Blizzard Explains Legendary Source/Mojo Nerf

Blizzard Explains Legendary Source/Mojo Nerf

Legendary sources and mojos got an unannounced reduction to their damage a couple of weeks ago in DiabloWikiPatch 2.0.4, and ever since fans have been trying to find out why. Finally Blizzard has come through with the info, and it’s complicated. Fixing a bug somewhere else had unforeseen consequences in the Wizard and Witch Doctor’s DiabloWikioff-hand slots, and a fix is in the works.

Here’s the thread, with the OP from April 10th and the Blue replies from today.

Could we please get a confirmation on whether the nerfs to damage rolls for legendary sources and mojos were intentional or not? There have been multiple threads on the damage nerfs people have noticed after the patch, but we still have no idea whether it was a bug or an intentional nerf. Here are some of threads so far:

  • Also here’s a google cache of one of the sources, so you can see the damage values got changed.

    Grimiku: I mentioned this thread to the folks who can investigate it, and we’re currently trying to find out why some of you have a damage reduction to your sources and mojos. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and for your patience while we look into it.

    Lylirra: Hey everyone!

    First off, apologies for the delay on this follow-up and thank you very much for your patience. We’ve looked into your reports with QA and the dev thoroughly and here’s what happened:

    The issue is actually two-fold:

  • Issue #1: Pre-patch 2.0.4, crafted Legendary Sources and Mojos had, on average, approximately 6% more damage than dropped Legendary Sources and Mojos.
  • Issue #2: Legendary Sources and Mojos (both crafted and dropped) are not currently being appropriately up-ranked to have more powerful base damage than Rare Sources and Mojos.
  • The first issue was resolved in patch 2.0.4. For reference, in patch 2.0.4, we implemented a bug fix to address an issue with crafted Legendary Crusader shields rolling with the wrong Block value. It turns out that the same bug that was causing crafted Legendary Crusader Shields to roll with Block values that were too low was also causing crafted Legendary Sources and Mojos to roll with Damage values that were too high. As a result, we when we fixed the issue with crafted Crusader shields we also fixed the issue with crafted Mojos and Sources. This fix had the secondary effect of reducing the maximum +Damage value on many existing crafted Sources and Mojos, bringing them in line with dropped Sources and Mojos.

    Blizzard asks that you not struggle.
    Blizzard asks that you not struggle.
    While crafted Legendary Sources and Mojos are now using the correct values (both newly rolled and existing), this particular fix came a little sooner than we anticipated which means we didn’t get to post about it advance. We sincerely apologize for not providing messaging ahead of time on this topic as well as for any inconvenience or negative effect that lack of messaging may have had on your gameplay experience. This applies especially to anyone who had an existing item affected by the fix itself.

    In the near future, we’d like to address the second issue, which is that Legendary Sources and Mojos (both dropped and crafted) are not being appropriately up-ranked to have more powerful base Damage than Rare ones. Since any change made to address this issue would affect client-side data, it’s not something we can hotfix; BUT, we are looking to implement a fix in an upcoming patch. We’re still working out the specific details (including an ETA), but suffice to say that crafted/dropped Legendary Sources and Mojos should be more powerful than they were even prior to patch 2.0.4 once issue #2 is resolved.

    Good news for those of us who haven’t gotten around to playing a WD or Wiz yet; by the time we have time, it’ll be worth the time! For those of you playing those classes now and suffering with up to 6% less damage from your off-hand slot… no tears. No tears. Only dreams.

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    7 thoughts on “Blizzard Explains Legendary Source/Mojo Nerf

    1. Right, so make the adjustments to FO, Prodigy, Electrocute and not fix the base damage of any of the Leg off hands and wait for 2 weeks to even acknowledge the reduction…. I am thankful that at least they will fix the damage at some point, but I do wonder when…and I am pretty sure they are just about out of skills to homogenize. So maybe no more nerfs…that would be the best news yet.

    2. Ok ok, everyone is getting their power reduced, but only DH prevails. How fair is that that DH can use 2H bow and quiver, while everone else is left with 1H and now lot weaker off-hands.

      I wonder which dev has DH as his favorite class, because I certainly see a pattern here. Just rememeber Jay Wilson and Barbar days of glory and nerf-bat immunity.

      • “now lot weaker off-hands”

        Read the CM’s post again, this is a temporary issue. The damage bonus of Legendary off-hands will be increased to their intended level, which means they’ll be buffed.

    3. Ok, I’m not usually one to pass on an opportunity to mock Blizzard’s failures, but 6%? Of around 300? Oh noes, my average damage a hit dropped by 1%. Look at all the ****s I don’t give.

    4. Spectral did you have your tea today? You seem extra grumpy…

      Somehow, that feels off topic…

    5. I must be the slow kid on the site. The headline reads items nerfed and everyone says be patient because they are getting buffed. All the while, the group complains the wiz/WD are OP. So…wtf?

    6. QUOTE

      Spectral did you have your tea today?  You seem extra grumpy...
      Somehow, that feels off topic...

      I’m having a lot of problems with idiots, both in and out of game.

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