Blizzard Gamescom teaser video forgets Diablo exists

With Gamescom now kicking off in Cologne, Blizzard is getting ready to show their stuff and this video teases what’s coming up. Guess what? Diablo doesn’t even get a look in. That’s pretty damn sad.

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  1. I think Blizzard has just about abandoned Diablo 3. Sweeping it under the rug like some shameful mistake or putting it in the corner like some dumb relative a family doesn’t like to talk about. The series that really put Blizzard on the f*****g MAP is being treated like some abandoned neglected old person in a hospice.

    • But is there even any point in advertising D3 at this point? The game is 5 years old. There’s nothing new announced. The only current thing is a DLC which is already 2 months old. Which they’ve only really got on the show floor as a courtesy.

      Saying it “[Diablo] put Blizzard on the map” isn’t really true. It got you involved with them sure, but a lot of other people were already playing their stuff because of Warcraft.

      I think that they are likely working on D4 right now, and we won’t hear anything until they are ready to hype that. Continuing to push D3 at events would just end up like so:
      Blizz: “It’s Diablo 3!”
      Fans: “Is there anything new?”
      Blizz: “Well… No?”
      Fans: “Boo! Why did you even bother?!”

      • Exactly, There’s no point in them talking about it until they announce something new. Also I agree that Diablo didn’t put Blizzard on the map, It helped sure but they were already well known because of warcraft and warcraft 2. It just helped cement them as a consistently great developer.

        • The sad part is that all of the other Blizzard IPs are being constantly worked on while it feels like D3 is pretty much abandoned. I think part of the reason is that D3 is their only game that isn’t really monetized in any way. Their first step was the necro, but I have no idea how successful that was in terms of development cost and profits from the sale.

          One thing I can say is that Diablo has always been one of my favorite blizzard IPs and it just sucks to see them put so much more passion and love into the other games. It feels like D3 had completely the wrong dev team.. Look at all the other blizzard games, they all keep getting new things that are actually FUN. How many people honestly think set dungeons or challenge dungeons or any of these low production value additions are fun? It’s such low quality entertainment compared to other things we’ve grown to expect from Blizzard.

          Maybe I just hold them to a too high standard, but I want a proper diablo game blizz come on, you can do better than this!!! xoxoxo

          • So you AGREE with me then? And still came at me in that other post? WTF are you even trying to argue with me for?!

          • @martymart god you’re paranoid — he’s not arguing with you — he”s just carrying on a conversation — he’s adding on to what you both said — adding more opinions that happen to be in agreement is not arguing — its having a conversation — grow up

          • JamesL: Follow all the posts on the page, moron. You’re missing part of the discussion where he argued and berated me for my opinion. Tell me to grow up when you’re f*cking blind…

          • martymart- I haven’t posted here in years, only to say that you seriously need to chill the heck down.
            I hope you’re young cause if you run around responding like that as an adult than something is off.
            You do not need to cuss at anything that doesn’t align with your views, yish

      • If I remember right blizz released warcraft Orcs and humans in 94 and diablo in 96. In Europe not many play the first warcraft but with diablo all know blizzard. So I think it was Diablo there put Blizzard on the map for real. With the release of D2 there was Long queues in front of games shops even though it was in the middle of the night all over Europe.

    • What are you on?
      They just released the Necromancer pack.
      They are about to completely re-balance the sets for all classes.

      WarCraft put Blizzard on the map, Diablo just fortified that. And WoW put Blizzard on a whole different map.

      • STFU with “what are you on?” because I disagree with you on a video game. Like if someone disagrees with you they clearly have mental issues. Idiot. Who gives a F about rebalanced sets? It’s still the SAME SHIT. Sets and grifts. Sets and grifts. And I don’t care what you say. Warcraft and RTS games aren’t for everybody. Warcraft established Blizzard as a company, but DIABLO put them on the map, for me, and millions of others. If you don’t agree with that, what are YOU on? Warcraft II cemented them. Not Diablo. Diablo made them the money they needed to make everything else past that. Warcraft was the pilot.

        • Actually that would be starcraft. Warcraft 2(1995) sold about 2 million copies at the time. Diablo(1996) sold about 2.5 million, diablo 2(2000) sold about 4 million, starcraft(1998) sold about 11 million.

          Either way, don’t be such a dick dude. You sound like a raging feminist!

