Go ahead and take a good look.

    Go ahead and take a good look.

    The function of the Inspect option to check out the gear/build of other characters in your game is a bit changed in Patch 2.4, and there are some issues with the UI that make it seem not to be working properly. It’s not broken though, and is actually just as useful as it ever was, according to Wyatt Cheng. Blizzard Explains the “Inspect” Feature Changes:

    Where the hell is inspect button? Seriously? why remove it? now i cant help my friend in his gearing if i cant see what he’s currently wearing…
    Wyatt Cheng: The intention was to remove the Inspect option and integrate it directly into View Profile so that when you clicked View Profile you would get a fresh “up to date” version of the profile if available.

    Those who played on PTR probably remember it working this way. It made sense – the two were very similar – and Inspect is turned off when you’re not in a game or the other player is too far away. We would like to combine those two and have the game intelligent use the more up to date one when available.

    After looking at reports and testing it seems the underlying functionality is working correctly but the feedback in the user interface is inadequate.

    Patch 2.3:

  • View Profile was always available but the results were not guaranteed to be up to date (usually based on when the person last entered/left a game).
  • Inspect was NOT always available (had to be within 100 yards of other player) but the results were always current of what the player is wearing.
  • What is currently live:
    Functionality of View Profile and Inspect have been merged. If the other person is not in range, you get the same information as View Profile before. If the other person is in range for Inspect, then you get the most current information of what the player is wearing.

    However, there is no interface feedback at whether you are looking at a “Live” version of a “Cached” version of the data. This is understandably confusing and something we’ll look at.

    To summarize: View Profile works and if you’re within 100 yards of your target you are given a live view of them.

    Before Wyatt’s explanation, there was a lot of speculation that Blizzard had removed the feature to keep players from being so nosy, and peeping players, then kicking them immediately if their gear/build didn’t measure up to the highest standard. Good to know that’s not the case, and that vigilante elitism is still fully supported in MP games?

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