Blizzard CS Sweeptstakes Over

If you were hanging in there for one of the Beta keys from the BlizzardCS Twitter giveaway then sadly you are out of luck because the sweepstakes have now concluded.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, mate, but the Sweepstakes has ended – all five rounds have concluded.

We are still verifying Tweets, everyone. Hang tight and we will notify winners of the #DiabloBeta sweepstakes as soon as possible. 🙂

The sweepstakes began on 21 December and ran for five weeks with 100 keys going out each week. Blizzard may well do some other giveaways depending on how many testers they want to add to the pool. Perhaps those 5000 bugs that were reported could have been 10,000 if more testers were added?

Thanks David for the tip.

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  1. I entered all 5 weeks and didn’t get a key. I know they haven’t drawn the ones for week 5 yet, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve been in the opt-in since before the SC2 beta started ages ago. Refresh my system specs on the site once a week or so and still no luck. Congrats to the winners though, I just wish I could actually get some testing in myself.

    • Yeah, I definitely wish first-comers who optted in had at least some priority…. looks like it’s totally random.

      • Wouldn’t be a fair competition if they prioritized entries. You have the added chance of getting in outside of the sweepstakes, and if you opted in early, you’re probably more likely to get in. So, if you’ve not gotten in yet, there were probably loads that was even earlier than you. Also, I am sure computer specs is an important factor along with general activity. I’ve got friends that got into the beta, and friends that didn’t who opted in about the same time. The day opt in was available. The difference between them is that those who didn’t get invite yet, have very old, crappy computers. Good for D2, but absolutely horrible for anything newer. The other difference is that those that didn’t get haven’t been very active on At least not the new

  2. Here’s to the hope that Blizzard can start to just pick some beta opt-ins at random now and quit all of this business of asking users to do something extra apart from the opt-in process in exchange for a chance to help them test the game.  Just a simple lottery is all I ask for – everybody puts their name “in the hat” and Blizzard picks the lucky winners…

    Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.

  3. I think it was the same, instead of name you sent your email 🙂
    so nothing here  all the 5 weeks, and for my friend also :))

  4. Enough with the beta lottery.. Every day i hear they invite more ppl to beta testing, is a day longer from release. Just finish up the game allready. I suppose they wanna go for the world record, longest beta ever.

  5. I’m happy the sweepstakes are over. Hopefully that means they are getting closer to launch. I’d be worried if they extended them.

  6. 🙄 How about giving some beta keys out through an outlet other than facebook and twitter….. Like through a diablo fan site! 😉

    • yeah but if that were the case then people who don’t visit the site regularly would probably get a key at random and thus screwing over people that are on a constant visit.

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