Blizzard Explain why Diablo 1 Remake is not Standalone

One of the big announcements this year was the addition of the Diablo 1 remake inside Diablo 3 as an annual event. In this interview with PC Gamer, Travis Day and John Legrave explain why this is not a standalone remake of the original.

John Legrave said, “Our idea was to engage the public in the nostalgia and what we’ve created. We wanted everybody to have that feeling of what we felt when we were playing Diablo originally. We’ve been pretty good about giving away a lot of awesome content over the past several years and we saw no reason why not to do that with this.”

Here’s the full interview.


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  1. Looking for the diablo 1 thing but d3 without an expantion is going to suffer alot in the future idk how ppl like me are going to keep playing it feels like something is missing like sure the necromancer is sick and all but it’s not enough to keep the game alive and fresh imo

  2. I actually still have my Diablo 1 disk I brought it out today..but my pc wont read cds. :grr

  3. Looking for a new remastered D1 complete and individual game, and of course, not. Deception and going back to my cave.

  4. Its funny that some people will be upset because its not a standalone singleplayer game, and here my first thought is that I won’t play it because it lacks the original BNET 1.0 social tools. If they just slapped D2 HD into D3 I wouldn’t play that either because it lacks the social tools.

  5. To me the D1 dungeon with 8 direction movement and in their “glorious retro-vision” is nothing more than a mockery. As if they’re trying to prove how shitty it was to people who never knew it. They are not even implementing D1 game systems, like stats/items/skills. This whole thing is completely pointless and borderline malicious. Maybe that is all they can do with their limited resources, but still… not a fan.

    • This is correct. They either consciously or subconsciously attempt to influence the perception of the post-D2 generation of D3 players. The current post-D2 D3 players are influenced by the comments and perception of all the D3 players that originated from the D1 and especially D2 crowd. Those people have voiced displease with D3 from the start. The new post-D2 D3 players have the tendency to jump on the band-wagon of the D3 players that came from D2.

      Blizzard now attempts to change the perception of Post-D2 D3 players and give them material to argue that D1 and D2 sucked really badly. They also give Post-D2 D3 players the argument to tell D2-origin D3 players “you got what you wanted”. This is an attempt at changing the perception about the past and plant the idea that it was “shitty and old”. Once they plant this idea in the huge swats of current Post-D2 D3 players, these players are much less likely to complain and voice dislike of how their course is with anything Diablo in the future.

      D3’s community is very toxic and very unhappy with how D3 turned out. I think D3 is the worst experience Blizzard ever had in terms of official forum community, social-media (including youtube) etc. Fans are bashing D3 on every platform out there, and rightfully so in my opinion. So… Blizzard has to walk a fine line and they are trying hard to change that. Unfortunately, I believe Blizzard will attempt to “change” all of this not by actually creating the game we all wanted, but rather through a “corrupt” interactive-media cooperation (IGN etc.), as well as by influencing the perception of the majority of the current gamer base, which is a post-D2 gamer base with no experience to prior titles.

      If you push an idea long enough in the public (despite it being wrong and misleading at its core), you eventually replace an established “past”, with a perception of “reality” that matches your point of view imposed upon all others. The general public will accept this new perception as “the norm”, until that norm again is challenged, either by wise and educated facts, or by even more twisted and misleading ideas.

      • However, I need to say that I still obviously believe that some developers honestly put their heart into this. Some of the devs worked over-time or even at home to push this out. Its obvious that some people have more passion for diablo than others on their team. I feel sorry for all those that pour their heart into all things diablo, and then some moron director comes along with no passion and ruins everything.

        • Last reply…

          I also thought it was SCANDALOUS when that guy came on stage with the diablo shirt and said “Yes… we’ve done our research… we ACTUALLY done the reasearch…”

          I was like “OMG they are announcing D4 with D2-“like” systems, classes, itemization, random-map-generation, trading, pvp etc.

          But all he announced was that a half-assed version of the “necromancer” is coming to D3 as a paid DLC. Then they showed the WORST CGI video in 2016 to introduce the necro. CGI looked better 16 years ago than in that video lol.

