John Yang posted some info in the PTR forum about bugs and tweaks to some Barbarian bracers and sets.

    Bracers of the First Men

    Not for you...

    Not for you…

    Bracers of the First Men were intended to work with a Hammer of the Ancients-centric build. As most of you can guess, this bracer was not intended to be a buff to Whirlwind builds. With that said, this item has been redesigned to work exclusively with Hammer of the Ancients, and will provide a 150-200% damage bonus and a 50% attack speed bonus to Hammer of the Ancients in the next PTR patch. Additional tuning is always possible – those are the current numbers after internal testing.

    Bracers of Destruction

    We think the general design of this item is fine but the damage bonus needs to affect a few more enemies to be effective in more situations. In the next patch the damage bonus will apply to the first 5 enemies hit by Seismic Slam instead of the first 2.

    Additionally, the bug where the Immortal King’s 6pc bonus currently does not work on the PTR will be fixed with the next PTR patch.

    As I’ve said before, we do want Hammer of the Ancients and Seismic Slam builds to be high-end builds and your continued testing, theorycrafting, and feedback is helping. Thanks all in this thread, other threads in this forum, and in class forums.

    The grim shadow of Mortick’s Brace continues to loom over the Barbarian’s forearms community. NEVER FORGET!!1!

    Seriously though, is anyone playing a Barb on the PTR this time? Barb and DH had the fewest new items or changes, but at least Barbs got these items that are intended to enable new builds. I don’t know if they are; it’s hard to see stationary skills like HotA and Seismic Slam competing with the super fast movement of Spin2Win, but at least Blizzard’s making the effort?

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