Blizzard added a few more details to the thread about legendary item drop rates and changing goodie bag rewards that Xanth newsed up yesterday:

    What about the bug involved with opening caches in a higher difficulty?
    Nevalistis: This should have already been resolved. Changing difficulty should have no effect on the contents of a cache when it is opened. Contents are set when the Cache is acquired.

    Also one last question, the Legendaries that can be acquired by gambling… are they restricted by difficulty? Or can gambling not even produce a torment level Legendary?
    Need to double check on some info regarding this one. I’ll get back to you when I find out more. =)

    Legendary plans aside, and this is all anecdotal evidence from my experience and that of the 5-6 people I regularly play with, we get on average about 1 legendary item from 10 bounty bags. We farm 10 bags on normal or hard and then open them on T6. In contrast, we have farmed many hundreds of rift bags between us and we’ve seen a grand total of 1 legendary item drop from them.
    Nevalistis: I actually quite enjoy anecdotal evidence, because these kinds of situations lead credence to player experience, especially if multiple players are reporting similar results.

    If others have conducted similar experiments, I’d be very interested in hearing your results!

    Torment difficulty rewards.

    Torment difficulty rewards.

    A couple of details some people may not be aware of. There are higher quality legendary items that only drop on Torment+ difficulty. Also, Imperial gems (higher level than Marquise) may drop on Torment, along with the generally higher experience and gold and legendary drop rates.

    That last matches my experience, with legendaries found from Horadric Bags rewarded by Tyrael for completing all bounties in an act, but not from Horadric Bags rewarded for killing Nephalem Rift guardians. The previous update said they were removing goodie bag rewards for Nephalem Rift guardians and moving that loot explosion to the time/place of the Guardian’s death, which is cool, but they still need to up the legendary drop potential there, or Rifts will remain much less rewarding (though more varied and fun) than the quicker/easier Bounties.

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