Blizzard explains how Challenge Rift builds are selected

As a new Challenge Rift hit this week Blizzard has been watching feedback from the community. Blizzard has posted to clarify how the builds are chosen when a new Challenge Rift goes live and that they plan on tweaking the system.

Hey all, we’ve been seeing some great feedback on this week’s Challenge Rift build and the featured builds in general. There’s also been some confusion about how builds are chosen each week, so I wanted to offer some clarity on that.

The build chosen is actually picked by an algorithm, which we’re continuing to refine as time goes on. Each week, it picks a new build used by a player in the past week and makes that the new build for the next week’s Challenge Rift.

We’re aiming for every build to offer variety and accessibility. This is partly why you won’t often see top-performing Greater Rift builds in this mode of play; while they’re a lot of fun in Adventure Mode, the long learning curve they require to master isn’t as good a fit for a short-lived weekly challenge. For the same reason, we also reviewed this week’s Monk build and decided it was not as accessible as we would like our builds to be, so we’re tweaking the algorithm further to discourage it from selecting similar builds in the future.

While everyone will have a different take on what kinds of builds are fun, any build that’s picked should at least incorporate ways for you to survive while using it. We’ll keep working to refine which builds the algorithm picks, and as always, we appreciate the feedback we’re getting from all of you in this process!

Have you tried the latest Monk build that went live and what do you think of the Challenge Rifts so far?

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  1. Haven’t tried any of these, think they’re about as much fun as set dungeons… At least they’re in their own mode, so they won’t end up being added to the season journey at some point.

    • Probably, yes.
      But the reward in materials is well worth it for 6 minutes of play (even less).
      Normally having to run all the bounties in all acts it’s going to take 5 times that amount of time.
      So for me, is very well received and i’m doing it every week.

      • The rewards are nice. I’m not sure if this works on the pc version, but it does on consoles: Do the challenge rift and pass, claim your rewards with a freshly started seasonal character. I was able to get some crafting materials, but more importantly a couple million of gold for upgrading all the craftsmen at the start (until it required death’s breaths).

  2. I’m doing this every week. It was particularly good at the start of the season!
    This weeks was a little squiggy. I died about 5 times right at the start of the rift. “Oh right, not gonna do it first time this week” I thought. But it’s good to get a layout of the dungeon, so I continued.
    I did it easily in the time. I do know the monk quite well though. I think I only died so much at the start because I wasn’t expecting it to be so squiggy.

  3. why are they wasting time “developing” “features” like “Challenge Rifts” and “Set Dungeons” when they could add a talisman and charms, or revamp the “Paragon” system so it allows to allocate points into specific skills we want to buff?

    Why is it that D3 sucks ass in terms of specialization and actually making your own build?

    D3 is garbage in terms of ARPG, but I guess its a “good” Dungeon-Racer racing game without depth and replay-value.

    The amount of gear that drops in D3 is borderline retarded high. I guess in D3, the way they “designed it” it has to be like that because without sets you can play basically “normal” difficulty ONLY. This is garbage and such a shame, I am a true Diablo fan, but D3 just sucks ass. The only fans are casuals and noob-sauces or trolls pretending to be fans.

  4. nah erg is just a troll @indy

  5. first of all Im still a fan of D3 but think these rifts are crasy cuz u are forced to play only one char, if it was possible to choose DH-Barb -Wiz- WD- Necro it would maybe be more fun 🙂
    a lot of my friends play only 1-2 different chars a few 3 and who wanna play a monk or Barb if u not have tried it before will waste of time and energy imo. PS I dont need your comment “erg” or Marty for u only talk trash and BS

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