          It’s weird, I’ve been coming to this site for my diablo news for years and years now and yet I’m still surprised at the amount of entitled little shits on here…amazing…

          • Much like yourself. You sound like a f****t liberal yourself. I haven’t implied I’m entitled to a GOD damn thing. How the F is wanting more Diablo games “entitled?” Type up your ideologies in a document, print it out, spit on it, and jam it all the way up your ass

          • disagree mate D2 sold more than 1 million on the release date ?? Diablo III set a new record for fastest-selling PC game selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release, and was the best selling PC game of 2012, selling over 12 million copies during the year.It has sold, along with Reaper of Souls, 30 million copies across all platforms. So maybe Orcs and humans was the first but diablo series put blizzard on the map as the fastest and most selling PC games

          • @martymart you really need to calm down — calling people a faggot ? telling people to shove their opinions up their ass ? the moderators should put you on a timeout for a couple of weeks

          • The main issue here is that Diablo III has little (or none) reply value in and of itself.
            ie: Where would Diablo III (D3) be three years from now, if Blizzard suddenly stops all D3 immediately?

            And compare this to Diablo 2 & Diablo 1, where you still have folks playing this game (17 years and 20 years ago respectively)?

            In fact, why don’t we start a Poll asking folks on this Forum:
            a) Would you like Diablo 4 to be modeled after the likes of Diablo 2 (and Diablo 1)?
            b) Would you like Diablo 4 to be modeled after the likes of Diablo 3?

            I would suspect more folks would e saying they wish (a), they wish Diablo 4 to be modeled after the likes of Diablo 2 (and Diablo 1).

            Everyone on this Forum is passionate about this Diablo franchise, otherwise they would not be spending time discussing on this Forum!

        • did you forget to take your medication again ?

          • JamesL: You’re awfully obsessed with me, fella. You horny or something? Want some big D? Looks like it. You little flirty slut

          • And for what it’s worth, I fight back and defend myself in the same manner with which I was attacked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Did you want pics of me to touch yourself over, since you’re so into me?

      • @kerrin wrong again, Warcraft established Blizzard as a company but Diablo put blizzard on the map and even more important give them a huge income to develop other games. So I agree with Martymart on this issue Warcraft was a test pilot:)

  2. For the past years, we have been hyped up about Diablo news only to be disappointed beyond words.

    Maybe this time Blizzard keeps quiet about Diablo in general, BECAUSE something big is about to emerge on the horizon.

    Or you know… it could just be foolish hope of a true Diablo (D1+D2) fan 🙂 – (Hope can be a bitch)

  3. The (new) Blizzard development team for Diablo 3 is almost entirely different from the previous Diablo 1 & 2.

    New Blizzard D3 game developers never understood Diablo 3; it was cartoonist and never had that Gothic horror atmosphere.

    Imagine game console players playing a horror dungeon Diablo 3 game!
    Never will happen, you say?

  4. Sad. Diablo was the series that solidified them as a AAA developer. Now this franchise might as well be in the dumpster. Thank god other devs have really grabbed the torch and ran with it when it comes to isometric arpgs.

  5. What are you on?
    They just released the Necromancer pack.
    They are about to completely re-balance the sets for all classes.

    WarCraft put Blizzard on the map, Diablo just fortified that. And WoW put Blizzard on a whole different map.

  6. It’s called Path of Exile people. Comes as close to being a Diablo game as can be without invoking lawsuits from Blizzard. Blizzard will NEVER make a proper Diablo game again, unless it’s an HD remake of D1 or D2. Blizzard doesn’t have the talent or the intention to make off the wall genre smashing games anymore. Until all the low hanging fruit currently running around the gaming industry (the customer base) runs out, Blizzard is going to stalk around the bottom of the tree running over smaller developers to get all the easy pickings. Video Games are too popular with the kids these days, and even the girls. I remember being laughed at as a kid for playing games, and girls would run away from you faster for whipping out a Game Boy than if you whipped out your cock. I remember there was just this one other kid who had an Atari Lynx, and we used to play together outside. Trade our systems for a little while because the other kids didn’t let us play football with them. Now all the kiddies play cell phone games during recess or Hearthstone on their tablets.

    • Path of Exile is grainy,ugly, gender locked terrible animation pay to win trash.

      • Cosmetics aren’t pay to win, sorry to burst your bubble. Can’t say the same for Diablo III though when it had the Auction House.

      • PoE isn’t pay to win and they are doing a great job ensuring this never changes.

        However, I prefer the Diablo IP (D2LOD), and D3 has just been a huge letdown and alienated Diablo players, maybe even beyond repair.

        I am also suspecting that Blizzard wont make a normal D2-type game ever again, because of a plethora of reasons, and the main reason being because the people that created the IP are not involved in future games as far as I know.

        Anyways… I hate when game companies ruin genres in order to cater to casuals. Everything goes down the shitter for the sake of sales.

        I loved SC1 times when noobs were laughed at and pwned into the ground. Noobs either learned out of mistakes just like in real life and became decent players or left. WIn-Win back then. Everyone started out as a noob, and only those games that were harsh and unforgiving, ended up becoming icons in the gaming industry for a reason.

        There is not one game that was aimed at noobs and became iconic in the gaming world, not one single game.

