Blizzard has announced via their European site that they will be attending this year’s Gamescom Expo in Cologne.

    We’re pleased to announce that Blizzard Entertainment will be at gamescom 2010 next month. Visitors to the Blizzard Entertainment booth, located in Halle 6, B21 & B31, will have the opportunity to play our upcoming games and hear our latest news and information.

    From Thursday 19 until Sunday 22 August, gamescom in Cologne, Germany will be open to the public. Find out more about the show and how to get there at www.gamescom-cologne.com.

    Last year’s BlizzCon was in late August, the same weekend as Gamescom 2009, which was very cool, since they sent the same build of Diablo 3 to that show as they used at BlizzCon. So we got a bunch of new screenshots, our first look at the Act 2 desert areas, new concept art, and lots of other goodies from Cologne a couple of days before Blizzcon began.

    This year Blizzcon isn’t until October 22-23, two months later than Gamescom. Will Blizzard reveal some new Diablo 3 stuff that far before BlizzCon? Will Diablo 3 even be present at the show? Time, and perhaps @Diablo, will tell.

    Thanks to inDiablo.de for the tip.

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