Blizzard Explains the Wizard Energy Twister Nerfing

Much as they’re doing with the Barbarian Sprint nerf, one of the rune effects in the Wizard’s Energy Twister skill is getting a nerf as well in v1.05. Lylirra’s explanation was much shorter than her lengthy discourse on the Barb skill change, but the motivations and objectives are much the same.

Energy Twister Explanation Request

I read a very nice, and detailed post behind the reduced proc coefficient about Run Like the Wind from Lylirra. Is it possible to have an equally nice post about the considered mechanic changes behind changing ET’s coefficients? The original change was based on legendaries having a high proc rate. However, to the best of the wizard communities knowledge, there are no legendaries that really interact with our proc coefficients, aside from skorn, which is not really used with a CM/ET build exclusively.
Lylirra: In 1.0.4, we reduced DiabloWikiEnergy Twister‘s proc coefficients from 0.25 to 0.125, and applied that change to four of the five runes. Problem is, we intended that change to apply to all five runes including DiabloWikiStorm Chaser, so we’re correcting that mistake in 1.0.5 (it’s going from 0.5 to 0.125 to match the others). It could probably be considered a bug fix at this point, but for the sake of clarity we’re listing it as a normal change in the PTR patch notes. We might change that plan for the live notes, but it really depends on your feedback. 🙂

As for why we changed Energy Twister’s proc coefficient at all, Wyatt summed that up nicely in his original wizard class preview blog for 1.0.4.

All the wizard players who saw 4/5 of Energy Twister’s rune effects nerfed, while Storm Chaser remained strong, had to suspect it was a limited reprieve/oversight. Right? There are dozens other Wizard skill/rune improvements and changes in v1.0.5, so perhaps some new builds will arise for those willing to experiment and discover them?

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9 thoughts on “Blizzard Explains the Wizard Energy Twister Nerfing

  1. Honestly this is the least of blizzards worrys, if people kept playing because their wizard had a high proc to crit on energy twister than removing it isn’t doing much other than discouraging them from playing.

    So wheres the PvP? Where is the refreshing randomization on maps? The deep item system?

    Me and my friends quit playing a long time ago, and my friends mostly left saying “Its just really repetitive, playing through the same thing over and over, getting items with a slightly higher stat than before, and having almost no reason to keep playing other than to just… farm for more.”
    Hell they think diablo is like a single player game, with no randomized content after a couple playthroughs, which is completely true with the acception of events.

    • I highly doubt that the people responsible for class tuning are the same people responsible for adding new map tilesets, overall PvP design, and itemization.

      Just because Diablo 3 has Big Problems doesn’t mean they should ignore the little problems until the former are fixed.

      • you want to rent out your car, but its cars engine is broken and its perfectly reasonable to waste time on washing the windows instead of getting the car to the auto shop?

        yes, i know that there are different people working on skills then on tilesets, but ffs, blizzard needs to keeo its priorities in check.

        if a game is broken as D3 then it would be wise to transfer your people to work on things that are URGENTLY needed. and even if they are only qualified enough to do repetitive slave work or serve coffee.

          • It wasn’t that bad, but your right, they should look at the little problems aswell, I am complaining more that they are working out everything except the 3 things I listed in my previous comment, which are arguably the biggest problems with d3, me and 7 other other people who were my friends stopped playing 2 months after release because of these issues.

        • Not really a good comparison really its more like you need engine repair and a tire change. The car can still be used with the a damage engine and the old tire.

    • SGLeroy, PvP is coming, I expect Blizzard got a team working just on that (apart from any urgent fixes that need to be done ASAP).

  2. As long as Blizzard remembers that Energy Twister itself is terrible for being a pure damage skill and buffs it accordingly, it’s all fine. CM Tank build got perfectly serviceable buffs in form of higher available crit chance via lvl63 jewelry affixes, CC mechanics changes, and Meteor AP cost reduction.

    All in all, a good patch for Wizards. Just need another set of buffs oriented around making Arcane Orb, Disintegrate, and Twister actually be good damage skills given their costs; after which it’s just tuning details and some runes. Any problems after that will probably be class design rather than balance (5 passive skills in active slots, coolness of most passives compared to Critical Mass or Illusionist, etc.).

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