          Blizzcon 2016 also makes me feel two conflicting things. Grimiku was fired for the comment “Diablo fans will lose their shit at next year’s blizzcon”. So either he was fired because Blizzard was unhappy that he would “hype” everyone AGAIN for nothing more than the paid necro DLC lol (and everyone would be unhappy AGAIN), or because Grimiku thought they would announce D4 (which is in development since D3 launched) but would not progress far enough to be announced in 2016 and thus again produce an outcry.

      • lul funny tinfoil shitpost

        Got me smiling

  6. The real problem for me is that theres nothing frightening in D3, the graphics just don’t scream horror like D1 did. I remember dreading the butcher fight so much, and when I finally worked up the nerve to open his door I nearly shit myself every time upon facing him. I’d have to find a way to cheese the fight (usually by locking myself behind a door and shooting him to death with arrows, the sounds he made when you hit him were terrifying too.). Then there was the Hellfire expansion and that whole new environment was scary as shit.

    Obviously it was partly due to being a kid, but damn. This recreation will have no effect on anybody to bring back that atmosphere d1 had.

    • I always cheesed that fight by opening the door (shitting myself) & dropping some firewalls then closing the door so he had to stand in the fire while I was safely behind the door.

      I don’t really think the graphics/colour are an issue vis-a-vis the lack of horror inspired by D3 (which I agree with you), part of it is that we were younger then (I played it at uni, so not exactly a kid), part of it was the ambiance (no ridiculous monologging or cutscenes mid fight – Azmo for the former & Diablo for the latter), the bosses were scarier (Maghda, *rolls eyes*) & just plain harder. It’s a lot easier to be scared of something if there’s a reasonable chance of it splatting you.

    • One element I think Blizzard has matured – in a bad way – is their sound design.

      The sounds in D1 were crisp and evocative of the different monsters and equipment drops. In D3 they’re mostly bland and indistinguishable.

      Same thing with Starcraft 1 and 2: in SC1 the magic spell effects all sound a bit cartoony, but they’re distinct. In SC2, the sounds are all dull, non-descript hums and squishes that fade into the background.

  7. Need some actual combat mechanics instead of move – attack – move – attack. D2 had very complex melee mechanics such as defense rating penalties for movement. Defense rating would take a penalty based running, walking, standing or attacking. Standing is 100% defense and 100% of chance to block value. Walking and attacking was 75% defense value and 25% of chance to block value. Running was 25% defense value and 0% chance to block. Meaning that when I would play my paladin and I’d use Holy Shield and I’d be surrounded by mobs, walking was CRITICAL to move or I’d get knocked off balance and take further defense penalties. This, of course, depends on Faster Hit Recovery which is another detail to combat. The D3 engine just doesn’t have any of this detail.

    • I bet the engine does, but the character system doesn’t …

      • I think that’s true. It seems like a lot of the subtleties of combat in D3 have been rolled into the character abilities. Rather than the player’s equipment defining the avatar’s overall combat efficiency as in D2, D3 puts the work on the player to choose the most effective ability (for a given scenario) and activate it at the correct time.

    • The engine being drawn to be working as online-drm only, and such …

  8. When the news first hit me I was excited, but now it’s just meaningless to me. It’s not like I’m mad about this in any way, it just seems like a waste of their effort. A level 16 dungeon is nothing more than an easter egg.

    If they had added the ability to play real Diablo 1, with the normal 3 classes and items, and the traditional levels, all in the D3 engine, that would have been fantastic. I would have loved to play that as the original game is very fun and a nice “vacation” from D3. Instead all I care about is the necromancer.

    • D1 gameplay is much more methodical and gameplay depends on movement and positioning. I just don’t think the D3 engine is capable of giving the same experience, 8-directions or not.

      D2 was also less positional based than D1, largely due to the ability to run and the 16 directions of movements and the much smaller tile-based floor.

    • Played through the January event last night on the PTR. It was fun but does not have the feel of D1 at all. I’ve installed this mod and it’s great!

  9. I actually just installed that mod adiablofan.

  10. “Blizzard Explain why Diablo 1 Remake is not Standalone”

    because if it was nobody would play D3

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