Blizzard Disables Cheesy Diablo 3 Bounties

Shut that barn door tight, now.

Shut that barn door tight, now.

Our most recent vote shows that over 85% of you guys feel the “exp for killing nothing” quests are a cheesy exploit, when used to reach level 70 (and beyond) so quickly in the new season. The Diablo 3 developers agree as well, though they don’t appear to have figured out a fix yet, so they’ve just turned them off, for now. Blizzard Disables Cheesy Diablo 3 Bounties:

One of our ongoing goals for Diablo III (and Seasons in particular) is to promote diversity in play styles and encourage a variety of experience whenever possible. In line with this goal, and as a direct result of your feedback from Season 1, we’re in the process of implementing a series of hotfixes that will temporarily disable the following events as eligible bounties:

  • The Matriarch’s Bones (Act One)
  • The Jar of Souls (Act One)
  • A Miner’s Gold (Act Two)
  • The Miser’s Will (Act Five)
  • This change will apply to both Seasonal and non-Seasonal games. Additionally, please note that these hotfixes will only remove the above events from the active bounty pool, not the game itself. The events can still spawn in-game and will provide rewards as normal.

    We don’t have an ETA at this time for when these events will be re-added to the bounty pool, but are working to have them available for Season 2.

    Looking Forward:

    In Season 1, many players were able to quickly level their heroes and earn a coveted rank on the “Race to the Top” leaderboard exclusively by running the bounties in question. While we won’t be removing any Conquest credit or ranking from players who chose to use this particular technique, we will be making changes to these bounties for future Seasons. The desire here is to help promote an environment where the most efficient way to play is also the most varied (and ideally the most fun too). With this, one of our goals for Seasonal Conquests is to encourage players to try out different tactics and explore different play styles, so we will be evaluating all Season 1 Conquests with that goal in mind and making changes for Season 2 as needed.

    Once again, thank you for your feedback. We’ll continue to grow and improve Diablo III with your support, so please keep posting! In the meantime, we wish you glory and good fortune in Season 1, and good luck to those still racing for a spot on our current Conquest leaderboards.

    See you in Sanctuary!

    And why is this being applied to non-seasons?
    Lylirra: Same reason. The current structure of these specific bounties don’t really align with and/or support our design goals (not just for Seasons, but the game as a whole).

    The desire here is to help promote an environment where the most efficient way to play is also the most varied (and ideally the most fun too).
    Lylirra: The changes we’d like to make to said bounties (so that they can better mesh with the above) can’t be hotfixed and instead will be something we strive to address/improve on with a patch.

    I was surprised to see this news, since I figured if Blizzard didn’t care if players cheesed this way, after they declined to fix it coming out of the PTR testing. My next surprise was how hard it was to find a decent visual representation of “shutting the barn door after the horse has gone” via google images.

    As for the fix, during the comment conversation on our vote (which revealed that a strong majority of you guys wanted the cheese gone), where various suggestions to fix this issue were thrown about, I had a remember-y. During the Reaper of Souls beta, none of the “kill monster X” bounties had kill counters attached. You just had to find the monster and kill it, and you completed the bounty. This made all such bounties in small areas very easy to exploit, and also put a huge advantage on characters who could move very quickly, since all you had to do was zoom around, looking for the yellow sonar ping on the map, kill the Purple, and teleport off to the next bounty. (The hardest part of those bounties was usually finding a clear space to remain unmolested for the 5s duration of your TP animation.)

    In response to this cheesy play style, Blizzard implemented the 50, 75, 100, 125, or 150 counters, requiring players to kill X number of enemies AND the bounty target. It seems to me they could easily just tack a kill counter onto these 4 exploitable bounties and solve them the same way. If players had to kill 25 or 50 monsters while doing the Miner’s Gold or Jar of Souls, that would make zero difference to normal play, while completely eliminating the “run through completely undergeared on T6” play that wrecked the Softcore ladder race last Friday night. (Killing the Elite that spawns in The Miser’s Will cellar, and the annoying ghost of the Matriarch’s Bones would do the same.)

    Probably they’ve got some much more complicated and thus slow to implement fix in mind, though.


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    1. The bounties \The Matriarch’s Bones\ and \The Jar of Souls\ already have the kill 50 enemies as far as I know.

      The problem is in the Events itself, which grant Experience on its own for completing. So its not the bounties which need to be modified (as per your example of the RoS beta changes they made) but the events itself have to have a secondary objective attached. I think that’s why its not as simple a fix as the RoS beta change to just add kill X monster to the bounty.

      • Jar of Souls does not. You can run off down one of the hallways or just stand out of sight and it'll reward you after the timer ends. In fact, if you're out of sight of the central room hardly any skeletons even spawn, and you could then run back and click the statue/urn thing that pops loot without having to dodge many skelies to get there.

        Matriarch's Bones I didn't know could be exploited prior to people talking about it during the ladder rush. I thought you had to kill the Purple ghost with the annoying "doooo noooooot tooooooouuuuch heeeeeeerrrrrr!" dialogue to finish it. At least I've always done so. Mostly out of annoyance at his wailing.

    2. Kinda irritated because I liked doing jar/matriarch the normal way as part of a balanced farming regimen. I don't look forward to more of the irritating ones like apothecary's brother or clean out (long tunnel level, level 2). hopefully they can get them fixed up and back in soon.

