Blizzard Denies Paid DLC Arena Plans

Rumors have been flying about an alleged Jay Wilson interview from a Chinese site that confirmed the Arena would be paid DLC, rather than free content in a patch. A fan quoted the whole supposed interview on the forums, and got a reply from a Blue.

We have no plans to release PvP as paid DLC. As stated previously, our goal is to release PvP with the 1.1.0 content patch (which, as with all of our patches, will be available for free to all Diablo III players). While we don’t have a date to share at this time for when 1.1.0 will released, we’ll be providing more information as the development process continues. Thanks!

I don’t know if people “really” believed that rumor, or it was just haters spreading it around to do what they could to make other people as unhappy as they are, but it seemed wildly-unlikely to me, even aside from its inclusion of fake Jay Wilson twitter quotes, etc. Jay’s Twitter is right here, and while he’s been much less active since launch, any announcement as big as paid DLC in D3 would be posted on

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  1. Cant see how any one could fall for this PvP is part of the base game, they always said that it coming for free in a patch at some stage.

    • Sadly this is true. I wanted to charge you slaves 15.99 per arena map in 5 separate DLC packs. But the ants in lower levels of my empire told me it would spell doom to Diablo 3.

      We still doing it in China though.

  2. I heard the patch 1.0.3a was free, is this true?

  3. Yeah I don’t even know how any Blizz haters would fall for this. There’s obviously waaaay more money to be made by making PvP freely available to all, PvP will surely be a huge motivating factor for people to get better gear, i.e. more will be buying it. More will be farming it. Obviously Blizzard can make a lot more money in the long run this way.

  4. If Mr. Kotick himself confirms there will be no paid DLC Arena, then I’m 100% confident it’s free. 😀

  5. It would be good business to have a buggy game and then release paid DLC fixes for it..

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