Blizzard Fan Fiction 2011 Winners Announced

Blizzard has announced the winners of their global writing contest, and posted the winner, along with short excerpts from the other finalists. As we’ve come to expect from Blizzard contests (and company retrospectives), the content is 75% Warcraft and 25% Starcraft, with no references (other than the page header image) to that other game franchise… Deeable? Drabolo? I forget. D-something, anyway.

The winning entry is set in the Warcraft (World of?) universe, and like last year’s winner, it’s entirely “inside” the world fiction. Like I said (in comments) about last year’s winners, it’s impossible to evaluate the story if you’re not versed in the WoW fiction, since nothing is explained in the story. There are paladins and death knights and orcs, and some of them are arguing or fighting or scheming, but no one’s background is given, there’s no sense of which side anyone is on, no explanations or descriptions of ongoing world events, etc.

As I said last year, it seems crazy to me that the “best” story out of the thousands they received is structured in a way that only people who know intimately the lore and plot of that particular game can appreciate it. Now that this has happened two years in a row, I’m not sure why I’m still surprised. Obviously the interns Blizzard forces to judge their contest entries disagree with my philosophical objection to the style of stories they’re giving prizes to. Either that or they’ve all been playing WoW since they were in high school, and can’t imagine a world in which other people do not…

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1 thought on “Blizzard Fan Fiction 2011 Winners Announced

  1. It’s been a few good years since I played wow but what I remember mostly about it’s pvp is that it was all about CC your oppenent/s;
    a controlled enemy is a dead one. Sure most of the CC would wear off pretty fast due to diminishing returns and resilience (thanks cacophony for the quote) but for really good players that would be enough to kill another player. Some classes (and races) in wow had talents, skills or spells to break free of only certain types of CC but not all. To balance that Blizzard put in a pvp reward item that would break all CC and make you immune of x sec (with a CD).

    I think that what we have right now in D3 pvp is skills and spells to break CC which are pretty much geared more for pvp use but are also helpful in pve like [wiki]Battle Rage[/wiki] and [wiki]Ignore Pain[/wiki] for example. It’s left to be seen if we’ll get items for pvp CC breakage.

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