Blizzard explains the +25% Legendary drop rate in Nephalem Rifts with a blue post and some numbers for our enlightenment. The bonus is better than most of us expected since it’s multiplicative, so it adds a bigger bonus as players move up higher into the Torment difficulties.

    So, the 25% bonus to Legendary drops in DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts is multiplicative and will actually stack with the scaling Legendary drop rate bonus in Torment 1-6.

    This means if you’re playing through a Rift in Normal-Master, you’ll have a 25% bonus to Legendary drops. If you’re playing through a Rift in Torment 1, you’ll have a 43% bonus to Legendary drops (1.15 * 1.25 = 1.43). If you’re playing through a Rift in Torment 2, you’ll have a 65% bonus to Legendary drops (1.32* 1.25 = 1.65). And so on.

    Hope that helps clear some things up a bit. (Also, I really hope my math checks out. >.>)

    Note that we’re going to continue to keep an eye on Rifts and how rewarding they are (or, more importantly, how rewarding they feel). We’ve already seen some great feedback from players on that topic that we’re taking a look at now. This buff is just a small change we could make quickly, and we’re definitely looking forward to your feedback over the next few days.

    The key phrase there is “and so on.” Since Blizzard has steadfastly refused to divulge the actual scaling figures for increased Legendary drop rates in T1-T6. Presumably they’re not telling us since they are tweaking it constantly. I can imagine their game stats tracking how many players are in each Torment difficulty, how fast the average Rift is being cleared, how many Legs are dropping, how this is changing by the day as players get better and better gear, etc.

    +250% bonus Legendary drop rate, on Torment in the Beta.

    +250% bonus Legendary drop rate, on Torment in the Beta.

    Perhaps once Blizzard has a good feel for the advance pace they’ll share more of the specific difficulty level bonuses? It seems like they’re confident of the buffs in T1 and T2, at least judging by Lylirra sparing those values today.

    The tooltip for Torment during the Ros Beta test showed a +250% legendary drop rate for Torment 1, with an unstated improvement for each higher level of Torment. So we’ve never had the actual figures, and the total bonus is much lower now than it was during the Beta (Torment 1 is easier now than it was then, so that’s maybe fair).

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