Blizzard on Current (Minor) Bugs in Reaper of Souls

Blizzard on Current (Minor) Bugs in Reaper of Souls

Reaper of Souls had a mostly-flawless launch, but as with all software, there are some bugs. They affect areas such as Transmog, Legendary follower items, Enchanting rolls, Gem levels from Horadric Caches, and here are Blizzard quotes on all those issues, and a few others.

I’ve got an Inna Chest, which can roll dexterity between 415-500 but when i go to the mystic it says i could re-roll between 415-750, is it possible for me to roll higher than 500? Or would my item be capped at 500.
Grimiku: There is a bug with the Enchanting window showing incorrect potential values for some affixes. We’re working on a fix for this issue that will be implemented later on, but it’s something to keep in mind while you’re Enchanting in the mean time.

Just gained a TEAMPLAR RELIC LEGENDARY, with dexterity.
Grimiku: There is a bug with the follower only Legendary items that is causing them to roll the wrong main stat in some cases, and we’re working on a fix for it. I don’t have an expected time frame to share for now, but we’ll be sure to give everyone an update when we do.

Personally I think the mat should be super super rare because the wrists are seriously OP. SERIOUSLY OP. SERIOUSLY.
Vaneras: Sure, the Reaper’s Fear material is supposed to be rare, but not quite as rare as it is currently. The drop rate for Reaper’s Fear is currently bugged, but it will be fixed soon in an upcoming patch 🙂

Yesterday i was lucky enough to stumble upon two pieces of the Marauder set, and they look absolutely stunning. But i didn’t get the transmog for both of them, is this a bug?
Grimiku: It’s not technically a bug, but there are some items (like class-specific set items) that don’t exist as Transmogrify options. Some of those items can’t be Transmogrified back into their original state once they’ve been altered, either. We’re aware that this is causing issues for some players, and we’ll be looking at solutions. We’ll give everyone an update when we’re able to, and thanks for letting us know!

Can Caches obtained thru Torment drop Torment exclusive legendaries?
Nevalistis: Difficulty level has no impact on Horadric Cache loot. We recently hotfixed an issue where gems from Caches were erroneously being impacted by difficulty level, but this was not intended.

There are, however, special Legendaries that only drop from Horadric Caches. The Ring of Royal Grandeur, which reduces the number of items you need to complete a Set bonus by 1 to a minimum of 2, is such an example.

Some bugs are small and cute.
Some bugs are small and cute.
Players were murdering that “collect goodie bags and open them in T6 to score Imperial gems” exploit, so no surprise Blizzard hoped on the hotfix broom and flew it away. Other than that, for now you guys should avoid enchanting some set and legendary items, don’t bother farming Malty for his special legendary material, and be sure not to find any legendary Follower items while playing a class whose mainstat differs from that of your Follower. No worries, then!

Seriously, none of these have affected my play at all, and for a brand new video game RoS seems nearly bug-free, with just minor annoyances needing fixes. Diablo 3 had a lot more urgent bugs and tweaks upon launch, with overpowered exploits and broken skills and all sorts of stuff. Nice that the devs have improved upon the initial experience not just in content and balanced, but technically as well.

You guys had any bug issues, or are you impressed with the overall playability and polish you see in Reaper of Souls?

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21 thoughts on “Blizzard on Current (Minor) Bugs in Reaper of Souls

  1. “Difficulty level has no impact on Horadric Cache loot.”

    Why not?? There are a few strange design decisions in RoS which seem to encourage people to farm on Normal, and I really don’t understand why Blizzard would want that. Drop rates of *everything* should scale with difficulty, IMO.

    Obviously Horadric Caches should’ve always been marked based on the difficulty in which they were earned, but that’s just a simple bug.

    • I understand that, but at the same point, how would you ever get *better* loot so you can move up to those higher difficulties? It makes sense that you can find sweet gear lower just so you can move higher, but that being said I agree with you that once you have that sweet loot, why play higher difficulty bounties if you can just get the same things?

      Do we know if Cache Loot difficulty connects to the *quality* of the item? Rare/Legendary Drop Rates may be the same throughout, but would I roll a higher mainstat once the RNG blesses me with with a Cache Legendary in Torment or above? (Much like MF these days, but with difficulty rather than MF?)

      • You roll the same range of numbers on the same item if found in Normal or T6. The benefit of higher difficulty is 1) higher legendary drop rate, and 2) some torment-only items may drop, which generally have higher numbers than non-torment-only gear.

        That applies to all of your drops from playing. From blue posts, it appears that Bounty goodie bags are (apparently) not included in either of those 2 points. They do not drop torment-only items and do not have higher leg rates when earned in torment. I’m not sure I agree on that logic, but the point seems to be what Randsicle says; to give players on lower difficulties a chance to score that jackpot drop and advance their characters.