        Blizzard either gets their shit together and starts catering to real gamers or they will become the laughing stock of the gaming industry selling millions of games to casual noobsauces.

        • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          Ok, ahem, sorry, you had me there for a moment!!! Using words like “noobsauces” and “real gamers”. Man that’s some funny shit. I almost thought you really WERE a 12 year old dumbass, but you’re just a sarcastic funny guy! Love it!!! <3

        • EXACTLY. Like, why are there 15 difficulty settings? So you can tailor the game to make it juuuuuust right for you. Fuck that. In D1 or D2, when you came across tough bosses, you either had to defeat them, or go elsewhere to get stronger. There is not one single villain in D3 that strikes fear into you. But the other games? Hell… Butcher lvl 2 of the cathedral. Leoric and his legion, Duriel in the inescapable hole in the wall.

          D3 does cater to people that can’t stand difficulty.

          • poe is trash , just like most of the diablo haters here on this site and they even call themselves real gamers or diablo fans … lol , my fucking ass !!

        • What the fuck even IS a “real gamer?” You? Your friends? Climb off that high horse, bubbles. It sounds like you really are 13 years old calling people “noobs” and using comments like “real gamers.” “I’m a REAL gamer, bruh! GET SUM! come at me!” Lawl…

          • Going to go out on a limb here, but obviously someone who games either as a profession, or their prefered hobby. What’s so hard to understand about that? Clearly someone who casually plays Candy Crush on their cell phone or some Facebook farming game online here and there isn’t a “real gamer” anymore than someone who plays football or basketball in their backyard is a “pro player.” Real gamers either make all their money from gaming, or spend all their money on gaming… It doesn’t give them some kind of special status in the world, it’s just a label.

          • Right: You’re proving my point: There is no such thing as a “real gamer.” If someone plays Barbie Adventure Land for 20 hours a day and has all the stuff in it you can get, are they a “real gamer?”

  7. Maybe Blizzard should have made a goddamn true horror fantasy game and kept the story slow and mysterious instead of making it into a fucking WoW-esque ripoff. That style of storytelling has no place in the Diablo universe. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Blizzard South ruined the vision for the franchise. D3 doesn’t hold any allure for me, and at most times, doesn’t even feel like a Diablo game.

    It’s pretty sad that a game like Path of Exile more closely resembles something D3 could have been. If Path of Exile had a touch of that Blizzard polish, it could be outstanding. Now we’re left with the corpse of a failed vision while we click feverishly into the mobs of flashing colors and numbers.

    • I’m actually really interested to see what D4 will be like when it is announced. SURELY the dev’s are aware of the core audiences displeasure with the art direction over D3. So it would come down to there being enough internal pressure from those dev’s to ensure that 4 get’s the art style that it deserves.

      Contrary to what a lot of people here seem to think, the dev’s don’t hate the franchise, nor are they incompetent by any means. Early decisions by either the director, creative director, or art director/lead would have steered the game down the cartoony path, and once you have committed the majority of the game to that direction, you can’t just change it later without ending up with a mess of mismatched stylistic choices (which immediately looks like garbage). They have tried to subtly steer it back with the extra zones added to the game later, but there is only so much they can change.

      So this time around (D4) I hope that the decision makers are all for pushing the gothic horror style 100%.

  8. Who even knows if there wever wil be a D4?
    D3 is a failed project. It made them lot of money yes, but they know the IP has been milked by them and they dont know if the next Dgame will sell this good too. if you think my logic is fail, check other blizzard titles and how many expansions/big patches/ free stuff are they getting.

    If you are sure IP will make money you make more games of that IP and you try them make them reasonably fast.

    And while I would love POE to be D3 succesor it is subpar and almost trash. The gameplay is not just there, its just so clunky. You can see the engine was made by amateurs, it does not have the “killing feel” D3 even with its cartoonish shit has has. You hit something and you feel the power of hit you rejoice of the kill…With poe it feels like killing 0 and 1. There is just a little soul to the game thanks to that horrible engine and clunky gameplay.

    Grim dawn comes closer. But still it does not have that D2 or D3 killing FLOW gameplay.

    Dunno what the future will bring…

    • The future will bring sooner or later Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal as first hns mmo (good/bad) and after will appear the hybrid keyboard movement based hns what will bring in this genre the movement skill almost same as in fps game of course this is for happy world scenario, the question is will happen in this reality or in 3 world reality left on axis 🙂

      Ps: some D2-1 remastered news hope was crashed … :.(

    • @ Bohemianstalker, You wrote “D3 a failed project” ??? Diablo III set a new record for fastest-selling PC game selling over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release, and was the best selling PC game of 2012, selling over 12 million copies during the year. It has sold, along with Reaper of Souls, 30 million copies across all platforms. Whatever we liked or not we cant call it a failed project imo

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