Blizzard Explains the Seasonal Stash Tab

Blizzard Explains the Seasonal Stash Tab

Controversy surrounds the added stash tab, as you can see in blue posts and comments on our last vote. What about some basic questions/info on the new stash tab that players can earn via the Season Journey in Season Five?

Blizzard Explains the Seasonal Stash Tab:

Now, once we have it in season, is it unlocked in non-season as well?
Nevalistis: Yes! The stash tab will be unlocked immediately for both seasonal and non-seasonal characters, as well as both Hardcore and non-Hardcore.

There is no need to wait until the end of the season.

can we get +2 stash tabs from season 5 if we do seasonal journey conqueror in HC and non-HC ?
Nevalistis: Only one additional stash tab can be unlocked per season, up to a total of 10.

Since I’ve seen this asked elsewhere and it’s related — if you do not unlock a stash tab in Season 5, that does not prevent you from unlocking a total of ten by participating in future seasons. However, you can still only unlock one stash tab per season.

After i unlocked the seasonal stash, can i delete all my seasonal chars and keep the stash in nonseason?
Yes! You will keep your progress in the Season Journey even if you delete your Seasonal characters afterward.

I have to presume this is per account — I have separate accounts for Software and Hardcore….
Yes. Progress for the Season Journey is tracked on an account basis.

How come i already have 1 additional stash tab even before season starts. I never play ptr so no idea
Everyone, regardless of Seasonal participation, has immediate access to purchasing a new tab for 500,000 gold as of the launch of Patch 2.4.0. 🙂

Not addressed in the thread, but since it keeps coming up in comments… Conqueror is the 8th (out of 9) pages in the DiabloWikiSeasonal Journey, and it requires a considerable play investment to achieve.

Update: There’s a lot of debate about what exactly the Season 5 Conqueror reqs will be. Since the Season isn’t live yet we don’t know for sure, but info leaks suggest more feats but less grinding (no more 75 cube properties extracted). The following are rumored to be the S5 Conqueror requirements, but these are not officially confirmed until Friday, when we’ll know for sure.

    Season Five Conqueror (unconfirmed):

    • Complete a T10 rift in under 4 minutes.
    • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55.
    • Complete 2 conquests.
    • Kill Greed on Torment 10.
    • Kill Diablo on Torment 10 in under 90 seconds
    • Complete greater rift level 60 solo.
Seasonal Journey: Conqueror (8/9)
Season 4 Conqueror (8/9)
    Season Four Conqueror (last season)

    • Extract 75 legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
    • Complete 2 conquests this Season.
    • Reach Greater Rift 50 solo.
    • Finish a level 70 regular rift on Torment 9 within 4 minutes
    • Level 3 gems to level 50

Do you guys think the bonus stash tab is a worthy goal, fairly-established? Or does requiring Conqueror go too far, and it’s not fair to non-seasonal players? In that case, what would be a fair requirement? Maybe the page of Seasonal Journey required to earn the tab could drop down by one each month of the season, so after a few weeks you only need get through Destroyer, then Champion, etc?

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35 thoughts on “Blizzard Explains the Seasonal Stash Tab

  1. They just really need to remove the 75 powers from the conquest requirements, which makes it a large grind.  Other than that it's not terrible to get to.

    • They have. Those are the requirements for S4. I don't have the S5 ones to hand, but I remember the cube extraction ones were removed.

    • I looked up the S5 requirements:- Complete a T10 rift in under 4 mins    – Level 3 gems to 55    – Complete 2 conquests    – Kill Greed on T10    – Kill Diablo on T10 in under 90 seconds    – Complere greater rift level 60 solo

      • Thanks for updated info; I changed the post. I've been super busy with RL work for the past months, so didn't have any PTR time and still trying to get up to speed on v2.4 and S5 changes.

        Enjoying my first week w/o 7 days of RL work in months, and looking forward to some actual video game time Friday night!

  2. Um… that is NOT Season 5 Conqueror (looks like Season 4) – you might want to fix, Flux ;).

    • Nobody knows what`s in this Season yet. I think he posted this as an example.I remember someone mentioned at Blizcon that they won`t be much different thou.

