the experience gain is larger. I'm P260 and I'm finding that gaining P levels has slowed down significantly since I can't play 12h a day and be geared for T6 to get that 1600% XP bonus. But I'd also like them to boost the other aspects of the game so that people can flip flop between different modes without being penalized and pidgeon-holed in playing one mode. They also need to fix bounties to be more rewarding with XP, not less since the moto was rifts = gear find, bounties = xp find and what did they do in PTR patch, reduce XP for bounties… And they need to fix bounties so that all events spawn with an equal % and all unique monsters too so that people doing achievements can eventually get them in bounties.

        I also wish that they would change the sec affix of N xp to N% xp which would be multiplcative just like gold find. Then people would have a choice of using items such as leoric's ring to boost their XP levels and get faster P levels. I don't care about the people that play 12h a day, already have 6 toons geared for T6 and will be paragon 2000 by the time I reach 800, they will just finish the game faster and be bored faster. And if they are so bored they can go play other games since they have plenty of time to do so.

      • Agreed. Rifts looked good initially, but in practice, they are the ultimate, no-brain spam-a-thon. Speed runs w/o loot, w/o chests, w/o anything other than monsters crammed on top of monsters, most of whom are pure gristle w/o any chance of challenging you, that's not an improvement. They need to stop thinking "random is always good, forever and ever." It actually makes the game blander b/c you need to gear/skill for every condition at all times. If you want a boss killer special spec, it doesn't matter b/c you still need to crush hordes of trash just to summon the Guardian in the first place. And you can't change your gear/skills to switch from total AOE to boss killer, even if you wanted to.

        Also, as the owner of Puzzle Ring, they need to fix the Goblin. Let him pick up Reusable Parts and skip white weapons and armor (so you can grind if you need them). But since A) you don't need Parts for enchanting, and B) the crafted gear still mostly sucks, the Parts look like bird guano strewn all about the Rift when you're done. It's almost hard to see the actual stuff you'd want to pick up in all of the garbage. Let the Gob pick it up (he'd need to pick up more, natch), and roll us something, even if it's just a Crystal.

    1. The more difficult the challenge the better the reward should be. That's a no-brainer.

    2. IF I had an issue, it would be that they just take forever to implement things. I know they want to keep a small team going to secure quality control. I get that. But, it forces them to move at a snails pace and they're just losing people by the boat loads every day.

      *I don't understand how this is still the only MMO that doesn't have storage space you can purchase. That one aspect of the game just makes so … it's just getting old.

      • “But, it forces them to move at a snails pace and they’re just losing people by the boat loads every day.”
        That’s the idea. Running servers 24/7 is not cheap, and they have no means of generating additional profit since AH closure. I wouldn’t mind micro transactions for cosmetic changes to skills, character or outfit to make up for that.

        “I don’t understand how this is still the only MMO that doesn’t have storage space you can purchase.”
        D3 is not an MMO. That’s for a start. Secondly, Buying additional space should also be possible as a micro transaction.

      • @adastra

        Programming is hard. Sorry. Updates come out as fast as they can come out. Rushing the creative process is the surest way to make crap.

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