The two Blizzard founders who remain with the company, DiabloWikiMike Morhaime and DiabloWikiFrank Pearce, were interviewed backstage from the Spike VGA awards last week, and the transcript has been posted on the USA Today website. Most of the questions are about WoW, but there are a couple of D3 queries near the end, plus a question about DiabloWikiProject Titan.

    The answers are generic, PR-friendly stuff, and anyone who regularly reads this website could have provided these exact answers last week if I’d asked you to pretend you were these guys… but since the text appears in that special shade of blue, the content automatically becomes fascinating. So here it is:

    Diablo will be big part of the awards show. It’s up for most anticipated game and there will be a new trailer, right?
    Morhaime: Our cinematics team has been hard at work doing some really beautiful pre-rendered cinematics for Diablo III so I think this is the first one we are showing in its entirety. It’s some pretty amazing work. We are really proud of that team.

    Do we have a release date for the game yet?
    Morhaime: As soon as possible. We have pushed it into 2012. Really at this stage, it’s about completing the polish on the game and preparing it for launch. As with any Blizzard game, we really try not to rush these things out. We try to give them time to bake. We are in beta right now, so we have a lot of people out there helping us test the game. We have been getting great feedback. People are really excited about it.

    Thanks to Popez for the tip, and in his forum thread there’s some freaking out/nit-picking over the fact that Morhaime didn’t say “early” before “2012,” but I wouldn’t read too much into that. He was speaking off the cuff.

    It would be interesting to get someone at Blizzard to provide their definition of “early.” We’ve all learned (painfully) that when Blizzard says it, “DiabloWikisoon” they mean sometime between “now” and “the heat death of the universe.” But “early” is a fairly new term for them, and thus many fans are taking it at least semi-literally. What does “early” mean in regards to 2012, though? The first month? First quarter? First third? First half? Any time before December 31st, 11:59pm?

    If you want a look at the three guys answering inaudible questions backstage after the show, here’s the video for you. Click through to see it embedded, and thanks to PaNtsONhEaD for the tip.

    In case you’re wondering, of course Frank Pearce still looks pissed off, even while cradling the Gamer God award in the crook of his elbow. He’s just got that face mastered.

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