    • There have been a handful of players on diablo 3 forums saying they’ve gotten class specific torment “only” set gear from caches after doing TORMENT level bounties. Either Blizzard has no idea what their loot tables are, or someone somehow confused a set coming out of their cache, though again multiple players (of the handful doing bounties on torment) reported this.

  2. I haven’t really noticed any bugs, the launch was flawless for me. I’ve gotten some item’s with non-primary stats but I don’t treat that as bugs, just an occasional RNG case and they can still be valid for other classes so I don’t think it’s an issue.

    So far so good!

  3. Its funny how if you’re playing online its considered advisable or enviable to exploit a bug before its patched, or to jump onto it as soon as you hear about it. But when the same thing is done offline its just blatant cheating and basically game ruining or just shunned. Basically the larger the community the more lax people are about exploitation.

  4. The Waller bug is back. You can get a wall dropped right INSIDE of you, and you’re stuck in all directions. Not a bug: Rifts spawning multiple waller elites who build a damn cathedral around you, pinning you down but not via bug. There’s also the fun times of perma-stun via 6 blue Jailers, coupled w/ a set of 6 blue Frozen mobs. It is increasingly difficult to see Frozen; the visual clutter spam has gone up considerably.

  5. The only bug I care to report is not finding a Moonlight Ward yet for my wizard.

    Yes, that’s a bug. :p

  6. Don’t know if this is a bug or just bad luck with “smart loot”. I have found 2 set items since ROS launch, both of them for a Monk (Inna’s hat, and weapon). Have been playing my Witch Doctor exclusively.

  7. I have encountered a bug where it is more “Viable” to simply run through and open chests on t6 to obtain legendaries than it is to kill mobs on lower torment levels.

    I think the simple fix for this would be to dramatically reduce the drop chance of legendaries from destructables and containers and then dramatically increase the drop chance of legendaries from monsters.

    • Actually, The real fix is to just not do that.

      If you don’t like fighting monsters and just want the loots then you can buy a fully loaded account from somewhere and play with all the legendaries you want. No pesky leisure time required.

    • I *really* hope they won’t do that. Finally it’s worth opening and destroying everything during normal play, so I’m actually excited to see white chests or a bunch of barrels or urns clumped together.

  8. Can you get transmog options for crafted gear? I’ve made a few items but I havnt been able to get the mystic to do her thing.

    It is possible that this is operator error though!

  9. QUOTE

    Can you get transmog options for crafted gear? I've made a few items but I havnt been able to get the mystic to do her thing.
    It is possible that this is operator error though!

    Only the level 70 versions of the old recipes unlock transmog.

  10. I’ve encountered some with my crusader mostly. Got stuck in place after shield bash, found Skywarden with legendary affix not proccing and scoundrel relic with my mainstat instead of his. Then there was a boynty for Rakanishu that I couldn’t complete since neither his shrine nor the fallen champion himself wouldn’t spawn. Otherwise the game experience has been more philisheiv than I had expected. I’m playing on mac and haven’t been suffering from crashes on launch etc. which was the case before RoS.

    • damn autocorrect.. more polished instead of philisheiv 🙂

      Since there’s no AH or ladders or anything which would make competition about gear worthwhile I’m not troubled about T6 chest runs. If someone likes to play that way then he/she has the right to do so. They’re only harming their own experience as that’s not very meaningful way to play. And once you have that badass gear then what? Do more chest runs where your gear doesn’t play any or very little role. All in all if this starts bugging too much then you have the option to roll HC where T6 isn’t that tempting.

  11. I love the quality of the RoS launch. It is not a perfect product though, from a technical standpoint. For example, since the new patch, the game decided to ignore VSYNC settings in video drivers (both nvidia and ATI). All would be well if the in-game would function correctly. It doesn’t however, and it causes framerate drops even on the best computers.
    My OCD wouldn’t let me let it go until I found a solution (setting the prerendered frames number to 8), but it’s an annoying workaround, taking into consideration v. 1.0.8 worked pretty much flawlessly on the same computer.
    Of course Blizz decides to ignore the multiple pages threads on the issue, and contacting them directly results in them telling you to wait until nvidia fixes the problem, which is of course bull* since they introduced the problem with 2.0.1 in the first place.
    It is also unreasonable to have to reduce the number of sound channels to 32 or 16 in order to stop framerate plummeting in Rakkis Crossing, it really makes no sense really..
    I only wish their tech dept. would match their art dept., their games would then be flawless.
    But then again, what would we bitch about, AH gone and all..

  12. What are you talking about.. I solo bounties in normal in a full party.. the difficulty is justified

  13. In general the launch went very smoothly for me. One major bug involving Mystic Ally:Earth ally causes me to lose 20% of my health whenever I am at full health and pick up an item, or enter a new zone. Could be pretty bad on hardcore if I enter a zone with a lot of nasty packs at the door. It’s a known issue though and it isn’t the end of the world.

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