Blizzard Diablo 3 Art Lecture at GDC 2012

Diablo 3 is set to feature at the GDC in 2012 which takes place between Monday 5 March and Friday 9 March in San Francisco. Blizzard’s Art Director Christian Lichtner will be discussing the art direction in Diablo 3, which by that point will be released, we hope.

Christian is quoted on the GDC site:

Making a sequel to the award winning classic Diablo 2 poses many artistic challenges. While many games in today’s market try to top each other with the latest and greatest technology that inherently tends to drive the art direction – we decided to take a different approach. Our aim for Diablo 3 was to create a painterly stylized world that takes full advantage of its fixed camera, while finding ways to enhance and support our core gameplay goals. Ultimately, making sure that players in Diablo 3 suspend their sense of disbelief and become fully engulfed in the experience of saving the world of sanctuary.
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  1. WoW graphics that are a little bit darker.  They could do much better, but I guess that style is the best way to get the game running on low end machines and not have it look outdated as fast.  It doesn’t give the same feeling as Diablo 2 so far based on videos.  I have played Starcraft 2 which also had more WoWlike graphics. The graphics hurt Starcraft 2 a lot for me and I hope it is not the same for Diablo 3.

    • are you running on low setting?
      Because Starcraft 2 ultra setting look nothing like WoW.
      But low setting does look like WoW.

  2. I don’t hope! I want it to be released on 03 April 2012. So that I can be the winner in the release date estimation thread.

  3. im so glad i dont have to rage anymore because of “we want it to look like a painting”: now i got the 3dFilter Mod thing. yay!

  4. So Its quite possible that D3 is not out until that date right? Ha, I knew it.

  5. is that a nice way to say “our games take forever to come out and if we tryed to make them have the best graphics, when they did come out it would look very old”

    • Exactly, by not focusing on pushing polygons, hyper realism, and bleeding edge tech, ten years from now the game will still look good because good artistic design is timeless. Just look at Super Mario World. That game STILL looks amazing. And, no, I’m not being facetious.

  6. I hope gameplay will be a blast… because graphics surely don’t, at all.

  7. So, just to be the one positive comment…

    I actually love that they have taken a different approach visually, I’m bored and tired of all games looking almost the same because they are realist and want to have over the top graphics…

    D3 will look different and unique (admitively so, different than D2 too), and that will help on making it worthwhile…

    And no, neither does Sc2 nor D3 look like WoW in such a dramatic way some suggest… There are similarities, but such similarities come by the fact they are developed by the same company…. But D3 looks better than WoW in many aspects, WoW is cartoony, D3 is painterly, and that can be easily seen.

  8. WoW,Diablo3,Starcraft2, all have its unique artstyle. I love them all:D.  I am glad Blizzard try to do different thing. I don’t want Diablo 3 to look like  other realistic games in the market.

  9. Trying to make a character like the Thousand Pounder look realistic as opposed to painterly would be foolish.  Glad they stuck with the unrealistic, painterly approach for such a surreal environment.

  10. Christian Lichtner is such a bad ass, I like the way he thinks. He always looks so sad during the dev panels because no one ever asks him anything. 🙁

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