If you missed it, there will not be a live stream feed from BlizzCon 2008 like it was from WWI 2008, as the feed will go through DirecTV instead. DirecTV is a pay-per-view satellite feed that you have to sign a ‘commitment’ for before being able to watch BlizzCon.

    This decision from Blizzard has come with mixed reviews, as some seem to love DirecTV, and others are appalled by the level of ‘commitment’ needed (the word ‘commitment’ seems to be their codeword for ‘contract’, while at the same time be able to sign people up for a contract while saying there isn’t any).

    You have to lease the equipment for 24 months or some ridiculous amount of time. […] Basically, the only way you can get out of the “commitment” are as followed:

    1. You Die.
    2. You Move to a location where DTV isn’t allowed/Serviced.

    That’s it.

    Those are their exact words.

    PS. Their termination charges are $480. + the bill. And equipment.

    While we love Blizzard for making the great games, and hosting BlizzCons and WWIs, some of us seem less happy about the deal for the majority of fans that can’t come. Either because of lack of tickets, or because they live on another continent. The thing to remember is that it requires a lot of time and resources to broadcast any event of this magnitude anyway, and DirecTV will probably make a very professional show out of it.

    What are your thoughts about BlizzCon and DirecTV? Do you like the WWI or BlizzCon approach more? Please share with us!… 
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