A fan makes a good point that Bashiok rises to dispute. Won’t character leveling be a lot less fun from Clvl 30+, now that we don’t get level up points to put into stats/skills/traits/anything? Here’s the conversation.

    From what I’ve read it seems as though you unlock all of your skill / passive slots by level 30 so what do you gain leveling from there to 60 besides auto-stats and new loot?

    It seems likes there is a whole zone where nothing really happens to your character. Am I missing something here?

    Bashiok: You’ll have access to all the systems by the end of Normal, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to scratch the surface with them.

    You’ll be leveling your artisans, teaching them to make new items, finding higher quality runes, finding higher quality gems, combining gems, finding loot in Nightmare that doesn’t drop in Normal, finding loot in Hell that doesn’t drop in Nightmare, etc. and really continuing to max out use of each of the available power adjustments.

    Plus the need to really tighten up builds, get a good mix of skills, pick the right passives to support them, and gear out in specific directions becomes more and more important as the game gets tougher.

    I don’t think having to become a better player and invest more in all the game systems is a “deadzone”, it’s where the game gets challenging.

    DiabloWikiBashiok‘s examples are sound, and clearly the game will be changing a lot over those levels. I doubt we’ll miss the character customization stuff on our first few characters. But after a while we’ll know which skills we want to use from past experience, so we won’t be changing those around. And we wont be upgrading our gear since it’s DiabloWikitwinked. And we won’t be bothering to upgrade that char’s DiabloWikiArtisans since other chars on our account are higher level and handle the DiabloWikicrafting… so what does that leave?

    What’s the point in the big *WHONG* sound and graphical splash of a level up if we don’t get to click any numbers or enable any new toys as a result?

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