Blizzard Developers Speak at USC

On October 29th, Blizzard developers DiabloWikiChris Metzen and Flint Dille spoke on the University of Southern California campus about getting into the game dev industry and their early inspirations (D&D). Thus far there’s not much info about the talk online, just an article from the USC student newspaper the Daily Trojan, but it sounds like it was an interesting presentation.

Developing specialized skills while in school could be key for students hoping to get into the gaming industry, Metzen said.

“These days, the industry moves so fast and the arc of technology goes up so fast and so high that we are looking for real specialized skill sets,” Metzen said.

In the long run, however, succeeding in the video game industry is no different from succeeding in any other field. It takes networking skills, hard work and a sense of identity.

“Managers are hiring people to join a team, a family. That sense of chemistry and who you are is important,” Metzen said. “Just be really clear on who you are… Be specific about what geeks you up.”

Unknown Metzen took home a coed, or if anyone in the audience heckled him over the Diablo III story, but you can believe one or both of those hypotheticals if it makes you feel better.

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6 thoughts on “Blizzard Developers Speak at USC

  1. Ive been looking for video game design school around la, found out like last week that usc had a good program

  2. Flux, I read this website for hard Diablo news, not for petty jabs against its creators. Took home a coed, really? Show some professionalism.

    • Flux’s last sentence was a jab directed at the Blizz haters who are eagerly waiting for any petty morsel to jump on and use as an excuse to attack Blizzard

      Don’t be a silly fanboy with knee jerk reactions like the Blizz haters mmkay?

  3. I am sure this was a very interesting presentation for the students that want to pursue a job in this domain, my son is learning at anonline school and he attended this conference after some of his friends invited him. He told me that Flint Dille had a very nice speech about finding a job in this industry and the company`s efforts to sustain people with no working experience.

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