      • Here you go (sure it could change but doubtful)–>

        Conqueror: (finishing this gives Stash Tab)
        1.Show me what you got: Kill Diablo on TX within 1 minute 30 seconds
        2.Money Ain’t a Thang: Kill Greed on TX
        3.A little more: Reach GR60 solo
        4.4 minutes to save the World: Finish a TX Nephalem rift within 4 minutes
        5.Gem of my Life: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 55
        6.All I do is win: Finish 2 Conquests this season

      • The reqs listed were from S4. I updated to the ones people listed for S5, though don't know if those are accurate/final. Obviously the season isn't live for a couple of days yet, so we won't know for sure until Friday night.

  3. It's unfair for solo playersIt's unfair for HC playersIt's unfair for non season playersWhat do they have in mind. Make wow casual and send casual players to wow to increase their income?

  4. Completing it would require more than 100h unless you have clan members which will help you. Completing the whole journey (up to Guardian) in S4 took me 140h (no clan, played with random people) – basically all the time I could spend on gaming during the season (I'm 30, working etc.). But I've used a WotW barb, so it still wasn't that hard. With less powerful characters it could be much harder. I think in S5 you will need even more time since all the journey requirements and conquest are harder than in S4. I'm aiming only at the first 4 chapters in new seasons, so unfortunately there will be no new stash tab for me.

  5. I don’t really understand why they think they need to have these quality of life additions be behind some kind of grindy achievement wall. What good does it do blizzard if people have to play the game for longer amounts of time to get what they want? There’s no microtransactions, no sub fee. I just don’t get it. Imo they should just have all the new stash tabs available right now for simple gold purchase like every other stash tab. Simple, clean, everyone happy, no controversy and angry people on the forums. Why would that be so hard…

    • The same reason they don’t let you purchase a fully geared an leveled character out of the box. ITS A GAME!!!. You are meant to spend time playing it and you are meant to have objectives and goals to work towards.. If you remove goals and objectives the game is no longer fun. The more of these type of things to keep people playing for longer the better the game is.

      And don’t say that stash space is a requirement and it should be given to you out of the box. You have stash space out of the box. This is just a way to get extra.

      • A fully geared and leveled character is not a “quality of life improvement” like an extra stash tab is.

        The point of the game is to get a fully geared and leveled character. The point of the game is not to get an extra stash tab.

        • No the point of the game is not just to get a fully geared max level character. Other wise when you reach level 70 and get your free 6 piece set this season its game over. The point of any and all games is to be played.

          A good game has many things to keep a player interested and playing. Achievements are a good example. They are not a necessity but they give extra things for players to do. We have been playing for almost 4 years with the current stash space, the extra space is NOT a necessity the game is playable with out and and very much enjoyable.

          If I would like a bigger house then I have to work for it. I don’t expect the government to give it to me for free because it would be a “Quality of Life” upgrade. Or are you a dole bludging bum that expects this type of stuff to be handed out for free. You have the house (6 stash tabs) if you would like to and an extension and have a few extra rooms WORK FOR IT.

          • But I want to a bigger house where I live not somewhere else. I also want to build it by myself and not with a big group of people.At both points Blizzard fails badly.

          • "And don’t say that stash space is a requirement and it should be given to you out of the box. You have stash space out of the box. This is just a way to get extra."Thats also a horribly [CENSORED] thing to say… you say stash space out of the box is fine…. sure… if they didn't introduce any single new items since then.Do you even know how many new items they have introduced? How many items got improved? How many set items got revanmped?More items introduced makes it absolutely normal that more stashspace is given to ALL players aswell.

          • So you’re saying that if they would give you the extra stash space without having to work for it you would be angry and write on the forums about it?

      • I want to address this:

        >> “You are meant to spend time playing it”

        You’re meant to enjoy it, a consequence of which is you play it. Not the other way around. When did people forget that? Why would you pay to do more work to finally enjoy something?

  6. Another solo player here. Feel free to make "no friends" jokes. Seeing that in season 4 I never managed to get to the Slayer getting to Conqueror, even with latest power creep, is a pipe dream.Bit of a good news is distant possibility of getting the tabs in later seasons. Maybe I will have a better luck with drops like in S3 (ancient Kridershot which catapulted me from GR15 to GR30).

  7. let me get this straight (i play non seasons generally)

    1) i already unlocked my non seasons stash tab.

    2) so if i want ANOTHER stash tab at the end of seasons 5, i need to grind seasons or it?

    3) does that mean non seasons players only get to unlock 3 stash tabs per season compared to seasons players who will unlock 6 for their non season characters by the end of season 7?

