So sparkly....

    So sparkly….

    A fan complained about the recent reduction in the quality of gem required for legendary jewelry enchanting, claiming that he’d just converted 1000s of Marquise gems into Flawless Imperials… which are now useless. Blue spoke:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I wanted to jump in to give you an idea of where our thinking is on this right now.

    The goal in reducing the gem cost for Rings and Amulets from a Flawless Imperial gem to an Imperial gem was to give more players the opportunity to enchant their jewelry more often. While the previous cost was intended to be limiting, for many players it ended up being prohibitive.

    In the end, we want you to be able to enchant your jewelry (particularly now that Legendary gems are in the game), so reducing the cost was the best possible decision — not only for the long-term health of the game, but for your immediate enjoyment too.

    That said, thanks for the great feedback and criticism. We’ve plans for the future to add more uses for high level gems. It’s a little too early to share any details just yet (sorry for the tease!), but we just wanted you to know that there will be opportunities down the road to put the gems you’ve crafted to good use beyond just socketing your gear.

    We’ve heard several “more gems functions coming DiabloWikisoon™” statements since Travis Day’s post about it several weeks ago, and obviously they’re not ready to spell out anything specific yet. That said, it wouldn’t be too much to ask for a recipe to reduce gems in quality. Even if it was punitive, giving only 2 of the lower quality for 1 of the higher quality, at least it would be something, if you crafted up too high by a misclick, or in this recent Flawless Imperial change. (Though this is the first such since the game’s release, so it’s probably going to remain an N of 1.

    Do you guys have any grand hopes or expectations for new gem upgrades (or sidegrades/downgrades)?

    We talked about that a bit on this week’s podcast, with N3rdwords lamenting his desperate Topaz shortage (for jewelry crafting and since he only plays Wizards), and when I put the theoretical crafting question to him, e.g. “how many other type gems of rank X would you craft to create 1 of your desired type,” he happily went up to 5 to 1, but balked at 10 to 1. Though with some further poking, he admitted that yeah, he’d probably go 10 to 1, just since he’s rolling in useless red/green/purple/white gems, when all he wanted were yellows.

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