      • Agree, though I can live without Matriarch's Bones, after running it hundreds of times back when legendary materials were required to craft sets. Because Auggies!

        I guess I'm glad they're addressing the issue, but this seems a really ham-fisted way to go about it. Miner's Gold was absurdly easy to cheese, but the others aren't that bad. And if people really want to exploit the Jar of Souls now…. meh. The only reason it became a big deal was that Bliz created a ladder for the first 1000 people to 70, and that made the exploit very obvious to all.

    3. Hey Flux you might have tried \shutting the barn door after the horse bolts\, but i guess it’s too late 😉

    4. Stay classy, Blizzard! Exploit reported almost a month ago and nobody cares. And the usual "we remove content because we cannot find a better way" fix…

      • They didn’t remove any content, just the bounties attached to those events, the events are still in the game, untouched until the next patch.

        • Call it whatever you want – there was a bounty (content) before, now it is gone (it is no longer a bounty). They could've solved it by modifying requirements.

    5. Now, people have to look for the event places to see if they have spawned but the problem remains. Easy for miner and cemeteries events.
      I remarked that Matriarch's Bones did not require to kill anything when racing for Diablo guaranteed legendary. It is worse: Touching the last target makes the purple ghost disappear.

      • True, people can still do those events if they spawn randomly, but the bounty reward was where the real exp cheese came from, so if they're not bounties they're not really worth doing? Though I can't say how the exp value differs, exactly.

    6. Add walls to this events (1Jar and Miner) and then disable respawn at corpse. You wouldn't be able to leave event area and when you're dead you would have to restart event from the beginning. Then at least you should need toughness to survive.

    7. Considering those leaderboards are already filled, isn't this just removing content from players who don't exploit?

    8. The easy way to fix this is to make sc death mean something, and the easy way to do that is to make each death cost X% of your remaining gold. 5-10% feels reasonable.

      • An interesting idea, bruteMax, but what happens during a new ladder season
        when players rushing 1-70 have literally zero gold?

        • XP loss was a perfectly fine punishment, they should have just kept that. It's not like it's that hard not to die anyway.

          • It is not hard to stay alive at some difficulty level but if I play SC it is also for the fun of playing the level above with a greater risk of dying (essentially bad luck). What should be punished is dying often like twice in less than 5mn.

        • During a ladder season a % of a small # is still a small amount, so no one should be hard done by unless they are corpse rushing an objective. A more meaningful SC death penalty deters such cheese.

          An xp loss also works, as Raesene mentioned.

    9. Reads like the official confirmation of yet another hopelessly botched feature, seamlessly integrating into D3's long, proud history of production disasters.

    10. And next, they buffed the leg drop rate from all caches from all bounties. 100% in t6 now. Will the key drop rates be the next buff or not?

    11. This is beyond stupid. They knew people would do this on season (most efficient even if not fun) and ignored it completely. It was all over the PTR forum. Why even bother now? Who cares after the 1000 level 70s were set in the first few hours?

      They could have avoided the whole scenario if they just forced adventure mode to be unlocked through campaign. So you have to rush campaign once every 6 months for season, BFD. It's like they did this on purpose.

    12. just give me new bounties to do every so oftern already. it's actually a fun part of the game for me.

    13. They could add bounties to kill Keywardens in every act to not waste my time if I want to focus on farming keys while not doing bounties at the same time… But that´s not of my business 😉

    14. A1 obviously has the most run bounties. This might make farming for the RRoG harder if it causes Scavenged Scabbard to spawn more often. Both removed bounties were fast ones.

    15. I think this was a poor decision. Is anyone really upset that a few players found a way to self-power level? The level 1-69 experience is best described as tedious at this point. It seems more likely that people are upset that they missed the chance to be immortalized on the conquest leaderboard for season 1.

      To me the problem isn't that people cheesed the conquest process – that was to be expected and would have happened no matter what strategy was used. To me the problem is that EVERY conquest was just a "first to accomplish X, and done" setup.

      The whole "race" was over quicker than the double goblin promotion meant to celebrate its launch… The conquests included are fine, but if your schedule prohibited a player being online the second the season launched then forget about participating… Even if they hadn't been cheesed it would have been over in under 10 hours… Where are the conquests designed to last awhile? Why not structure some of them to reward the people who do something the most or best over the course of the season? Why not the top 1000 players completing the most bounties? Most gold collected? Most monsters of type X killed? Most story mode completions/resets? Etc…

      48 hours into the season, a couple goblin vaults, and a few rift runs later and my hardcore seasonal character is just as wealthy and as well geared as my regular characters… Since the new items will roll in to the regular loot pool when the season ends anyway, what is the point of having seasons? Blizzard needs to add in something for players to work towards or compete over that lasts the duration of the season for seasons to be successful in the long term.

      Removing these events from the bounty pool is a small band aid slapped over a larger problem. Next season people will just cheese killing Mira Eamon, or Cudgelarm, or something else over and over to be the fastest to complete the handful of conquests and there will be a new uproar over whatever method is used, another cycle of nerfs, wash, rinse, repeat.

    16. I still remember the time when this forum had over 100 comments per article. Many of us (me included) do not fully recognize the abusive relationship we are experiencing with Blizzard. Only the name remains the rest of this game is gang raped so many times over. Pls, for the love of god, go play PoE. At least give it a try if you haven’t already. So many changes to Diablo are actually coming from PoE…I think the development team is playing PoE.

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