Blizzard on Golden Chests and Blood Shard Gambling in Reaper of Souls. Includes additional blue posts on too-easy difficulty, sticking to Torment, and more.

    So I decided to make my first new character since 2.0, a Crusader, and have been relatively shocked at how easy they’ve made the game.

    Considering myself a bit of a Diablo veteran, I started on hard. Well this was pretty much a breeze, so I upped it to expert at level 10. By level 20 I had found a few good rares and 2 legendaries, so my damage went up pretty quickly. By level 25 I was already bored and ready for Master, where I still rarely die and clear quickly.

    So now at level 30 I’m already on the verge of Torment, is this a joke? When D3 first launched, I remember Nightmare being hard. Now I’m technically 2 steps ahead of it, at the same level, and it’s barely a challenge. Going into torment should be like going into inferno, but I doubt it’s even going to be close. I’ve basically made the game as hard as reasonably possible until I hit max level now, so there’s pretty much no difficulty progression left until 70.
    Nevalistis: The difficulty system now is very different from previous iterations, primarily because enemies now level along with you (where previously their levels were static across difficulty settings). While leveling, moving up to a higher difficulty should be a way for you to tailor what’s comfortable for you, and some players find the higher difficulties better suited to their style of play (or level of gear they’ve acquired).

    You’ll find the difficulties interact a little differently once you reach level cap, since monsters no longer get progressively harder as you gain Paragon levels. It’s likely that you’ll lower your difficulty as you get closer to cap. Once you reach 70, over time as you acquire more gear you’ll find yourself ascending through difficulties again. I know some of you are super pro and might be able to tackle harder difficulties from the get-go, but that just highlights what’s different about this new system – it’s much easier to tailor to your play style as well as level of skill and gear.

    It might be that the OP, like most softcore players, hasn’t rerolled since June 2012, but the game has long been quite easy below level 30. Or level 40. Or level 50. It depends on how twinked you are (and twinking is now easier than ever before, with the bigger gems and Paragon Points), but I’d go so far as to say Reaper of Souls isn’t *supposed* to be hard for a new character, at least not one played by someone who knows what they’re doing.

    These changes, especially the Loot 2.0 “early level candy for everyone” drop rates, have been made in response to overwhelming player demand. We wanted to find more legs and item upgrades early on, and we got it. We complained that it was boring to reroll and that we just wanted to get to 70 quickly, and we got it. (Well, it’s quick to 67ish, at least…)

    On the issue of difficulty, how about that 60-70 stretch? What difficulty did you choose, especially for your first character who had no 60+ twinks or big gems to use? Some players are trying to stick to Torment or higher, mostly for the lulz.

    Who else refused to lower difficulty for RoS?

    Me and my brother, despite continuing to use almost entirely level 60 gear (mostly pre-2.0 for me) decided to never leave torment for our playthrough of RoS. I’ll just say at level 69 its hell getting almost oneshotted by everything and taking at least two minutes and and two deaths to kill every champ pack. 😛
    Nevalistis: I’m currently leveling on Torment 2, and perhaps there will be a point I lower it to Torment 1. But my compatriots are doing the same and refusing to drop it any further. We all really enjoy the extra challenge.

    Might not be as doable on some of my other 60’s, as some of their gear wasn’t quite that great and they were only on Master to begin with, but for those who I spent a lot of time with? I’ve been finding it a pretty rewarding experience!

    I haven’t leveled any softcore chars from 60 to 70 in the Live RoS, but if/when I get around to that I might try this method. Just to see what it’s like. I imagine by lvl 67 or 68 it would get silly, as the OP suggests, but it’s such a wildly different approach from what me and everyone in Hardcore (for obvious reasons) did that I’m curious.

    How about those golden chests and their less-than-golden drops?

    Resplendent and Radiant Chests Need Buff

    Seriously wtf. These chests drop like 2 – 3 blue items and a couple hundred gold. WTF?!
    Nevalistis: We have previously discussed making Resplendent Chests a little more true to their name in the future, and while unfortunately it’s not something we can hotfix, we do plan to do this in an upcoming patch. 🙂

    I agree that they’re underwhelming, but they’re better than they were in the Beta, at least. Back then they were just suck — some gold stacks and usually a blue and a yellow item. Now they’re some gold stacks, a blue and a yellow item, and a Marquise gem or two! So basically here’s the math of special chests now: Suck + gems = Awesome!

    I hate to admit that it kind of works. For me, at least. At this point I’m so eager to upgrade my gems that every new Marquise I see is a delight. Thus I’m happy to find a golden chest since I know I’ll get at least a gem out of it!

    Long term though… I think the special chests should get the same thing I advocated for Rift Guardians during the beta; some small chance to drop a random DiabloWikiLegendary Material. Those are so hard to obtain (Aside from DiabloWikiGriswold’s Scribblings, DiabloWikiSymbol of the Guardian Brotherhood, and DiabloWikiAdventure’s Journals.) that any added drop rate would be awesome. Even a very tiny % of one.

    Question about Bloodshards

    When you use then to purchase a mystery item is it possible to get a class set item from them? Or only non-set legendaries?
    Grimiku: It’s possible to get a wide variety of Legendary items from giving your Bloodshards to Kadala, but class set items are not one of them. Those items have a chance to drop while in Torment, but even in that difficulty Kadala’s inventory doesn’t change.

    I have some additional information about the Legendary items Kadala can potentially offer, so let’s get to it (cause it’s good to know!). Previously I said it was possible to get a wide variety of Legendary items from Kadala, but what I have recently learned is that list actually includes all of the Legendaries currently in game except for the ones only found in Torment, and those only found in a Horadric Cache.

    Shards from a Rift Guardian.

    Shards from a Rift Guardian.

    I haven’t done much gambling yet, but a guy in clan chat last night broadcast his new gambled Set Ring (Yet another DiabloWikiinsta-soul from a DiabloWikiCompass Rose, of course.) and got incredulity from others. I’d thought that maybe Blizzard would increase the odds of gambling a legendary in Reaper of Souls since 1) you can’t gamble the good Torment-only legs, and 2) you earn Blood Shards much more slowly than we did in the Beta.

    Alas, others in chat said no way; that they’d gone through 500 or 1000 Shards so far without a single Leg. We talked about gambling on the last podcast, and it seems destined to be the same as it was in the Beta; really fun and valuable when you first get a char to 70, if you want to quickly kit them out in very good Rares, but not good for much beyond that.

    Not long after you hit 70 your char will be in all very good Rares, thanks to gambling, high drop rates, and Enchanting. And at that point you hit something of a plateau, where you find constant rares but never any that are more than like .1% better, and only that if you spend a few 100k to get a perfect roll on some enchant. At that point you really only care about finding legendaries, ideally the Torment-only ones, and gambling is horrible odds for any leg and zero odds for Torment+ legs… which means it’s kind of useless for well-geared chars.

    In the Beta we used to joke that Shards had a 500 max cap just to force you to use them at some point, since it was really annoying to dribble a stack of shards across the room when a Rift Guardian dropped them and you couldn’t pick them up. I’m nowhere near that level of gear or number of Shards yet in Live, but it doesn’t seem like the basic value equation has changed? Are you guys enjoying gambling, if only in this early stage of the game?

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