Blizzard Going Too Far With Real ID?

Paul Younger of has made an interesting opinion piece on the new forced name reveal on Blizzard’s public forums. It’s more a reflection of the situation than saying “naming people is bad”, and is an interesting read.

Here’s a snippet:

It has become clear the Blizzard community is very concerned about Real ID being implemented on public forums and it may well force some users to cancel their accounts with Blizzard and move onto other games. The Blizzard forum community not only allows players to share ideas and help each other but is also a sounding board for Blizzard products, meaning in the long run that Blizzard could well lose the voice of its most important core audience and some very loyal fans.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Personally, I’m voting for Giant Mosquitoes. I’ve had a soft spot for those the last 10 years or so. =)

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