Controversy surrounds the added stash tab, as you can see in blue posts and comments on our last vote. What about some basic questions/info on the new stash tab that players can earn via the Season Journey in Season Five?

    Blizzard Explains the Seasonal Stash Tab:

    Now, once we have it in season, is it unlocked in non-season as well?
    Nevalistis: Yes! The stash tab will be unlocked immediately for both seasonal and non-seasonal characters, as well as both Hardcore and non-Hardcore.

    There is no need to wait until the end of the season.

    can we get +2 stash tabs from season 5 if we do seasonal journey conqueror in HC and non-HC ?
    Nevalistis: Only one additional stash tab can be unlocked per season, up to a total of 10.

    Since I’ve seen this asked elsewhere and it’s related — if you do not unlock a stash tab in Season 5, that does not prevent you from unlocking a total of ten by participating in future seasons. However, you can still only unlock one stash tab per season.

    After i unlocked the seasonal stash, can i delete all my seasonal chars and keep the stash in nonseason?
    Yes! You will keep your progress in the Season Journey even if you delete your Seasonal characters afterward.

    I have to presume this is per account — I have separate accounts for Software and Hardcore….
    Yes. Progress for the Season Journey is tracked on an account basis.

    How come i already have 1 additional stash tab even before season starts. I never play ptr so no idea
    Everyone, regardless of Seasonal participation, has immediate access to purchasing a new tab for 500,000 gold as of the launch of Patch 2.4.0. 🙂

    Not addressed in the thread, but since it keeps coming up in comments… Conqueror is the 8th (out of 9) pages in the DiabloWikiSeasonal Journey, and it requires a considerable play investment to achieve.

    Update: There’s a lot of debate about what exactly the Season 5 Conqueror reqs will be. Since the Season isn’t live yet we don’t know for sure, but info leaks suggest more feats but less grinding (no more 75 cube properties extracted). The following are rumored to be the S5 Conqueror requirements, but these are not officially confirmed until Friday, when we’ll know for sure.

      Season Five Conqueror (unconfirmed):

      • Complete a T10 rift in under 4 minutes.
      • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55.
      • Complete 2 conquests.
      • Kill Greed on Torment 10.
      • Kill Diablo on Torment 10 in under 90 seconds
      • Complete greater rift level 60 solo.
    Seasonal Journey: Conqueror (8/9)

    Season 4 Conqueror (8/9)

      Season Four Conqueror (last season)

      • Extract 75 legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
      • Complete 2 conquests this Season.
      • Reach Greater Rift 50 solo.
      • Finish a level 70 regular rift on Torment 9 within 4 minutes
      • Level 3 gems to level 50

    Do you guys think the bonus stash tab is a worthy goal, fairly-established? Or does requiring Conqueror go too far, and it’s not fair to non-seasonal players? In that case, what would be a fair requirement? Maybe the page of Seasonal Journey required to earn the tab could drop down by one each month of the season, so after a few weeks you only need get through Destroyer, then Champion, etc?

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