Blizzard Disables Diablo 3’s Shield of Fury Temporarily

Another Diablo 3  bug has surfaced and Blizzard has decided to disable it for now. It will be back though after some testing.

It’s come to our attention that the Legendary power of Shield of Fury is unintentionally affecting other Crusaders’ Heaven’s Fury instead of only your own. We are immediately disabling this power across all regions while we work on a hotfix to resolve this issue.

We anticipate releasing this hotfix as soon as possible (after thorough testing is completed) and, in the meantime, believe that it is too early in the season for this to have a lasting impact on the leaderboards.

Once the hotfix has been applied, we will be re-enabling the power. We’ll update this thread once we can confirm the hotfix and the power are both live.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.

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  1. So what’s its legendary power and how is it supposed to affect Heaven’s Fury?

    Clicked the link and the site linked to doesn’t even say either.

    • Hover or click on the “Shield of Fury” link in the blue text: “Each time an enemy takes damage from your Heaven’s Fury, it increases the damage they take from your Heaven’s Fury by [25–30]%”

  2. impressive post about best information.

  3. So what is the substitute for this? I mean is this completely stop or we will have it again in future too? Thanks for sharing such information.

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