Blizzard Explains Seasonal Transmog Unlock

A fan asked how the Seasonal DiabloWikiTransmogs unlock and got infos. Blizzard Explains Seasonal Transmog Unlock:

Too late for Season 1 transmog?

Hey, just came back from a long break. Is it too late to get Season 1 transmog?

…You do NOT need to level a HC character to unlock the transmogs after the Season ends.
Nevalistis: Quoted for blue. 🙂 This is the case. Once you get one Seasonal character, either Hardcore or Normal, to 70, you will have the transmogs unlocked across your entire account.

They are a reward for Season participation, not necessarily for one game mode or the other.

I haven’t transmogged anything since Vile Ward shoulders stopped being BiS, and have to admit I didn’t remember there were special Transmog looks for Seasonal characters, but useful info for people who pay attention to their character’s appearance in this way. What do you guys feel about Transmog these days? People who were excite about having transmog option still using it? Do you play with different gear looks regularly? And do you Transmog to get a look you like, or to remove a look you hate?

Seasonal transmog gear options can be seen in the gallery below.

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  1. Quote: "I haven’t transmogged anything since Vile Ward shoulders stopped being BiS"

    You don't want to look like a peasant, do you?

    Seriously, give it a try. It's nice to have a character done up to match a theme, or just something better than whatever Blizzard slapped together for you.

    • isn't that helm already available? I use something that at least looks exactly like it already

    • After I posted this, I remembered that transmog wasn't even available back in the D3v. So I was just using invisible dye to remove the ugly horns of Vile Ward.

      I have done transmog in RoS to experiment with the system, but I don't really notice/pay attention to my char's appearance. It's too small to see except on the selection screen anyway, and then I'm only motivated by the desire to not see truly ugly gear. Goldskin, for instance.

  2. Didn't think much of it at first but been using it on every hero and every item pretty much. Us Hardcore players are better so we also need to look better. 😉

  3. I transmog all the time. I swap between my favorite setups regularly and whenever I get an upgrade first thing I do is transmog it. I can't play if I have a piece out of place ;p

  4. It would be harder to find items I don’t have transmog’d than ones I do. My Barbarian has the highest ratio of unaltered gear since Raekor’s looks amazing, but everyone else is decked to the nines with dye and custom armor.

  5. I had fun with transmogging and dyeing when it first came out, but haven't bothered with it in a very long time. Those new xmogs look kinda cool though (at least shoulders and boots do).

  6. isn't that helm already available? I use something that at least looks exactly like it already

    • 2 of the transmog looks came in S1, 2 more will come in S2, and another 2 in S3, giving 6 items with the transmog and a full gear set look. That's the plan Bliz announced back before Season 1, at least.

  7. Still transmogrifying a lot. And still waiting for dyes to vanish and be put in the mystic's interface to free inventory space. Now that inferno is gone and inferno dyes have left, there is no reason to keep them as bottles. At least make the vendors have all the colo(u)rs and not this silly fifteen minutes rotation.

  8. There are some ugly armors, so transmogs are welcome 🙂

  9. I transmog actually a lot more than I expected to when I first heard they were going to incorporate it. Turns out I'm a lot pickier about appearance than I realized. Invariably I get sort of bored with appearance and change things up, so no slot is safe.

    At the same time…I'm not a fan of this season's transmog set. I think the whole thing is quite ugly and I haven't once used any portion of it…

  10. Marauder's is almost as ugly as Vile Wards. Wizards look terrible w/ almost any shoulder, so vanishing dye is a must. If you spend enough time in Transmog, you'll realize that a lot of the older legendaries do not have unique art, Blackthorne's especially.

  11. I prefer to have the items I find dictate my character's look, not the other way around. For that reason, I don't think I've ever transmogged or dyed anything, other than for the achivement(s).

    Nowadays, with class sets being the dominant endgame items and rares no longer being able to spawn with the more garish dyes, I find that getting a somewhat cohesive and decent look is pretty easy, further reducing the need to transmog/dye.

    I like collecting transmogs though, so there's a good chance I'll make a new char in season 2.

  12. I Transmog most of my gear, and dye all of it. Each of my characters have a different color scheme which adds to their identity IMO.

    The seasonal Transmog graphics are a decent seasonal/achievement reward concept to me, but I'd like more than 2 pieces. Still better than banner graphics, at least.

    I do wish the weapons graphics were less restrictive. My crusader's flail can't be changed to a sword, for example.

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