A fan asked how the Seasonal DiabloWikiTransmogs unlock and got infos. Blizzard Explains Seasonal Transmog Unlock:

    Too late for Season 1 transmog?

    Hey, just came back from a long break. Is it too late to get Season 1 transmog?

    …You do NOT need to level a HC character to unlock the transmogs after the Season ends.
    Nevalistis: Quoted for blue. 🙂 This is the case. Once you get one Seasonal character, either Hardcore or Normal, to 70, you will have the transmogs unlocked across your entire account.

    They are a reward for Season participation, not necessarily for one game mode or the other.

    I haven’t transmogged anything since Vile Ward shoulders stopped being BiS, and have to admit I didn’t remember there were special Transmog looks for Seasonal characters, but useful info for people who pay attention to their character’s appearance in this way. What do you guys feel about Transmog these days? People who were excite about having transmog option still using it? Do you play with different gear looks regularly? And do you Transmog to get a look you like, or to remove a look you hate?

    Seasonal transmog gear options can be seen in the gallery below.

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