Blizzard Explains the +25% Legendary Drop Rate in Nephalem Rifts

Blizzard Explains the +25% Legendary Drop Rate in Nephalem Rifts

Blizzard explains the +25% Legendary drop rate in Nephalem Rifts with a blue post and some numbers for our enlightenment. The bonus is better than most of us expected since it’s multiplicative, so it adds a bigger bonus as players move up higher into the Torment difficulties.

So, the 25% bonus to Legendary drops in DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts is multiplicative and will actually stack with the scaling Legendary drop rate bonus in Torment 1-6.

This means if you’re playing through a Rift in Normal-Master, you’ll have a 25% bonus to Legendary drops. If you’re playing through a Rift in Torment 1, you’ll have a 43% bonus to Legendary drops (1.15 * 1.25 = 1.43). If you’re playing through a Rift in Torment 2, you’ll have a 65% bonus to Legendary drops (1.32* 1.25 = 1.65). And so on.

Hope that helps clear some things up a bit. (Also, I really hope my math checks out. >.>)

Note that we’re going to continue to keep an eye on Rifts and how rewarding they are (or, more importantly, how rewarding they feel). We’ve already seen some great feedback from players on that topic that we’re taking a look at now. This buff is just a small change we could make quickly, and we’re definitely looking forward to your feedback over the next few days.

The key phrase there is “and so on.” Since Blizzard has steadfastly refused to divulge the actual scaling figures for increased Legendary drop rates in T1-T6. Presumably they’re not telling us since they are tweaking it constantly. I can imagine their game stats tracking how many players are in each Torment difficulty, how fast the average Rift is being cleared, how many Legs are dropping, how this is changing by the day as players get better and better gear, etc.

+250% bonus Legendary drop rate, on Torment in the Beta.
+250% bonus Legendary drop rate, on Torment in the Beta.

Perhaps once Blizzard has a good feel for the advance pace they’ll share more of the specific difficulty level bonuses? It seems like they’re confident of the buffs in T1 and T2, at least judging by Lylirra sparing those values today.

The tooltip for Torment during the Ros Beta test showed a +250% legendary drop rate for Torment 1, with an unstated improvement for each higher level of Torment. So we’ve never had the actual figures, and the total bonus is much lower now than it was during the Beta (Torment 1 is easier now than it was then, so that’s maybe fair).

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24 thoughts on “Blizzard Explains the +25% Legendary Drop Rate in Nephalem Rifts

  1. just spent about 2.25 hours in Torment 1 Rifts (5 levels completely cleared, and one of them was one of those enormous single-level Rifts) and found 1 legendary and 1 lost soul. a little underwhelming. overall, I have had more frequent legendary drops just playing through the story and doing Bounties than I have in Rifts. I don’t know if that is just my experience and the “luck” of RNG, or if it is what others are experiencing as well. what about the rest of you guys?

    • I’m a bit like that, although i haven’t been doing T runs.
      But on top of all that the last 4 or so items i have found I’ve just put through the grinder. Not even worth keeping for another class

  2. I have had horrible luck in the rifts as well, most of time it seems like I am constantly running and looking for monsters. If I do get a really good rift filled with baddies then I just have bad luck.

    I have had better success just sticking to my torment 1 speed runs on my favorite areas.

    Horadric Caches are also horrible for me as well, I opened up 15 in a matter of seconds and not a single legendary.

  3. I’ve been racking them in today. 6 plans or so, 3 torment sets, some souls, some souls that haven’t been salvaged yet… Almost none of that came from rifts though.

    I’m still a bit annoyed they made T1 only 15% increased leg chance base.

  4. you had me going for a second there, Steven. until you said “almost none of that came from rifts”. 🙂

    I’m jealous of your luck finding plans. I haven’t found a single one for level 70 yet. and I have 70 hours into my Crusader, plus a few more hours in my 70 Barb. I have had tremendous luck finding the materials though. I have plenty of them, but no plans to use them on…

    • The thing to remember is that Plans will only drop once. And, that’s a big change. I used to find the same rare plans all the time. But, many plans were so bad, I never learned them because I didn’t want to have extra plans to sort through every time I went to the blacksmith. It just seemed messy to have lines and lines of plans I’ll never want to use.

      But, after they announced that plans will drop differently, I went to the AH and bought every single (rare and legendary)plan that I never wanted to learn (if they were affordable. Now, it seems that all that drops for me is high level Legendary and set plans …

      But, here’s the rub; don’t worry about it. Because they’re almost not worth it. The requirements of plans are too steep and the moment for the rewards they promise.

      Many of them require a Legendary Crafting Material, 2 Forgotten Souls and the Highest Gem. To, me the gem requirement is just a bit crazy. Then you craft some of these and RNG just makes them horrible. Even with the ability to fix 1 stat … You can end up with 1 Forgotten Soul. After all that time and effort.

      I imagine that, eventually, Blizzard will sober up and drop the requirements or make better set stats on crafting Legendaries … so, for now, save your crafting supplies … if you have enough room left in your inventory.

  5. It seems like about half the legendaries that drop for me are 2-hand weapons aka forgotten souls. Pretty annoying. The drop rate seemed a tad higher for me tonight overall, but a really great legendary find is still a rare occurrence for me. I’m still on Master though… it’s taking me longer than expected to gear back up to T1.

  6. “Presumably they’re not telling us since they are tweaking it constantly. I can imagine their game stats tracking how many players are in each Torment difficulty, how fast the average Rift is being cleared, how many Legs are dropping, how this is changing by the day as players get better and better gear, etc.”

