We’ve still only seen a few of the item DiabloWikimodifiers in Diablo III, mostly from ninja photos at various game conventions. (And most of our Known Item Listing has probably changed by now anyway.) That fact didn’t change yesterday, though Bashiok did answer a couple of questions about the prefixes and suffixes we’ll see in Diablo III.

    Have affixes been “streamlined.”
    Bashiok: No, what you saw in the tooltips from gamescom is really just an example and not indicative of what we have planned. Affixes are one of those areas, like weapons and armor, that we’re going to get in as much as we can before the game ships, and then we’ll be adding more afterward. We have pretty much all the basics covered, adds to base stats, adds elemental damage, increases attack and cast speed, and then we have some of the crazier stuff like regenning arcane power on a critical hit, spending fury heals you, extra health from health globes, health globe pickup radius, gold pickup radius … to name a few.

    The tooltips from gamescom are more or less indicative of what’s actually implemented in the internal builds right now this second (quite a bit less really), but not of what will be available at release, and certainly not what we plan for down the road.

    Please tell me Armor of Lucien was just an example and not really an item, such a boring name.
    Bashiok: All items in the game are named after Lucien.

    If you’re still up for sharing more info on this subject, will unique items (aka legendaries) have some unique stats that don’t appear as normal affixes on other items? Similar to some in D2, where some uniques had a theme, for example azurewrath which focused heavily on elemental/non-physical damage and had an aura on-equip. I really liked that about D2 uniques, it set them apart from rares.
    Bashiok: Yes, there are legendary specific affixes.

    Of course the trick of it is to make the various odd modifiers actually useful and desirable and properly-balanced and level-appropriate. There were a lot of odd modifiers in D2 that were never really used since they were too odd, or too rare, or too high level, etc. We won’t have any idea if the D3 team has spun a winner on the item affixes for quite some time yet, but it’s promising that they’re committed to making numerous updates and fixes post-release.

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