    • You get one stash tab now for 500K gold.

      Each season you can unlock a stash tab by completing the season journey up until a certain level, in this case the “conqueror” tier.

      If you don’t play seasons, you only ever get the current 500K gold stash tab.

      You can only earn one stash tab per season, regardless of if you play HC or SC.

      • “If you don’t play seasons, you only ever get the current 500K gold stash tab.’

        That fucking sucks.

        • Sometimes I wonder if blizzard is like Facebook, running social experiments with their decisions in-game, just to see what crazy reactions players will have–before eventually just caving and giving everyone the 5 extra tabs for free. /tinfoil

        • They took out seasonal legendary items, when non-seasonal players complained about having to wait for those. So the Seasonal Journey is the only real perk/difference now, but of course it brings the extra stash tab, which most players feel is basically mandatory.

  8. Shouldn't be tied to seasons… Or anything other than gold, really. It really is a fundamental game feature. It's like having to clear some level Greater Rift to unlock the Mouse as an interface tool. Yeah, you can probably sorta play the game with the keyboard, but why should you have to? If they really want to do the whole hand holding 'play our way' BS they're always shoving down everyone's throats they should at least have it unlock just by leveling a character to level 70. That's what I was doing in past seasons to unlock all the cosmetic BS just for the sake of. It was easily accessible enough that it encourages giving the seasons a dab.

  9. This really does feel like a massive slap in the face for those people who love the game but don't have the time needed to reach these achievements. I've played Diablo since the original game came out – never had a bad word to say about it for all these years. I play solo, and I didn't mind the auction house, and I didn't mind when it was taken away. I didn't mind when D3 was released and people were complaining about it not being balanced, and I've not minded as it's been changed and improved since. The highest I've ever got with any character is T5, GR 21, and I've not completed any 6-piece sets yet – but I still love playing the game, and any time I get any spare time, it's what I do. I lead a busy life, running my own business, and so I don't have lots of time to play. When I do, I love it. But now, even though I don't play much and so don't have time to collect all the items in the game (ha!), I'm desperately running out of stash space. I play one character per season, and now the latest season has ended and I've had to merge everything from my seasonal stash into my non-seasonal, I'm simply full, and having to throw away decent items because I've got nowhere to put them.When I heard that more stash tabs were coming in the next patch, I was happy. When I heard that the first one was purchasable for gold, I was really happy. When I heard that more tabs would be unlockable by working through the season journey, I was happy – I thought I might stand a chance of getting there. Now I see just how far through the season journey they've set the bar, I'm really not happy. It's the first time I've been genuinely unhappy about a design decision in Diablo – there have been some in the past I might not have agreed with, but I went along with them. This one hurts. It won't stop me playing, because I love the game, but a little bit of that love has died.Just my view, and I know other people will feel differently. I genuinely don't know what type of player Blizzard is catering for these days. Some things seem aimed at players who have lots of time to invest in the game, other things seem aimed at casual players who dip in and out. This would be fine if the high-level stuff was aimed at serious players and low-level stuff was aimed at casual players, but it seems like it's the other way around, and that just makes no sense. Quality-of-life improvements require massive time investment to achieve, but powerful 6-piece sets are given away for not a lot of work. I just don't get it.

  10. Since this is obviously only for the dedicated players I won't even bother. I can't even accomplish this stuff with my non-seasonal character, and I've been playing solo since D3 launch. I'll spend my time on something else.

  11. So, legit question here: I haven’t played D3 for a while now because the design decisions are fairly annoying these days (too much emphasis on time attack crap, just reinforced by all of this “finish a thing under 4 minutes lol runrunrunrunrspeeeeeed”), but that aside, I was considering playing in S5 without having played a season before because folks have vouched that it’s actually quite fun.

    To do something akin to this “Conqueror” thingy for unlocking the extra stash tab, is it basically required that you play a cookie-cutter build enabled by a combination of items and legendary abilities/etc.? It seems to me to be balanced around that, but maybe not. Thoughts?

  12. Am I wrong to think that charging real money for stash space over these crazy requirements would be less exclusive, and elitist?The sheer amount of time and effort to get this little bit of stash space has to be worth over $100. I'd have to probably take two weeks off work and play the game solely for the purpose of accomplishing this one task. And two weeks of work is way more than $100.Blizzard was doing pretty well with this game lately, but this is a slap in the face to a good amount of the fan base.

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