    This is what I hate about playing an online game like this that doesn’t need to be online. It’s that feeling that it doesn’t matter how well you play the cheese will only get pulled further away from you the better you play or vice versa for playing poorly. There’s no design here folks, move on.

  7. First couple of hours: Absolutely nothing.
    Reset my client, not sure if it mattered: 1 legendary per rift, 7 rifts in a row.
    The next morning, 0 Legendaries in 5 rifts (about 1 hour)

    All of this was done on T1, with a very well-geared Archon Wizard with cooldown reduction that can use its teleport every 1.5 seconds and one shots trash mobs and melts elites in 2-3 seconds.

    From my experience (which comes from an admittedly small sample pool given the time) legendaries are still at the mercy of RNG and any buff to drop rates from blizzard, or just from increasing your clear speed or Torment level don’t really seem to do anything to help make the leg drops feel any more consistent.

    I could get a hot streak and get 3 legs in one rift and then go 8 rifts without seeing so much as a soul before the buff, and nothing has changed now (based on the “feeling” rather than the internal numbers, of course. After a month of heavy farming, maybe things would start to seem more balanced out.)

    • I’m not very fond of math, but I don’t see how that makes sense. Happy if someone who grasps it can explain.

      t1: (1.15 * 1.25 = 1.43) or +143% legendary drop rate
      T2: (1.32 * 1.25 = 1.65) or +165% legendary drop rate
      T3: 15% more… what?

      The T1 and T2 do not proceed with 15% more in the base or the multiplied result. So where did the fan pull out that 15% figure, and into which part of the equation is it plugged? Did Lylirra err in the initial, and T2 is supposed to be 1.30, not 1.32? Both 1.30 and 1.32 round out to 1.65, actually. In that case, it’s actually 19% drop rate more per difficulty level, because 15 x 1.25.

      T3: 1.45 x 1.25 = 1.81 or +181% legendary drop rate
      T4: 1.60 x 1.25 = 2.00 or +200% legendary drop rate
      T5: 1.75 x 1.25 = 2.19 or +219% legendary drop rate
      T6: 1.90 x 1.25 = 2.38 or +238% legendary drop rate

      • Hey Flux,

        I think when they say 15% more, the math goes like this:
        (all rounded up/down)

        T1: (1.15*1.25) = 1.44
        T2: (1.15^2 * 1.25) = 1.65
        T3: (1.15^3 * 1.25) = 1.90
        T4: (1.15^4 * 1.25) = 2.19
        T5: (1.15^5 * 1.25) = 2.51
        T6: (1.15^6 * 1.25) = 2.89

        • When faced with math I usually want to quote Hellboy when he was informed of the Hound of Resurrection’s special power.

          “See, I don’t like that.”

          • Haha, fair enough.

            Basically what they are saying is that the increase in bonus legendary drop is not linear but very slightly exponential.

            T6 bonus drop rate is NOT 100% + (15%*6) = 190%. That would be flat 15% additive bonus and therefore linear.

            The actual bonus is 1.15^6 = 231%, which makes sense since difficulty also increases exponentially. (I didn’t apply 25% bonus drop to these figures)

  8. I’m totally fine with bounties being a slightly better source of experience and rifts a slightly better source of legendaries. Not sure that’s the case, though, or if I’ve just been unlucky. Ultimately, both should be important.

  9. 2 hours and 37 minutes spent in rifts before my first drop , which was for another class .

    Bit crap if you ask me .

  10. QUOTE

    Hey Flux,
    I think when they say 15% more, the math goes like this:
    (all rounded up/down)
    T1: (1.15*1.25) = 1.44
    T2: (1.15^2 * 1.25) = 1.65
    T3: (1.15^3 * 1.25) = 1.90
    T4: (1.15^4 * 1.25) = 2.19
    T5: (1.15^5 * 1.25) = 2.51
    T6: (1.15^6 * 1.25) = 2.89
    That's probably exactly what it is.
  11. I did 2 rifts in T1 yesterday and got zilch.
    Now farming normal to find a Ring of Royal Grandeur and a Countess Julia’s Cameo
    What is annoying is that my drops are mostly 2 handers (instant forgotten souls ) I´m getting some armor too, but the same drop plenty of times. I´ve got at least 4 Heart of Iron, 3 rogar´s huge stone and like 5 nailbiter, and every 2 hander you can imagine…
    I was the same in vanilla I got most of my gear from the AH but not because I don´t play, because my drops always suck.
    I´m playing at least 4h per day 🙁

  12. Been playing whole day yesteday on Master (about 12 hours) and got only one legenday crossbow – shity one by the way.

    Looks like a hell of a bonus to me 🙁

  13. I’ve played through Rifts on every difficulty, T1-T6; my DH’s DPS is around 1.3 mil before calculating extra damage from Fire%. So, I can reduce elites pretty quickly at the lower Torment levels. But, it’s all about time.

    For where I’m at right now, I’m hitting a lot of public games as I’m always in a rush to use my play time), T2 is where it’s at. I can burn through a Rift in no time and I’m getting a super rare Torment only Leg about every 3 rifts. if I stay in the same game. Sometimes, a Leg plan and a Torment only Leg will drop in the same hour.

  14. Got teh barb that does 850k, not including lightning boost dmg of 1.61 and wearing strongarms (using seismic slam to get teh knockback). I also feel that Torment 2 is the sweet spot, really seems there are muuch more legendaries dropping.

  15. One thing I would like to know:
    Is this applied to the “safety net”? Would be fantastic if so. Multiplying a very small number by 1.65 or even 2.32 is still a very small number, but if it were applied to the safety net, it would mean much more in rewards for those playing at higher difficulty levels.

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